A small change for a big difference

Bangs: Cut or not to cut?

I’m not sure about other countries but here in the UK summer seems to be over. Though it was sunny today, we had long days now with cool weather, wind or rain (or both – what’s my favourite). Autumn is coming. Every time when seasons change I feel I also want to change something about me. Yeah, of course it’s usually about hair. As far as I have experienced, autumn doesn’t always support new hair styles because of windy and rainy weather. 😉 But there may be small changes to create a big difference and for this purpose bangs are perfect.

Bangs make a big difference

Long long time ago, still in the high school I always cut my hair to have bangs. I never wanted to cut the ends (but of course I needed to) because I wanted to grow it longer and longer. Those days I would have felt strange without bangs. Times change and me too which means I haven’t had a hairstyle with bangs for a while…but it’s getting too much about me. Let’s get back to today’s topic. Back to bangs: cut or not to cut? 😉

As I wrote before if you want to make just a little change for an outstanding difference you should try bangs. Some people think anybody can do it because it’s just cutting off the front part of the hair so I’m sure the most of us have already tried to do it at home. Nevertheless I suggest to visit a hairdresser for the first time and maybe later you can cut it yourself to keep the length if you like. Hair usually grows quiet fast so you may think it’s not that big decision but have a look at it a little closer. Would it be good for you?

Cutting bangs would make a big difference.

There are more types of bangs and not all of them fit to everybody. In my opinion this is a really good reason why everyone should go to a salon for a personal advice. Having a short or high forehead can make a big difference. Yes, even if you have a short one you still can wear a fringe. In this case side bangs or blunt bangs would be better choices. And this is not the only difference between bangs and bangs. It can be straight cut or choppy, voluminous or wispy, longer side bangs, above-the-eyebrow ones or baby bangs, straight or with a slight curve. In order not to make big mistakes consider these few tips:

  • Ask for advice from a professional (not only the shape of your face but the texture of your hair is also important)
  • Take a good care of your hair and scalp (Healthy hair is easier to manage.)
  • Don’t use too much styling products (You may have the opposite effect and not what you wanted.)
  • Avoid worrying all day about how your bangs look and touch them (trying to make it better) again and again. (Your hair may become oily if you keep doing it.)
  • Trim it regularly

There are different types of bangs.

Whichever you choose from the above mentioned fringes, fitting your face and hair, you can change your mind in a relatively short period of time. You can always transform short bangs into longer (and longer) side bangs as your hair grows till it reaches the original length.  Or if you like your bangs you can maintain your hair cut with Hair Bangs Scissors DIY Level Instrument Hair Styling Tools Hairdressing Hair Cutting Scissors(Hair bang) My personal experience about using hair styling products for bangs is the less you use the better your fringe will look. The key is about the health of your hair. In the next post I’m going a little deeper into this topic with face shapes, so come back and let me know whatever you would like to read about in the future. You can contact me at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.Suggestions are welcomed. 😉

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Natural oils for healthy hair

Argan oil in hair care

I have always loved everything about Egypt and just like so many others I also had the feeling there was something miraculous about its history. The pyramids and mummies have always enchanted me so much that I had made all my presentations about ancient Egypt in the primary school. So it’s obvious that I was really super excited in 1999 when the film „The Mummy” got into the movies. But why I mention this film about Egypt when I write about Argan oil in hair care? Because it was filmed in the home of Argan oil, Morocco.

Use Argan oil in hair care for beautiful hair..

This super effective oil comes from 26-33 ft high argan trees which usually live for two hundred years in southwestern Morocco where arganeraie forests are designated as a Unesco biosphere reserve. The oil itself is made of the kernels of the argan tree and often called „liquid gold” or „miracle oil” because being rich in nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins. It is obviously not unknown in cosmetic industry given it has a lot of benefits not only for hair but for skin as well. For the ones who prefer natural solutions Argan oil can be a really good choice. If you are tired of chemicals and artificial ingredients and would like to try an organic conditioner, use Argan oil in hair care and in skin care if you like.

