UV protection for hair 3.

Sun protection hair sprays

As the weather has got gloomy here in the U.K. I have got to the next part of my „mini series” of posts about UV UV protection for hair. So if you live here you may think it’s not that actual now because of the grey clouds above us… Well it’s not totally right. UVA rays can reach you even when the weather is not clear and sunny. Moreover clouds can even make UV rays stronger depending on the type of the could.

So…whether it is gloomy or not…now it’s the turn of sun protection hair sprays and protective sun veils. 🙂

Sun protection is necessary whether is sunny or cloudy.

There are big differences between shampoos with UV filter and such products. The aim is UV protection for hair in both cases but sun protection hair sprays (and protective veils too) stay on your hair after application. You don’t need to rinse your hair after usage which means the components stay on the surface of your hair. The aim is keeping this effect as long as possible to stay protected. Nevertheless the durability of them is limited so it is recommended to apply multiple times a day (not like shampoos). Quality sun protection hair sprays contain vitamin complex so they not only protect your hair from UV rays but nourish it as well. You can choose from a wide range of sprays depending on your needs. Some of them are perfect for coloured hair like Korres Sun Protection , others protect not only from sun but chlorine and salt water too. My favourite example for this kind is Philip Kingsley Sun Shield. Sprays can go with you and provide protection all day while they nourish your hair.

Just to get back for this gloomy day for a while…I do love hair and do believe in the importance of haircare of course. I don’t doubt that UV protection for hair is a must. Otherwise I wouldn’t write such posts but we must make a difference between the sensitivity of skin and hair regarding sun and UV radiation. As we all have known by now sunbathing without suncream on our skin is like taking the risk of getting serious skin diseases.

Sun protection hair sprays are easy to use.

About hair it is not the same. If you don’t protect your hair shaft you run the risk of having brittle, dry and faded hair but not getting the most serious skin disease. It is a big difference although dry and itchy scalp is something that needs to be treated wheter it is summer or not. I write about it becasuse this is the reason why I would rather use a shampoo with UV protection on such gloomy days instead of products making hair look wet. A shampoo like that can give hair the necessary vitamins, make it moisturized and get it prepared for the sunny days comming. If I would choose a sun protection hair spray, it would be this Wella Spray with special vitamins for a lightweight and hydrated result without look wet. Of course it’s only my personal preference. Choosing a shampoo with UV filter instead of a sun protection spray (on gloomy days) is not an advice. The decision about it is up to you depending on the state of your hair and scalp. The skin of our scalp can be the same sensitive like the skin of our body.

Just like usuaI, am open to your feedback at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or you can also use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form. Enjoy summer even on gloomy days and stay protected. 🙂

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UV protection for hair 2.

Shampoos with UV filter

As I promised in my previous post about UV protection for hair I’m gonna have a closer look at the possibilities of protecting our hair from sun damage. Hair can also be sunburnt so protection is essential to prevent protein breakage. The solution you should choose depends on several things like your hair type or needs. In this post I write about shampoos with UV filter.

Your Beauty Hair about shampoos with UV filter

At first sight it may seem to be a very simple and convenient solution. No extra procedure just the hair care routine we’ve got used to… with a special shampoo. If you have ever searched for shampoos with UV filter on internet you know there is a wide range of such products. The products offering sun protection should contain benzophenone-4 (to maintain hair colour) or methoxycinnamate (for protection from UVB radiaton). The former is a compound that can be solubilized in water while the latter is an organic UV filter. Shampoos with UV filter are also usually boosted with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E. It is a real benefit because normally hair has a natural UV protecion as long as it’s healthy. Using tools like flatiron or hair dryer, colour or perm the hair and the summer heat itself also make it vulnerable to sun damages as well. And we haven’t even mentioned salt or chlorine.

Your Beauty Hair about hair care in summer, shampoo

So why is it good to use shampoos with UV filter all the same?

