A blond, long haired woman.

Choose your option for hair colour

Hair dyes from temporary to permanent results. There are so many different tones of human hair that it is really unbelievable that only two types of melanin create the whole scale. These two types are eumelanin and pheomelanin. If you have more from the former one your hair can be brown or black while the

A wavy haired woman in blue.

What hairstyles to try this year

Three popular hairstyles in 2018. January is not only about a new year. Many of us want to make some change. Also about hair styles. A few months ago we were still excited about Christmas season. For a lot of us that is the period of the year when the days are the most miraculous.

A woman in the meadow with a spring tree.

Time to change your hair colour

What hair colour to choose this spring? Spring is here, and all the world is about to renew. We can enjoy more and more colours of nature. The days are no more that grey and gloomy. It is time to move out and maybe for taking part of this renewal as well. Already from ancient