Make Your Dream Come True Day

Make Your Dream Come True Day There is some kind of „world-day” or national day every single day, even if we are not really aware of it. In some cases, there are more, different ones at the same time. Of course, these days try to remind us some things that are important every day, like

Winter gloom and vitamin D

Winter gloom: failed goals and vitamin D deficiency Maybe we care a little more about new goals and plans, when the new year starts. Nevertheless, planning is something we should all do through the year. Especially, because we may have to be flexible and change that plan, given new situations in life. So, when the

Alcohol and hair loss

Can drinking alcohol cause hair loss? I keep on writing about bad habits also in this post. This time I decided to have a closer look at the effects of consuming alcohol. Is there any relation between alcohol and hair loss? Several medical conditions may be related to alcohol misuse. Is hair loss one them?

Going to bed late and hair loss

Does poor sleep effect hair loss? Having proper sleeping habits is always timely, because a lot of people have problems about it. Sleeping can define your day. After a bad sleep you can hardly think about anything else but going to bed again. It’s not only about being physically tired, but concentration is also a