  • Easy to use, no extra procedure
  • Wide product range, everyone can find her one
  • Contains vitamins to nourish the hair and scalp
  • Helps to keep the colour of hair
  • Prepare hair and scalp for sun

Why I don’t recommend to use shampoos with UV filter as a sole sun protection for hair?

  • It is a short-term protection
  • Most of the protective components will be washed away when you rinse your hair so they are not that effective
  • These products are for protection but mainly from faded, dull and dry hair
  • If you choose such a product you will need some additional solution

Your Beauty Hair about short-term sun protection for hair

To summ up switching to a shampoo with UV filter during summer is a good decision if you are ready to combine it with other solutions. It can be a good base and make your hair stronger and healthier. Nevertheless in case of damaged or treated (coloured, permed) hair it’s not enough. There are other ways to apply sun protection on hair even when you are on your way. You will find more details about them int he next post. Till then enjoy summer and stay protected. 🙂

In case of any questions, remarks or suggestions I’m open to your message at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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UV protection for hair

Hair care products with UV filter

In my last post I wrote about how you can protect your beauty in summer. Those tips were rather general so I decided to write about how to protect your hair. No, I am not talking about wearing a hat but using special hair care products with UV filter. This way you don’t need to „hide” from sunshine while you can feel safe. To be honest for me it is something new. I’ve been using sun protection creams for face and body for many years but never tried UV protection for hair in the past.

Your Beauty Hair about UV protection for hair

The season of summer is trying for hair not only because of the high temperature but also because of our activities on the beach or in the pool. The hot weather together with drying effect of the water itself make your hair more vulnerable than usual. So it is essential to take special care of your hair and hair care products with UV filter can give you a helping hand in this procedure. If you think there is no need for UV protection for hair you may experience brittle, thin and faded hair with split ends. It is because of the damage of the cuticle. You may also experience that your hair gets blowzy very easy. What can you do to prevent them?

Summer activities and UV protection for hair

You can choose from following hair care products with UV filter:

Shampoo with UV filter: It is an option you can choose but I would think it through twice… because Ok, I do belive that they have all the components they should but what about rinsing your hair? Maybe hair can have enough amount of them while the shampoo is on your hair but I am afraid of washing away the protecting effect. As long as I am not sure about the real protection I would use it together with other solutions that can provide UV protection for hair.
Sun protection sprays or protective sun veil: I mention them together because both of them has the same state and you can apply them in the same way. With such a solution you can provide protection wherever you are. You can use them on the go multiple times a day. For me they seem to be more effective than a shampoo though I have doubts regarding duration. I recommend to put it in your handbag and make more touchups. This type could be a good choice from the hair care products with UV filter. Remember to search SPF ont he product.

Sun oil for hair: Another option to protect your hair. Sun oils for hair can also do a lot for a worriless summer and they also can be used on your way if you like. Keep in mind that oils usualy gives a wet look to your hair so it can be really cool on the beach but if you work at an office maybe it is not your solution.

If you want to be sure about doing everything for the health and beauty of your hair you can try after-sun rehydrating shampoo, special hair masks or after-sun scalp masks too while you keep using hair care products with UV protection. In the next few days I’m gonna write a little more about the products themselves. Till then … enjoy summer and stay protected. 🙂

In case of any questions, remarks or suggestions I’m open to your message at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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Health and beauty in summer

The sun and the sea

Summer has a lot of benefits for our health. In this season we rather go out and stay less time inside. Riding a bike or do some water sport… Sunny weather also has a really good effect on our mood and there shouldn’t be a problem about providing sufficient Vitamin D neither. Summer simply makes us more active.

Besides all the positive effects that can help us to keep our health and beauty in summer it can cause some harmful happenings too. Hair looks shiny in the summer sun but this weather can destroy the structure of hair quickly so we need to be careful if we don’t want any damages caused by the hot temperature. Keep the beauty of your hair by paying attention to the following factors.

