Strengthening or hair extensions

What kind of hair extensions you can choose from

If you are not satisfied with your hair you have a really good possibility to make it stronger, healthier and more beautiful. I am not talking about hair extensions yet but a hair fitness treatment developed in a European laboratory and offered by a more than thirty year old company. In case you would like to strengthen your hair instead of / or before using any extensions have a look at a wonderful product that can make your hair healthier and contact me at if you would like to buy it at a more favourable price. If you prefer using extensions keep on reading about what types are there on the market. 😊

Hair strengthening or using extensions

There are more aspects to assort them. If you look at what they are made of it can be synthetic or human hair.

Regarding their structure there are three main types. The names don’t show their origin but the main parameters:

European: Typical european hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. It is the best for making your hair longer, thicker or building a whole wig. You can use such extensions for years, up to 3 years.

Indian: The construction of indian hair is very similar to european one but it is not that long-lasting. You can rely on them for 1,5-2 years. You can buy them in natural colour and your hairdresser can apply the perfect tone.

Asian: Asian hair is thicker, straight and has a round cross-section. You can easily buy them prepackaged and wear occasionally given it is rather for short-term (last for a few weeks).

Have the desired hair

Regarding the way of application :

Tape-in: With this solution you can fix the extensions with taping them to your real hair. Later they can be removed and reused (with new two sided tapes) if you like. It can be applied within just a few hours and lasts for weeks but doesn’t really look well with thin hair.

Micro-ring: In this method pre-bundled hair is connected to your real hair with little rings. You can wear such extensions for a few months but need to sit in your hairdresser’s chair to for more than four hours and it is not really suitable with short and weak hair that breaks easily.

Sewn-in extension also lasts for months while the procedure itself is shorter (1-2 hours). A horizontal cornrow is made round the scalp then extensions are sewn in. Using no glue or heat is a good point and removing it is said to be easy but it can be painful and tight braids may cause hair loss.

Clip-in: This is the best way for the girls wanting longer hair just for the night or for an occasion given it takes only 10-15 minutes to apply. You can wear them for about a week if you like but it is better to remove daily. Such extensions have clips you can fix with.

Keratin hair extensions: In the last method I am writing about pre-tipped hair is used and fixed to the real hair. There are two ways of doing that depending on the fixing way. Hot and cold. The former can damage your hair and not suitable with thin and fragile hair but the latter is sad to be a gentle way given no heating is required. Both lasts for a few months and made within 4-6 hours.

There are several kinds of extensions on the market

There are several ways of hair extensions but choosing the correct type is very important. A wrong choice may cause irritation or even hair loss. And even if you choose to wear hair extensions you still need to take a good care of your head of hair and fake parts need more and a bit different hair care than your own hair. Don’t forget to contact me at if you’d prefer strengthen your real hair. 😉

Ingredients in hair care products

Why castor oil

In order to have beautiful hair we certainly need to focus on our overall health. Though it is essential for growing strong hair we can still do some things on the surface and that’s why people have tried moisturizing their scalp and hair already from the long past. Today we are in a really convenient situation because we just go online and order what we need while our ancestors gained their ointments and creams mainly from plants making them by hand. In this post I write about castor oil given it was used already in ancient times and not only in lamps. 😉

Castor oil in hair care

What is castor oil?

It is a colourless, odourless and tasteless vegetable oil originated from castor been seed. Its native countries are in Africa and India.

What is it used for?

In ancient Egypt castor oil was probably used not only in lamps but for ointments too. There are many possible ways of using this oil. The most common fields are:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Castor oil is used in several medicines and known for its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Manufacturing sector: This oil is a component for producing different kinds of products like soaps, paints, varnishes and more… and used even in food industry as an additive or a coating material.
  • Skin care: Castor oil can help you to make your skin more beautiful given it can do a lot about cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing irritation and softening the skin. That is the reason for using it in creams and as a moisturizer  as well.

Castor oil: the useful ingredient

Castor oil in hair care

Castor oil is used also in hair care products because it is very effective to prevent split ends and fixing dryness. The hair treated with castor oil looks silkier, more shiny and healthy. In case of applying it on the scalp as well it can help to get rid of dandruff and other hair-related problems. With the Vitamin E and the proteins it contains this oil can help to reduce hair fall too. Nevertheless always keep in mind that even such natural ingredients can have side effects so whenever you try any new products show your body attention.

My experience is using a hair care product with castor oil is a good choice if you want to do something for the beauty and health of your hair. The product I advise is a quality hair mask containing castor oil and a special innovative smoothing agent called CS7. This product can penetrate the hair shaft and triple the strength of damaged hair in a really short time. Feel free to check an innovative product on the original webpage or contact me at if you would be happy about paying a better price. 😊

Do you want smooth and silky hair?

