Hair care has its history

The amazing journey of hair care. Natural ingredients in ancient times, beauty elixirs in Reneissance or gross wigs of the 18th century’s Nobles? It’s all history.


Most of us are usualy searching for answers. About proper hair care routine, some hair problems, new hair colours or natural ingredients.

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Welcome to Your Beauty Hair,

Where all is about hair care

Nice to have you here. Although I love and admire beautiful hair locks, I’m not that lucky to have a strong head of hair. Actually, it was my reason to search for more pieces of information about hair care. I decided to take a look in the past of hair care just to get some more information about beauty, then I read also about today’s hair care and natural hair care too. I hope the information I share with you will be helpful and valuable. Through the years I have learned that real beauty cannot be replaced with any external tricks. No matter if it was about hair, skin or any other parts. It is our human body where it all begins. Only if we get the necessary vitamins and minerals we can have the desired results. It’s not only the hair care routine or hair styling processes what I’m going to write about. I always wanted to see a wider scene.

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What can you expect from Your Beauty Hair?

First of all, hair care is quiet a wide topic. I’m open to your feedback or suggestions regarding what you would like to read about. On Your Beauty Hair I share my personal opinions, thoughts and experiences. Not only about hair care, but about some health problems too. Dandruff or hair loss is a really common problem. I suggest you to keep in mind that any advice here is not equal with a doctor’s guide. The situations that made me create this website were not only about some hair problems, but some life conditions, as well. I have always wanted to live my life without following others’ expectations.

Live your life without following other's expectations

I have always dreamt of doing something to express myself and help others. On Your Beauty Hair I try to do it with sharing information in my posts, and make product listings of SLS-free items. A lot of people may have problems because of SLS, parabens or sulfates, so I list products without them.

If you are searching for an advice or just want to spend some time with reading online, I am really happy for you being here. I hope you will enjoy this trip about hair care. If you have any questions or just would like to give me a feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me at or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form. I’m open to suggestions as well regarding what would you like to read about.

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…and always keep in mind that beauty comes from inside of us, but there are some things that we can do for ourselves just to feel even more beautiful, even more confident. So why not to try it…

Your Beauty Hair and SLS-free hair care

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