Healthy and beautiful hair in summer

  1. Sunshine: Yes, again… UV radiaton can damage the structure of your hair and have an effect also on its colour. The damage can be even worse if you are on the seaside although you just enjoy the water. Just have a refreshing swim and you create the possibility of an increased damage. Waterdrops collect sunshine and strengthen the harmful effect. The reason is destroying the proteins in hair. Be careful also about your scalp. It can get sunburnt too.
  2. Salt water and Chlorine: Whether you go to the seaside or to a pool water itself may have a harmful effect on your hair and also on your skin. Even though sea salt can be really beneficial for skin it can also increase dryness and cause dehydration. Your hair can be tangled very easily. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in pools (so we need it) but it has no real beneficial effects on your hair and skin. You will probably experience dry skin and it may even result rash to some persons with sensitive skin.
  3. Hair care and hair styling products: During summer it is even more important to moisturize your hair and skin. If you decide to use not the proper products all the harmful effects listed above can be worse. About hair styling it is better to wear loose styles. And of course to keep your health and beauty in summer … hide all your hot tools during this season.

Salt water and hair

Coloured and permed hair is really very vulnerable and all the damage may be more serious. Nevertheless you don’t need to let it happen. Follow these advices and reduce the harm:

  • Protect yourself from sun. Wear a hat or a cap.
  • Use special summer hair care products. You can find ones with UV protection.
  • Avoid all hot tools. No hair dryer, no flatiron.
  • Use combs made of natural material like wood instead of plastic.
  • If you like try a short hair style. It is the perfect season to do that. 😉
  • After swimming go straight to the shower and rinse yourself.
  • Moisturize
  • Strengthen your hair from inside. You can do it with drinking enough water and providing the sufficient vitamins.

Enjoy summer and keep your beauty in the same time. Should you have any questions, suggestions or remarks don’t hesitate to contact me at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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Shampoo and conditioner in one

2 in 1 products as an option

I am just sitting in the my room looking out of the window and admire the trees in the wind while the soft sound of the neighbour’s garden fountain makes me relaxed and wondering about my holiday…instead writting my webpost 😉

2in1 shampoo can be a good option

Well, if it is like this I will really think about my holiday and find out how to pack the least stuff as poosible for the departure. Usually I prefer travelling with just a cabin bag so I am really limited regarding liquids. Maybe I am not the only one with such a problem. If I count all necessary things (like sun protection, shower gel or my favourite parfume of course… 😉 and many more) I soon need to realise that time has come to choose a 2in1 shampoo. Oppinions are different about it. Some like it while others say it is a big „no”. I will try to get more information about it in this post.

Should we use 2in1 produstc or not

2in1 shampoo was born around the 80’s and as time went by it changed in every aspect. At the beginning it was welcome given people could save some time and money by using it. Although cosmetic experts had doubts about how effective it could be people loved and believed it. Ingredients changed a lot by adding more different components like oat peptide, zinc or antifungal ingredients. However the general point of view today is rather to use separate products. And the main reasons are:

  • Shampoo and conditioner serve totally different purposes
  • They work in a totally different way
  • Cleaning is not thorough
  • The conditioning effect is not sufficient
  • Sometimes shampoo and conditioner need different time for the desired effect
  • The result may be even worse in case of too oily or to dry hair

Too dry or too oily hair don't like 2in1 products

Because of these reasonable explanations I think using a 2in1 product regularly will not make your hair as healthy and shiny as it could be but I still keep it a really good option in some cases. Just like travelling somewhere with just a little space. 😉

After these pieces of information I would say that saving some time (or space) with using 2in1 shampoo is still the strongest reason of choosing it even today. It is easier, faster and simpler. And of course… a very good option on lazy days. I soon will be in a situation when I need to make this decision, just like many many other persons going for holiday these weeks. My decision will be a special 2in1 shampoo. A product with wonderful plants exctract inside.