Temporary and permanent ways of hair straightening

Curly hair is one of the hairstyles being in fashion in 2018 , nevertheless there are many of us suffering with hair straightening on a daily basis. One of the reasons of doing it can be the fact that curly hair is often difficult to handle but sometimes we are just not satisfied with the person who we are. Girls with curly hair do everything to straighten it while girls with smooth hair want it to be frizzy. So we always want something else.

Curly hair or hair straightening

Today the technic are in continuous change and hair care or hair styling are not exceptions from this either. It means that there more and more ways to have the desired kind of hair. As far as I see perm is widely known while permanent hair straightening has relatively new techniques. So if you dream about smooth and silky hair what is easy to manage you have more possibilities to reach the look you’d love. The way you should choose depends on how often do you want to care about this procedure.

For temporary results:

After washing and conditioning your hair just dry it with a blow dryer while pull your mops of hair with a round brush. When it is dried you can use a good quality flatiron to straighten your hair. To reduce any damages apply some heat protector on your hair (but not on your scalp) before using a flatiron and choose the right heat settings. With this technic you will need to repeat this procedure after every single shampoos and even if you are really careful your hair can be damaged.

You can also have long and smooth hair

For permanent results:

If you are fed up with spending hours in the bathroom day after day you can try a chemical solution. These techniques will last for months. Following ones are the most common:

Brazilian straightening (Keratin treatment): This treatment can be a solution from loose to coarse curls but often tried even by ladies having smooth hair given it’s said to be a non-damaging treatment that can give back the health of ones hair and make it smooth and shiny within 2-3 hours. The result lasts for months without changing the structure of hair.

Japanese straightening: This solution is for loose or medium curls. The process itself can lasts for long hours depending on the strength and length of the hair. Sometimes it means 7-8 hours. The results are permanent given it changes the structure of your hair. It also means that after this treatment you will not be able to make any curls in your hair. Not even with curling iron. As hair grows you will need to go for a touch-up.

You can also have straight hair

Relaxer: The third way of permanent straightening I am writing about can help tight, coarse curls so for this process harsh chemicals are applied on hair. After this treatment your hair will be smooth and you can easily handle it. You can even make curls later if you want because your hair will be able to hold it but you will need a new treatment as your hair grows.

Given there are pros and cons for each way you need to think your expectations through and make a considered decision. Weather you choose some of these ways to straighten your hair or just get satisfied with the beauty you were born with it is really crucial to take good care of your hair. For more information contact me at 

Five advices about hair care not only for women

Because men deserve care too

As far as I see hair care and hair formatting is not only for women and following these pieces of advice can help both gender to reduce hair damages.

Hair care for male and female

  1. Choose the proper hair care products. The first step to have healthier hair is taking good care of proper cleaning. Always buy quality products when you choose your shampoo and conditioner. You may spare some time with 2 in 1 items but it is better to use separated ones because they have totally different functions. Using deep cleaning products regularly can also do a lot for your scalp and hair-bulbs. For simple cleaning and deep cleaning as well keep in mind that too hot water is not goog given it makes your hair loosing a lot of essential oils from your head of hair. Hair cleaning is important
  2. The next step after cleaning is gentle drying. Some of us do it just with a towel while others use blow dryer. Both can make your hair damaged in case of wrong use given wet hair is really vulnerable. If you prefer using a blow dryer never choose too hot temperature and if you have enough time to stay home a little longer leave you hair slightly wet so your hair will not be dried out. If you rather use towel for drying try to do it in the proper way. Instead of rubbing the hair just gently smooth it in the direction of the growth with the towel. Yes, it lasts longer but this way your hair will not be damaged.
  3. Another possible area that can ruin the health of your hair is formatting. Weather it has only temporary results like using hair-sprays or a straightener … or long-lasting effects like perm, you need to remember that formatting has its price. Your hair may lose its shine and elasticity if you forget about using the proper moisturizer. And beside all of these cases even your comb or brush can damage your hair. To prevent such harms never use a brush while your hair is wet but a wide-toothed comb. Use comb for wet hair instead of brush
  4. Washing, moisturizing and formatting your hair in the proper way can prevent or reduce further damages but the most effective way to get rid of the split ends you already have is trimming. Even if you want to grow your hair it is important to regularly get it trimmed.
  5. My last advice is simply take care of your overall health. Given the complexity of human body some inner problems can be seen on your appearance as well. Providing the essential vitamins and minerals for your body and drinking enough water can help you about being healthy. And healthy is attractive.

