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I spent the last week with writting about how to protect your hair from sun damages. Maybe it is time to write about what can you do if you failed to provide prevention and your hair has become dry, blowzy and faded. It happens to me every single year even though I’m trying to do my best about protection. The reason is not about using poor quality products. It is rather about being lazy or just taking it easy. I’m sure you well know what is time when I face this problem. 🙂 After my holidays. Like a good girl… I follow all the valuable advices every day  and decide to keep this habbit all along the year. And what after? When time is here I turn my back on every days’ routin, on my work and escape far from all of my duties. Because holiday is about having fun, taking days easy and sometimes just go to bed after a midnight swim without any extra care for hair. And here comes aftersun hair care.

Aftersun haircare with Your Beauty Hair

So it can easily happen to all of us and it is not a shame. Of course prevention is the best and the most effective but fortunatelly there are really good aftersun hair care solutions as well. I could write about a lot of products on this topic but I would like to share my two favourite products with you. Whenever I face such problems I reach out to a very effective moisturizing shampoo and a wonderful hairmask.
The moisturizing shampoo is perfect for aftersun hair care and for over-treated hair too. It can help you all year long about nourishing your hair and scalp in just seven days. I always had fast effects thanks to its special ingredients. Not only shea butter but cotton bloom extract can also do a lot for healthy and beautiful hair.

About the hairmask: I fell in love with it in the first minute when I opened its tube. I love the smell of it. Given it is a mask you need to leave it on your hair for some minutes so you need to take your time but it is worth to be patient. You can experience smooth, shiny and managable hair within just a short time given an innovative component, called CS7. Together with the shampoo it can be a perfect choice for aftersun hair care.

Moisturize your hair after holiday

Your hair deserves care and these products can help you a lot about it. Following these links you can read more about the moisturizing shampoo and the hairmask too. Feel free to contact me for more pieces of information at or by clicking here.

Contact me in case you would be happy to buy them at a more favourable price. 🙂

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