Two simple rules about washing your hair

The best time for shampoo

Our habits regarding washing our hair can be really different  and it may change as time goes by. Though I am sure now that daily shampoo is not really good for the scalp and hair I also had some period of time when I kept it important to wash my hair every morning. Well… it depends also on our position at work and the things they expect from us. Finding the perfect frequency of hair wash for ourselves is something like a test. We are all different with various characteristics so as far as I see there can not be one good way. Not only the texture of the hair but even the season itself can make a difference about it. Depending upon my experiences summer makes my hair drier while wearing hats in winter grows it greasy more quickly. All the same there are two „rules” that are worth to follow in order to maintain the health of scalp and hair.

  1. Never go to bed with wet hair
  2. Try to avoid shampooing too early in the morning or too late in the evening

Your Beauty Hair about what is the best time for shampoo

Goig to bed with wet hair may result not only funny hair styles in the morning but it can even damage your hair given wet hair is really vulnerable. It is very likely to realise some hair breakage if you do it regularly. While it is mainly about your appearance there can be another bad result of going to bed before drying your hair. No, it is not about cathcing a cold. 😉 It is about the possibility of having more problems with dandruff and fungus. A whale of mites and bacteria are in the bed, also on the pillow. You can easily create a fertile ground for the growth of fungi while sleeping with wet hair.

Now you know why I suggested to avoid washing your hair late in the evening. If you want to do it in the proper way you cannot go to bed straight away to get some rest after a hard day because you need some time for drying your hair before. Using a hair drier can help but make your hair and scalp much too dry too.

Your Beauty Hair about why it is bad to sleep with wet hair

Washing your hair in the morning may sound a good idea given you can get refreshed from top to toe before starting your day. And about your hair… it is easier to style it from wet. Shortly after getting up blood circulation is lower than normally. A shower and shampoo can help about stimulating and raise it to the normal level quickly but this sudden change may make you feel uncomfortable. Washing your hair early in the morning usually means the usage of a hair drier which can easily make your hair and scalp dry.

Maybe we cannot shampoo in the same time every single occasion given different circumsances have an influence on us planning our day and doing our duties. Working in different shits week after week is the best example for that. Building our own hair care routine we need to consider many different things from the texture of the hair or the vitality of the scalp to the rota we need to follow at work. If you can do it, just have a relaxed bath and shampoo in the afternoon after work and give some time to your hair to dry it naturally while you enjoy a good book. 😉

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Hair mask from the kitchen

Effective natural ingredients

All the world has changed so much even since I was a child and there are so many wrong effects on ourselves from the environment. It has become clear that we need to do some extra care about ourselves to maintain our health. Regarding healthy hair we always have the possibility to make a hair mask at home from the ingredients we choose. This way we can be sure about having no artificial colourings, no harmful preservatives in the ointments we use. I would like to help you about how to choose these ingredients. Let us see what are the most effective ingredients.

Oils: Oils can be used alone or as a basis of a cream. If your hair is dry and breaks easily you can consider using some olive oilargan oilcoconut oil or castor oil. If you mildly heat oils you can make their usage easier, but remember not to heat them too much because hot oil definitely does not help about beautiful locks.

Egg: The favourite for a lot of us is egg. This is cheap, simple and effective. And of course it doesn’t mean any extra effort to get it, because most of us have some at home usually. Though most people use only egg-yolk actually you can use whole eggs as well. If you would try to make a hair mask from the whole egg, you must not use too warm water to rinse your hair because of the reaction of the egg-white. Maybe your choice can follow the seasons. As far as I am concerned during cold seasons, I am not longing to any cool water but summer is different. In the season when the weather is hot I am happy to have a refreshing, cool shower so I am open to make a hair mask from whole eggs. Otherwise, it is better to use only egg-yolk. You can put some drops of oil into it and after removing the mask you can use some vinegar to get rid of the strong smell of the egg.

Honey for hair mask on Your Beauty Hair

Honey: In contrast with eggs it is something people are kind of afraid of because it is sticky. If you rinse it thoroughly after usage, honey will make your hair shiny, silky and aromatic too. Mixing with some lemon, egg, few drops of oil or even some beer will result a golden hair mask.

You can choose one of these natural ingredients or you can make your own mixture from them. Whatever you choose, always keep them on your hair long enough to have good results. I never remove them sooner than 15 minutes. Making a „care about myself-day” with a long bath while I listen to my favourite songs always make me feel ready for the new week’s challenges.

Nevertheless, you can be a person who dislikes spending time with making such ointments or you are just too busy to make them for yourself. In this case you can choose a ready to use hair mask from the market. My favourite is a deep conditioning treatment which is able to triple the strength of my hair. No more split ends just shiny and managable hair already a few minutes later of the usage. You can read more details about this hair mask by clicking here or contact me for more information. I can help you also about buying it at a more favourable price. Without being a distributor.

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Stay healthy and young

A system for scalp massage and more

Today’s post is about a product that is perfect for scalp massage and even more. It is an innovative programmable instrument from a company being on the market for decades. I have found that it is important to write about it because of its complexity. With this product you can apply a spa treatment for yourself (and for your loved ones too) at the comfort of your home.

Your Beauty Hair about health and scalp massage

If you want a quality product being able to serve you for years and you are ready to invest in your health and youth this solution is for you. It makes scalp massage easier and more effective with delivering more components from the gels being used with it. But as I mentioned it is more complex than just an equipment for scalp massage. Changeable conductors are available especially for scalp, face or body so it is up to you how much benefits you would like to take advantage of. Purchasing this product you will get it with a head being perfect for a face in-home spa treatment but –as I mentioned above- body conductor, scalp conductor and a focus area conductor is also available.