We love Argan oil. Goats do as well.

What can Argan oil help you about?

  • It supports growing healthy hair thanks to Vitamin E, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • It makes your scalp healthier and helps to get rid of dandruff.
  • Using Argan oil in hair care can turn thin, brittle hair into healthier and stronger.
  • You can treat split ends with it (but remember that the effect will last only till next time you wash your hair).
  • It may undo some negative effects from dying or other chemical treatments.
  • Your hair will be shiny, soft and more manageable.
  • Also frizzy hair love it because it helps you to tame frizz.
  • It protects your hair being dry and dull also after swimming whether you swim in the sea or in a pool.
  • It is worth a try if you suffer from hair loss or your hair grow slow.
  • Also protects your hair from sun damage if you apply it before going outside.

Let’s see how you should apply Argan oil if you would like to enjoy these benefits. It’s wonderful how many different ways you can use this single oil. And the list is only about using Argan oil in hair care.

  • Scalp massage: You can support and stimulate your hair follicles if you apply a few drops on your scalp and massage it with circular motions, starting with the front hairline to the back of your head, then each side. It will help to reduce hair loss and if you apply it 15-20 minutes before shampooing it may protect your head of hair from harsh shampoo components.
  • Shampoo: If you have dry, brittle and / or damaged hair my advice is to look for shampoos with the ingredient Argan oil.
  • Hair conditioner: After using a few drops on towel dry hair as a leave-in conditioner and massaging it into your scalp your hair will be easier to manage without any greasy residue.
  • Hair styling agent: Put a few drops of Argan oil to the palm of your hands and run your hands all along your hair (which don’t need to be wet). It will give gloss to your hair and make it manageable while help to tame frizz.
  • Hair mask: Although there is a huge range of hair masks on the market you may prefer something natural but super effective. If so you can try using Argan oil as a hair mask. To do that apply liberal amount of oil and massage it into your scalp and hair from the roots to the tips. Leave it on your hair for minimum a few hours but you can also sleep with the mask on your hair, just use a towel to wrap your hair in to prevent staining.
  • Sun protection: Appling a few drops all along your hair before leaving your home can do a lot for the sun protection of your hair.

Argan oil can make your hair strong and healthy.

If you would like to use Argan oil in hair care you can choose from various products with this ingredient or you can decide buying pure Argan oil. It is up to you but both ways can do a lot for the health of your head of hair.

Feel free to share your oppinions and experiences or ask your questions at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form..

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Beautiful hair from the roots to the ends

Defeat split ends

When we say beautiful hair we all have a picture in our minds of healthy hair in fact. Silky and shiny with no breakage. Well, it is not easy to keep healthy and beautiful hair from the root to the ends. To do it you need to defeat split ends. In case you would like to avoid the fastest and undoubtedly effective way of getting rid of split ends – the hairdresser – you can try to fix them by understanding the reasons they appear. And after you can try to avoid or minimize these factors.

Defeat split ends for heathier hair.

When you face the problem of split ends you need to know that this is not something that must be like that. Breakage is a result of the way you handle your hair. And also some environmental factors may have bad effect on the state of your head of hair. Dry hair will possibly result split ends too. The regular usage of a blow-drier, the hair styling routines and tools with hot temperature or choosing not the proper comb also make it more difficult to defeat split ends. Even the hot weather itself during summer can make your hair dry and take part in the appearance of split ends.

Your habits will have an effect on the health of your hair.

The key to defeat split ends is in prevention. All other tricks are only temporary. Think through the following pieces of advice to grow healthy and beautiful hair from the roots to the ends.

  • Avoid brushing wet hair.
  • Minimize the usage of hot tools.
  • Provide UV protection for your hair.
  • Eat healthy. If you’re short of folic acid, biotin or other essential nutrients your hair will be more vulnerable. Consider taking nutritional supplements.
  • A leave-in conditioner is a good choice.
  • Use hair mask to nourish your hair.
  • Trim your hair regularly.
  • Consider wearing fabric hair ties instead of rubber rings.

