Should you use cedarwood in hair care?

Cedarwood in hair care routin What is cedarwood? To make it as simple as it is, cedar is the tree, cedarwood is its wood. We all know the majestic cedar trees. These evergreen trees of the pine family originated from Lebanon, but can be found all over the world. They can live up to 300

Should you try moss in your hair care routine?

Have you ever tried moss in your hair care routine? Beauty care is always changing and developing. Trying new ingredients or bringing back some old ones is usual. It is part of the process. It is something we probably expect. To find new solutions. And more and more people prefer natural solutions. Moss became a

Fresh rosemary in a white pot

Would you love to use rosemary oil in hair care?

Is it worth using rosemary oil in hair care? Using natural ingredients is trending in 2023. Hair care is not an exception either. One of the most popular ingredient now is rosemary oil. What is it and why can it be good for you? What is rosemary? To put it simple, it’s a greyish-green, aromatic