And why is it important? Because you can apply spa treatments all over your body with one single instrument. This website is for hair care so I was really happy when I found this solution of an effective scalp massage but given the many benefits this product can give you I had to mention also the other ways of its usage. Focus area conductor can help about keeping the sensitive skin around the eyes young. Body conductor can help your fight with cellulite.

Following this link you can read more about this amazing instrument at the original page but let’s get back to scalp massage. To improve the health of your head of hair you will need the scalp conductor. For the best result use this equipment with this hair fitness treatment three times a week on towel dry hair to enhance the vitality of your hair and scalp. With this product you can do a lot for not only your scalp and hair but for your face and body too. This amazing system is based on patented galvanic currents and cannot be compared to any other solution of anti-aging possibilities whether it is about the youth of hair or skin.

Your Beauty Hair about health and youth and Galvan System

In case you have more questions about the Galcanic Spa System or you just want to know how you can get it at a more favourable price (NO, you do not need to be a distributor) contact me. Use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form or  email me at


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Scalp massage III.

Scalp massage at home

After writing about the advantages of scalp massage and have a short sum up about what massage types you can choose from it is time to have a look at what you can do for your health at your home. Although there are some massage types that can be applied by a professional you still can use some techniques to reduce stress, improve the balance in your life and make a good effect on your hair and scalp. 😊And also if you have no time to travel regularly to a salon you still can enjoy the benefits of scalp massage by trying it at home. You can do it for yourself and your loved ones as well. I show three main ways starting from the least costly.

Your Beauty Hair about scalp massage at home

Scalp massage by fingertips
By massaging your scalp with your fingertips you can stimulate the blood flow and support the hair follicles. It is very usefull if you have problems with hair loss or thin hair. You can reach a good result with only 4-5 minutes of massage per day. To save some time you can do it also during shampooing or before shampoo. Some oils can be used if you like aromatherapy. Scents like lavender or mint can boost the effect and help about reducing stress as well. Start the massage from the hairline’s edge (from forehead) and go toward the crown with small circles and gentle pressure. Make your way across your scalp then riverse the direction and start from your neck. Repeat these movements from both sides.

Your Beauty Hair about scalp massage techniques at home

Scalp massage with using some tools
If you prefer or just have more belief in using some tool you can try several kinds for quiet low price. On the market special brushes can be found especially for scalp massage. The technique is about brushing your scalp from back to the hairline while you move your head a little left and right. After this you can repeat from the hairlines to the nape area and from the sides as well. By repeating the whole procedure three times you can have better effects. You can do some massage during shampooing as well given special scalp massage shampoo brushes are available too. Do this massage twice a week with gentle pressure.

Your Beauty Hair about applying scalp massage at home

Scalp massage with an innovative equipment
In case you are searching for a professional solution at the convenience of your home you can choose an innovative product of an amazing company. This solution is the last on my list given it requires the most investment but the benefits you enjoy with the usage of this equipment is priceless. This technology is licenced to the company and the treatment is based on Galvanic Spa System. The equipment is used together with special gels or a special hair fitness treatment. The aim is delivering more ingredients to the skin to increase their effect. You can have a closer look at this incredible product, that can be used not only on your scalp but on your face, too. I will give you more details about this solution in my next post.

Of course I am always open to any questions at You can also use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.


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Scalp massage II.

The main types you can choose from

After listing many advantages of scalp massage in the previous post I am gonna write about what types of scalp massages you can choose from. These types can be different because of the origin or using any oils on the head or not and also the techniques being used. Whatever you choose your body and also your hair will be grateful.

Your Beauty Hair about scalp massage and stress

Related the origin you can find following types:

Tibetian (Shirodhara): In this massage technique luquids have a relevant part. And liquid can be not only some oil but milk, cocconut water or even plain water too. The procedure itself is often started with body massage before massaging the head. A very effectice way of getting relaxed and reduce not only stress but other health problems, just like some eye diseases, memory loss, skin problems and even grey of hair. Another benefit is having a better sleep at night which is also very important in a stressful life period.

Indian (Champissage): It is still said to be a daily habit in India in order to help the balanced flow of energy and vitality. Champi is perfect to relax to whole body and improves overall health. With this technique the focus is on the blood circulation of the head but neck, shoulders, face and arms are also involved. The aim is the balance of the 7 chakras which can help you to reach being a balanced personality, maintain your health, get rid of aches in head, back or shoulders and reduce stress. Visit this page if you would like to read more about the 7 chakras. The procedure itself can start with massaging your back, shoulders arms and neck. The next step is scalp massage that closes with relaxing your face as well. It can be done without using any oils.

Scalp massage types on Your Beauty Hair

Regarding the points being massaged you can choose from:

Massaging reflex points: The basis of this technique is the belief that we have certain points of our head for every part of the body, including all of our organs. During the procedure your head and also your face will be involved and the aim is to help the operation of the whole human body. It is perfect to calm down and reduce stress while you can support your body.

Massaging only 1-1 points: If the aim is not just maintaining health but getting rid of certain health problems the therapist can choose which points should be slightly pressed. While reflex points of the reproductive organs placed on the crown, pineal body or the gonads could be stimulated by pressing reflex points rather on your face. So also this technique involves your face as well.

As you can see there are more types to choose depending on your needs, problems or beliefs. Also you can decide about trying a technique with or without oils or other liquids and you can enjoy the advantages of reduced stress and improved health. The common point in the listed ways is the presence of a therapist but in the next post I am gonna write about how YOU can apply scalp massage in your home.

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