Water is essential for health

If you are open for some more details regarding quality hair care products and nutritional supplements don’t hesitate to contact me at

Why do you need fat for healthy hair

What vitamins do you need for beautiful hair?

For me the question itself sounds a bit strange because I think we need all the necessary minerals and vitamins for a healthy living and being “just” beautiful cannot be a real aim. Our amazing body builds every little piece of million cells time after time…but to do that it is required to vitalize it. If you miss these essential components your human body cannot create that shiny hair, perfect skin or strong bones. So let’s see what vitamins are the most important for your hair.

You need fat with vitamins for healthy hair

Vitamin A

This vitamin can help you about fighting against dandruff given it prevents your scalp and hair from drying. You can find a lot of it in cod liver oil, carrot, spinach or egg yolk. If you don’t have enough from this vitamin you may have problems with your eyes first given this is essential for them as well. You must be careful because overdose can be dangerous too.

Vitamin E

This vitamin can do for you more than having beautiful skin. It has a good effect on oxygen uptake of blood and helps to grow shiny hair and reduce hair loss. To provide sufficient amount soybeans, avocado, olive oil or broccoli can help you.

It is a fat-soluble vitamin just like the first mentioned Vitamin A so that’s why you need fat for beautiful hair and for being healthy as well. 😊

You need oil to have healthy hair

Vitamin B

The last vitamins I would like to mention in this post belong to the Group of vitamin B:

  • Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) protects and strengthen your hair because it can do a lot about hydration. You can find it in so many kinds of food that lack of this vitamin happens only rare occasions. You can have the biggest amount from zoogenic nutriment like liver or egg but also whole grains contain a lot.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7) is perfect to support your hair given it can make it more elastic. It assists in metabolism and help to build keratin, the main component of hair. In case of lack of it you may have inflammation of skin and lips, hair loss and even exhaustion or depression but you can refill it from yeast, egg, nuts or lentils.

Vitamins keep your balance

These vitamins have much more roles to keep our overall health and balance but you can do a lot for healthy and beautiful hair if you listen to your eating habits and of course  if you don’t forget drinking enough water. Unfortunately our food contains less and less nutritional value as  decades pass by so more and more people take vitamin pills to have the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. If you feel about being lost among the vast supply of such products feel free to contact me by Your Beauty Hair’s contact form or message me at for more information.

Healthy hair is attractive

Enchance the vitality of your hair and scalp

In the last years there have been more and more strivings from companies to create the possibilities of staying fit and young as long as possible. Although we all would like to keep the good condition and have a lifelong health… from one point of view it is a pressure on us. It has become an expectation and sometimes attractive look can help about making one’s way in life. It can generate some extra stress on the persons who don’t feel being attractive enough. Well, in my oppinion it is healthy look what is attractive and it is generally accepted that it cannot be carried out with unkempt hair and scalp.

Healthy hair is attractive

That’s why I chose this topic to write about. I have always wanted strong hair so I tried a lot of things but the results were dissapointing. Unfortunately I was not that lucky to have a fine hair so after trying some tricks and getting dissapointed again and again I just turned back to the old and boring solution and wore my hair in ponytail. Every day. I have always wondered the girls with beautiful and long hair wearing different hairdo day after day while inside of me I resigned myself to stay the ponytail.girl. Right up to the day when I flew to another country sitting next to a lovely woman who gave me new perspectives by telling me about a thirty-year-old company that offers a hair treatment to remineralise the scalp and hydrate the hair. No fake extensions, no surgery, no long recovery but a product that can be used in your own home.

Hair treatments at home

This hair treatment helped a lot of people in all age-group and both gender. It is for you if you have problems like the following ones:

  • weak and thin hair
  • a negative change in the texture of your hair
  • loosing more and more hair
  • your hair stopps growing after some time and you cannot grow it any longer
  • split ends
  • tried a lot of technics for healthier, longer and thick hair but nothing worked

Have long and healthy hair

If you would like to know more details feel free to check this lovely hair care product on the original webpage or contact me at if you would like to know how can you have it at an advantageous price.

Please always keep in mind that various reasons can cause hair loss including some diseases. The product I offer is not a medicine and cannot replace medical advices.

Choose your option for hair colour

Dyes from temporary to permanent results

There are so many different tones of human hair that it is really unbelievable that only two types of melanin create the whole scale. These two types are eumelanin and pheomelanin. If you have more from the former one your hair can be brown or black while the letter one creates blonds and reds. Of course it doesn’t mean that you have only one kind. It is rather about what is more and what is less. Anyway people have made efforts to change their hair colour already from ancient times. Even Egyptians used some tricks to have an influence on their hair colours. As time passed by people find more and more options to do it and today the opportunities are really wide.