So, unfortunately prevention is the only real way to defeat split ends. There’s no magic to make them disappear right now. The question is what can you do if you already have the problem but you don’t want to trim it immediately or you don’t have the time to run to your hairdresser? There is a way to get rid of split ends but only untill the next time you wash your hair. The solution is using oils or creams to hide them. If you rather buy ready to use products try this hair mask on the ends with the innovative ingredients of CS7. Even if you prefer natural remedies you have a wide range of solutions. You can try coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, olive oil, tea tree oil or rosemary essential oil too.

Grow beautiful hair from the roots to the ends.

We all want to be healthy, and healthy is beautiful but it happens regularly that we realise our bad habits or poor care only when we already have problems. Try to prevent instead of solve the damage. That is the real key to defeat split ends. I’m open to your questions, feedbacks or experiences at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

Click here to learn more about what olive oil can do for hair.

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Extra moisturizer with summer scent

Coconut oil in hair care

Today’s product range is really huge whatever market you’re searching on. Producers try to serve all kind of needs of the customers. Moreover they also generate some, but that is another topic about business and profits. What I’m thinking about is the fact that you can find hundreds of products for one problem or need. Presenting new products time after time is also basic. Ready to use products from the lowest price to the luxury category. Nevertheless there are still a lot of people who prefer natural solutions just like coconut oil in hair care.

Coconut oil for beautiful hair.

The usage of coconut oil has its history. It has always been used in Polynesian cultures as a beauty product. Though it can be used in face care, like an under eye area treatment and can also be used as a natural UV filter I’m gonna write about how to use coconut oil in hair care. First let’s see the benefits you can enjoy if you decide to give it a try.

  • An effective way of nourishing and moisturizing scalp and hair
  • It can reduce hair breakage
  • It helps to manage frizz hair
  • Improves hair growth
  • It can help to get rid of dandruff
  • It can penetrate the hair follicle and make scalp healthier
  • It can make hair stronger and fuller
  • A possible treatment for split ends

Moisturize your hair with coconut oil

As you can see using coconut oil in hair care has a lot of benefits. But how can you apply it on your hair? Choose extra virgin coconut oil. To bring the solid oil to a manageable state you need to heat it. Avoid using microwave oven because the oil may be less effective after. The best way is warming it with the help of a bowl of hot water. After it’s melted apply the oil on damp or dry hair. Before the usage you need to decide about the purpose of the treatment. If the aim is nourishing your scalp you need to massage it into the roots while for a conditioning effect (or if your scalp is too oily) it is enough to leave it only on your hair for minimum 30 minutes. After 30 minutes rinse your hair and scalp with warm water and enjoy the smell of this wonderful oil. For a richer scent you can drop essential oils into coconut oil before applying. My favourite is jasmine. 😉 If you face the problem of split ends apply coconut oil on the ends without rinsing.
If you like natural remedies give a chance to extra virgin coconut oil like this fractionated coconut oil or this cruelty-free coconut oil.

And feel free to share your experiences. I am open to any feedback or question at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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Moisturize for shiny and soft hair

Who needs a leave-in conditioner

Several years before when 2in1 products became popular a significant part of people changed their hair care routine and started to use such shampoos. The ones who wanted to save some time for sure. Well, it can be really practical if you need to look after your children when you finished your exhausting shift at work. Nevertheless as time went by more and more people changed their mind and got back to the „normal” way of using a shampoo first and a conditioner after. And today? 🙂 If you really care about the health of your hair you don’t stop by these two steps. You can choose different kinds of hair treatments to be applied after your shampoo (and conditioner). A leave-in conditioner can also be a kind of a hair treatment given the conditioner to be rinsed is not replaced with it in every occasion.