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A little more about Ava Puhi

The story behind

Ava Puhi. 🙂 I would like to write about this wonderful plant today. To be very honest… I hadn’t heard its name before I started to work on my website and tried a great shampoo with this ingredient. Maybe it’s changing now but I still often have the same reaction whenever I mention this plant being really good for hair. And this reaction is just looking at me with questions in the eyes. 🙂

This my reason to have a closer look at this wonderful plant and the wonderful story behind…

Dr Paul Alan Cox on Your Beauty Hair

Fortunately there are still places on Earth where people live together with nature and not from it. Where being perfect, no matter how, is not the most important thing in people’s lives. And still they are perfect. We could learn some things from such people and there are ones who really do. Dr. Paul Alan Cox is the hero of this story. An American ethnobotanist who has spent more than 30 years in Polynesia searching for possible cures for incurable human diseases. The source of his passion was painful: losing his Mother to cancer. While studying the island’s plants he wrote more books and protected the island’s forest as well. He established Seacology Foundation with the aim of protecting the enviroments and cultures of islands all over the world. Well… this webpage is about hair care and Dr. Paul Alan Cox really had a big role in developing my favourite hair care products but I cannot just forget to mention the fact that he had such important works like finding drugs for HIV. The key was Mamala tree and thanks to Dr. Cox’s activity the Samoan Government had a new source of income while the World got a new treatment.

Ava Puhi on Your Beauty Hair

And what does it all have to do with hair care?

Living in Polynesia Dr. Cox realised old ladies with young skin and it lead to the idea of developing beauty care products based on indigenous knowledge. As an important part of this product family he payed his attention to the Ava Puhi Moni anti-dandruff shampoo which contains rainforest ginger. Indigenous tribes squeeze the bulbs of the plant and rub it into their hair. After a light rinse they squeeze some more as a conditioner. They call it Ava Puhi. 🙂 Though it is said to be better to use the plant itself most of us don’t have an access to it so I am really thankfull to Dr. Cox for his amazing work. Now also we can enjoy the benifits of this plant in our home.

The origin of Ava Puhi on Your Beauty Hair

Not just taking but giving something back to the Island is another very important part of the story in my oppinion. Thanks to the cooperation of Dr. Cox and the American cosmetics company called NuSkin, The Force for Good Foundation was set up and still operates supporting several projects all around the world. Customers can take part of it by every single purchase on Epoch products. There is a priceless knowledge behind Ava Puhi accumulated generation to generation.

Learn more about this amazing product. Like usual… I am always open to any questions at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk. 

Following sources were used to write this post: Nu SkinNu Skin about Paul Cox PH.D The Star Online , Pictures: Pixabay, Product pictures: Nu skin (Epoch) (downloaded: 17.07.2018.)

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What is behind itchy scalp?

Possible reasons of  itchy scalp

There is a problem about head of hair being really very common. It is itchy scalp. I guess all of us already had this experience at least once. As I see in summer it is even more frequent given the heat and the perspiration caused by this weather. Fortunatelly you do not need to accept having itchy scalp because you can do against it. To find the correct and effective  solution it is very important to search for the reasons of this symptom.

Your Beauty Hair abour itchy scalp

What can be the reasons of itchy scalp?

Dry skin: In some cases your scalp become drier than usual and you can experience that itchy feeling. It can be caused by various reasons like having not the correct hair care habits (all of us need to find the correct frequency of shampoo for example), hair styling ways (using a hair dryer very often can make your scalp dry) and missing essential vitamins and minerals is also able to bring your scalp in a dry condition.

Dandruff: Dandruff itself may be a reason of itchy scalp. In other cases it can be like a „second step” in a certain process if you do not find a solution for dry skin. I mean dry, itchy skin makes you scratching frequently and scratching may cause tiny damages on your skin which are good for bacteriums to get deeper. These bacteriums may cause even more problems later.

