A brown, long haired woman under a tree.

Popular natural oils in hair care

Popular natural oils in hair care in the past and today. Natural oils and ancient times I think I can say that in the long past people lived in balance with nature. They didn’t have the chance to visit a mall for the latest ready-to-use products, so they relied on the mother nature and made

Hair locks with hair powder.

Dry shampoo in your hair care routine

Is dry shampoo good for me? What is dry shampoo? As the name suggests, dry shampoo is a hair product to make your hair look cleaner and less oily without washing it. After applying this type of shampoo, you don’t need to wash it out of your hair. It gives a relatively quick solution, but

A bottle of Kanzy, organic argan oil for hair and skin.

Argan oil and hair care

Kanzy Argan oil in hair care. There is something like a cycle about most of the things in the world. Not only the seasons change time after time, but also people’s demands. It’s true also about choosing fast and convenient solutions or natural remedies. Sometimes the fast way is packed with chemicals, while the natural

Make Your Dream Come True Day

Make Your Dream Come True Day. There is some kind of world-day or national day every single day, even if we are not really aware of it. In some cases, there are more, different ones at the same time. Of course, these days try to remind us some things that are important every day, like