Hair colouring is easy today

Temporary hair colours

As the naming shows such dyes  last the shortest time. They are perfect for Halloween or New Year’s Eve. With this solution you can try the craziest colours, vivid tones given they last only for 1-2 shampoos. Beside creams another option is using hair chalk. In this case the results last for 2-4 shampoos but you can easily separate a few locks and colour them different tones if you want to play with colours. Just run the chalk down on the wet locks. The third way of applying temporary results is coloured hair spray. It also lasts for 2-4 shampoos but it depends on the original colour of your hair.

Temporary hair colours are often intense

Semi-permanent hair colours

If you wish a little longer result but want to protect your hair from ammonia you can choose semi-permanent colours. Such dyes stay on the hair surface without going any deep but give you more natural colours. If you don’t bleach your hair before using them the result will not be vivid for a long time and the colour itself will last for about 4-12 shampoos.

More natural colours with semi-permanent solutions


Permanent hair colours

Given this type lasts longest you need to care about colouring rarely if you choose this way. From a certain point of view there is the price for it because such products contains ammonia and oxidizer which are not really good for hair. Even if you choose top quality products from big brands you cannot avoid certain damages regarding hair cuticle.

Permanent hair colours can damage your hair


In case you don’t want any chemicals on your hair and scalp henna is for you. It is a natural alternative to synthetic dyes for a wide range of colours. Such products contain conditioning ingredients like essential oils, cocoa butter and of course henna but be careful with permanent dyes after henna. If you don’t like the colour anymore it is better to choose semi-permanent colour.

Try henna for natural hair colouring

Beside the mentioned options there are still a few whole natural ways to influence hair colour. If you have lighter hair and the aim is having just a little difference you can try washing your hair with lemon juice or camomile tea to make it even lighter.

Try lemon juice or camomille tea for for light hair

Whatever colours or dyes you choose it is always important to take good care of your hair. Feel free to contact me at for more information.

What hairstyles to try this year

Three popular hairstyles in 2018

A few months ago we were still excited about Christmas season and for a lot of us that is the period of the year when the days are the most miraculous. Now hot chocolate-evenings by the fireplace  and dighted streets are far away but there are still some other things to be excited about. You also possibly have made a New Year resolution about making some changes in your life and maybe you planned trying something new regarding your look. If yes, keep on reading and have a look at some of the hair trends of this year. I will write you about the three favourites of mine.

Amazing braids

Have you tried amazing braids

I am sure you will like this style if you wear your hair long and you like creativity. Braids are back this year so you can get acquainted with the latest tricks and try one after the other. If you are afraid of really big changes like cutting your hair and wear a pixie (which is also trendy by the way) it is for you. Just braid your hair and enjoy plaits. Some braid styles have the school girl look while others are more regular or elegant so you have quiet a wide range to choose from.

Loose curles

Longer curles are said to be more handy

If you have naturally curly hair you are a lucky one. 😊Curly hair haven’t gone with last year but stayed in fashion. It is definitely not always easy to handle this type of hair but it said to be a lot easier if you let them grow longer. And long hair is also really beloved this year. If you have straight hair and you wish to make a change it is your time to try lovely, naughty, curly locks.

Wet look

Be cool with wet look

For this hairstyle it doesn’t really matter whether you have short or long hair. It can be really foxy in both lengths. Just don’t save mousse and hair spray and you can have the look of a cool person who just came back from the beach. Ones like wet look with some waves in the hair if it’s longer. If you agree you can get prepared by making some large braids for the night and you will wake up with slight waves next morning.

Make a step to change

Time after time we can feel to be catched by rolling weekdays. Trying something new can have a really good effect on our souls even if it is scary for the first time. When you make a change you may feel to be free because of being brave enough to make a step. Changing is good. I would say essential. Mainly when it is something that can help you to show something more about who you really are but health is still the first so always remember to take good care of your body, including your hair. For more info about hair care contact me at

Time to change your hair colour

What colour you choose this spring?

As spring is here and all the world is about to renew we can enjoy more and more colours of nature. The days are no more that grey and gloomy so it is time to move out and maybe for taking part of this renewal as well. Already from ancient times people has aspired for having some influence on their hair colour and every period had some preferred colours. Sometimes the aim was just showing how classy they were but in other cases the right dye could even had a defensive role.

What hair colour you choose this Spring?