Certain diseases: If you try several products and change your hair care routine but itchy scalp is still not over it is better to see a doctor to find the real reason of the symptom. It may happen that icthy scalp is caused by some skin diseases like inflammation of skin or urticaria. But it is not only about skin. Diabetes or problems with liver, kidneys or thyroid can also be the reason of this frustrating condition although it is more likely to have it not only on scalp but anywhere on your body in such cases.

Your Beauty Hair about itchy scalp and reasons

Allergy, irritation: Having no problems like allergy today doesn’t mean not to have them in future. I am not happy about it but it is true. And that’s why you need to think it through if you had changed some products you use recently or not. Maybe a new hair styling gel or just another kind of washing powder. More and more people face with allergy to flour as well and it can also be a reason.

Some medicines: Itchy scalp or skin can be a side effect of certain medicines. If you take medicines and have such symptoms it is recommended to visit your doctor.

Psychic reason: There are people having problems with itchy scalp who went through all the process to find out what is behind their condition but found nothing. No health issues behind. In such cases psychic reasons or stress may be the answer.

As you see this problem (like most of the problems) is not that simple. As a first step trying a special shampoo , changing hair care habits or taking quality vitamins is good but you cannot stop here if it did not help. Itchy scalp can show some health problems and these symptoms can be worse as months go by so always talk to your doctor for a professional advice.

You may have any questions or feedback… 🙂 do not hesitate to contact me. Use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form or email me at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk.


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Apple cider vinegar in hair care

Natural trends for healthier hair

Apple cider vinegar is well known as a salad dressing but there is much more to do with it. Now it is used in skin care and hair care too. Because of the benefits of this natural ingredient it is no more just a home-made treatment but more and more ready to use products contain it as well. Nevertheless I am gonna write about how you can use it at home for shiny and healthier hair.

Your Beauty Hair about apple cider vinegar

First let us see what are the benefits of applying it on your head of hair:

  • It can balance the natural PH of your hair
  • Perfect for clarifying your scalp
  • Make your hair shiny
  • It can help to detangle your locks
  • It can provide a lot of vitamins like Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and many more

I suppose now you would like to know how you can use it to enjoy these benefits. 🙂

Your Beauty Hair about apple cider vinegar

The simplest way is to apply 4-5 table spoons of apple cider vinegar all along your hair then rinse it thoroughly. It will make your hair silky and shiny.

If your hair is oily you can mix it with some nettle. If you have the possibility take fresh nettle (1-2 fibers) and pour one litre of boiling water on it. After 30 minutes clarify it and let the „tea” get cool. Mix 4 table spoon of apple cider vinegar with a few dropps of lavender essential oil then pour it into the cool nettle tea. Use this liquid to rinse your hair.

If your hair is dry you can mix apple cider vinegar with some elder-flower. Make 1 litre elder-flower tea just like the nettle tea above (the best is making it from 1-2 fibers of fresh elder-flower) and clarify it after 30 minutes then let it get cool. For this mixture take a few drops of orange essential oil and put it into the apple cider vinegar. After mixing them pour it into the cool elder-flower tea and use this liquid for rinsing your scalp and hair.

Your Beauty Hair about natural hair care

Hair loves apple cider vinegar. 🙂 Whether your hair is oily, dry or normal you can enjoy the good effets of this wonderful liquid from nature. If you are the type of person to make as many things by hands as possible you can even try making apple cider vinegar at home. You just need whole apples (yes, even the cores) and sugar to make it. Sugar can be replaced with honey of course but in this case you may experience the procedure of making the vinegar being longer.

If you would like to use quality essential oils feel free to follow this link and do not hesitate to contact me by using Your Beauty Hair’s contact form if you have any questions about this topic or hair care general. 🙂


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Beautiful hair and beer

Be more beautiful during the World Cup

The World Cup still goes on and football fans are on fire all around the world. These weeks the consumption of beer is really high. So the house is full of beer? Take the advantage of it (when your man is busy watchig a Match :-D) because you can use it too.