While in the long past people usually used plants or minerals today there is a huge offer of colouring products for long-lasting and non-permanent results as well. Some brands even created temporary solution for covering-up roots in between salon visits or hair colour. Whatever product you choose keep in mind that you still need to moisturize your hair and scalp. If you feel you are ready to change-up and thinking about what colours are said to be in fashion in 2018 just keep reading.

Warm Blond

Warm blond hair colour

Yes… blond is still in fashion. This year the warm, golden tones are the best choice if you like this colour. You don’t even need to worry about dark roots as week pass by given that’s just another trendy trait. Dirty blond is much more popular now than platinum. It covers tones being really close to light brown like honey or Beach sand.

Glossy Silver

Silver hair colour is magical

Another magical colour of 2018 is silver. Not a matte grey but a really shiny metallic tone that gives some luxe to the appearance. This is an influence from year 2017 when there was some kind of obsession about dirty pastels and grey but silver in 2018 is not flatter at all but tempting glossy.

Forever Brown

Brown is always a good choice

We cannot forget brown either. This colour is still fashionable given it can provide a really natural and warm look so if you prefer this colour you can choose your favourite tone from chocolate to espresso. If you like you can brighten it up by radiant bronze and become an amazing brunette.

Extraordinary purple

Be extraordinary

I left a vibrant and really unique colour at last on my list though it could be rolled on… It is purple. The trend of this colour was set up in the early 1990-s but by these days it has become more elegant and a kind of pastel. With this  choice your look will be not really natural but extraordinary and modern for sure. So it is up to you. You can fall in love with one colour or try all of them slowly…but always remember that coloured hair need special care so never forget about the right hair treatments. For some more information contact me at

Spring is the new beginning

Spring hair care to get back the strength of your hair

Updated: 02.03.2019.

As far as I see the winter of 2019. was not so severe as last year. Of course it doesn’t make any difference about how much I had waited for the first spring sunbeams. Walking down the fields now or just looking out of the window you can see with no doubt that spring is here. Though people usually take resolutions on New Year’s Day for me this is the time to have the feeling about everything can change. It is like being stronger as the sun is getting warmer. Even the way of spending our spare time is changing. While a hot, aromatic coffee can warm up your hands ‘nd soul in winter, spring is about spending more time outside again. It is the best time for new habits like meditation or work out (even outside)…but let’s get back to spring hair care and talk about what can you do regarding winter’s influence on your hair and scalp.

Winter is over

What are winter’s influence on hair?

During or after winter time a lot of us face the problem of dry and brittle hair because of some typical circumstances. Nevertheless I know that we all may have different experience because it depends on several things, like the shampoo we use or the choice of wearing a hat or not… but I think winter’s dry hair is something special. In my case only the ends get dry and brittle while the roots often get oily really quick. The difference between the temperatures outside and inside is one of the enemies of healthy and strong hair. The cold together with a wind can easily make your hair and skin weather-stained and even sunshine can cause problems if you forget about protection riding a ski slope. Now, when spring is here even your scalp can breathe again given you can finally put aside winter hats. So let’s get ready for spring hair care.

Weather can make your hair dry

What can we do as spring hair care?

Clean: These weeks it is really important to hydrate and vitalize your hair and scalp again. It helps to prepare them for the new conditions about weather and also for the hairstyles you want to wear after throwing aside your hats. A part of a wet-haired woman's face. To make sure of having the best results use a clarifying shampoo first. With removing build-ups it creates favourable conditions to make hair care products more effective. Cleaning is the best first step of spring hair care.

A part of a wet-haired woman's face.Moisturize: After deep clean you can think about moisturizing.  A very handy way of moisturizing is to use hair treatment products like special shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. You can choose ready to use products or make one for yourself. 

A part of a wet-haired woman's face.

Get vitamins: You’ve done deep clean and chose your choice of moisturizing. This is not the end of spring hair care. Now you still need to remember about the relevancy of the essential vitamins and minerals. They can support your health and beauty from inside. You can cover this need with consuming fresh fruits and vegetables or you can take nutritional supplements, vitamin pills. Any of them you prefer, you still need natural sunshine. 

If you feel to be lost and not sure about what vitamins you need, Click here for the overview of NHS about vitamins and minerals.

Support your body with vitamins

If you are a person who prefers using hand-made treatments just try to make one for yourself. You can easily do it. All you need is two eggs (only the yolks), few drops of juice from real lemon and a few drops of argan oil. Just mix them, put the mixture on your hair and leave it for 20-25 minutes than wash and rinse your hair throughly. In case of really dry hair make a mixture of one egg yolk and 2-3 spoonful honey, put it on your hair and leave it at least for one hour. If you would be happier with a ready to use and professional product both for hair care and vitamin supplementation feel free to contact me at

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