I am sure your man would not be happy about the idea but beer is really good for your hair and scalp. You can use light beer from any price-range. After your normal procedure of shampooing just pour beer on your hair in small amounts, locks after locks. Leave it on your scalp for 5-10 minutes, just like a hair mask, then rinse your hair thoroughly. You can have good results if you do it one-two times a week.

Your Beauty Hair abut applying beer on hair

Why is it good for your hair?

Beer is made of barley, water, hops and yeast. Hops and yeast are the two key ccomponents having a lot of benefits for your head of hair. In case of regular usage they can have a soothing effect on your scalp and can stimulate the growth of your hair too. If you are ready to try it you will experience a shiny, more elastic and more manageable hair. Beer is a very good source of protein and other important nutrients, like magnesium or biotin which can help about hair loss and dandruff too.

Is it ok to mix beer with other natural components?

Yes, it is. Making the perfect mixture for yourself depends on your hair.

  • Adding a few dropps of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice can help about oily hair.
  • Adding an egg can make your hair even stronger if you leave the mixture on your hair at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Avocado and honey with beer is perfect for deep conditioning

Your Beauty Hair about how to make a hair mask.

Of course I can understand if you (or your partner) think it is kind of sacrilege…pouring beer on your hair instead of drinking it. ;-P so if would like to keep the piece between you and your partner or just love beer more than just pouring it out you can still try this hair mask to make your hair shiny and manageable. In case of having some qusetions feel free to make a comment or contact me on Your Beauty Hair’s contact form or at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk.

Have fun and enjoy the World Cup! …and the beer 😀


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Donating with Nu Skin

Quality products and even more

People say when somebody gets rich the person usually forgets about the poor ones. Not only a person but the companies too. It does not need to happen. Today I would like to make an irregular post by writting about a company as a proof of the fact that money does not kill solidarity in all case. This company has offered quality products (including my favourite hair care products :-)) to the customers for more than thirty years now. It is registered on the New York Stock Exchange and gives the possibility of reaching financial freedom for more and more people day after day but for me their unique concept, called Nourish the Children, is the most creditable.

Nu Skin donates on Your Beauty Hair

The programme was launched in 1998 and only five years later the company reached donating 100 million meals with the help of its distributors, employees and customers. The aim is providing nourishing food instead of  money. This solution can give much more than a meal. Families send their children to school given VitaMeal is distributed through school programmes. To create an economic opportunity for the locals there are VitaMeal plants in Malawi and Mainland China. It means reduced transportation costs and boosted local economies.

The formula of this meal was developed especially for malnourished children.

VitaMeal provides:

  • A balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre
  •  Essential fatty acids required for normal brain development, skin health and immune deffence
  • Electrolytes necessary for maintaining normal fluid balance and muscle function
  • 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A for normal sight and immune functions as well as nutrients for normal growth and skeletal development

Your Beauty Hair about VitaMeal concept

Joining the programme you can take part of helping to the children being in need most. And VitaMeal is not the only one way of helping because some proceeds from it goes to Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation which works on funding agricultural education in Malawi. Increasing farm production may opens the door to less and less need for assistance in that region.

The distributors who want to donate a certain amount of meals every single month and encourage their first level to do the same can become a Nourish the Children (NTC) Ambassador. A company providing quality products all over the world, gaining awards year after year… and still focus on helping others? Yes. This is Nu Skin.

Your Beauty Hair about Nu Skin NTC Ambassadors

If you want to know more pieces of information about how this company tries to help to children in need feel free to visit the company’s page by clicking here. In case you would be happy to take part of it do not hesitate to contact me at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

Information and pictures in this post are from the orignal page of Nu Skin: https://www.nuskin.com/en_GB/home.html. Downloaded on 01.07.2018.

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