Moisturize your hair with leave-in conditioner

Let’s see the reasons why a leave-in conditioner is worth a try:

  • Thanks to the extra moisturizing it makes your hair soft, nourished and shiny. Even coloured hair.
  • It can do a lot about curly hair. Using a leave-in conditioner can make your curles more manageable given it makes it easier to comb your hairlocks.
  • I would say it is a must if you use hair styling tools with heat. Such a product may prevent or reduce the possible damages caused by the high temperature.
  • Given it will remain on your hair till the next time you wash it, it can be able to provide some protection against the environmental damage too.

My reason to try this type of conditioning was the fact that I had always been suffering from fragile hair. I wanted to provide my hair and scalp as much nutrients as possible. In my case leave-in conditioners worked but I didn’t stop by external solutions. I know that many circumstances can have an effect on hair so I decided to take vitamins too. My advice for you is something similar. External solutions may solve some problems but we need to keep in mind that our human body builds hair itself so it’s essential to make sure about taking enough nutrients.

Use a leave-in conditioner on a towel dried hair

But… to answer the question of the title of this post 🙂 You may need a leave-in conditioner if you face the problems like dry, blowzy, faded hair or use hot styling tools. On the other hand it can also be an effective way to prevent such problems and make your hair easier to style. If you decide to give it a try remember to apply it on a towel dried hair and not under the shower.

If you love natural ingredients you can try this leave in conditioner with Shea Butter or this leave in conditioner with argan oil from Morocco.

For any questions or feedback use the contact page of Your Beauty Hair or message me at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk.


Do you want to know more about what’s inside? Read more about possible ingredients in hair care products.


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Benefits of clarifying shampoos

How can a clarifying shampoo can help about healthy hair

Reading more and more about hair care as many aspects as possible I regularly find articles about using a clarifying shampoo for deeper cleansing. A few years ago I didn’t even think about using different kinds of shampoos in the same period of time. I mean I just choose one, used it for a few months and after… depending on the results I searched for another one if I wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t think about the different roles and different benefits of different kinds of shampoos. Now I think it is a mistake. Hair may need specail care depending on several things like hair styling habits or just different nutrients as seasons go by.

Clarifying shampoo on Your Beauty Hair
A sexy clarifying shampoo for man and women?

I decided to try a clarifying shampoo and it was a good decision. It is the best solution to bring hair in a condition when you can make other hair care products or remedies even more effective. I think using a clarifying shampoo is really under-appreciated. It can remove all those small parts remaining on your hair from your regular conditioner or hair styling products.  Nevertheless it is not suitable for using only this type of shampoo every occasions because it can make your scalp dry. You need to be careful using a clarifying shampoo and consider the special needs of your hair. Though some advice to use it once a week I am still not sure about it because of the different hair care routines and the different frequency of  washing our hair. If you wash your hair daily and use a lot of hair styling products once a week can be reasonable. While if you wash it only twice a week once a week usage means every second occasion. I feel it too much so I would suggest once in two or three weeks usage.

To summ up the benefits of using a clarifying shampoo regularly:

  • It can make hair care products (like a hair mask) even more effective.
  • It helps to remove build-ups not only from your hair care and styling products but nicotine, chlorine or environmental pollutants too.
  • Using it a few days before hair colour can result a more intensive colour (while after dying you need to be careful because using clarifying shampoos can fade the colour. So keep it in mind).
  • In case of greasy hair regularly usage of a clarifying shampoo can really do a lot to make your locks more manageable.
Clarifying shampoo can help about healthy hair

This effective clarifying shampoo is worth a try. It’s formulated with shea-butter that’s why I love it so much. You can enjoy its benefit soon and there is a way of buying it at a more favourable price. For more details about it contact me at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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Stay moisturized

Aftersun hair care

I spent the last week with writting about how to protect your hair from sun damages. from sun damages. Maybe it is time to write about what can you do if you failed to provide prevention and your hair has become dry, blowzy and faded. It happens to me every single year even though I’m trying to do my best about protection. The reason is not about using poor quality products. It is rather about being lazy or just taking it easy. I’m sure you well know what is time when I face this problem. 🙂 After my holidays. Like a good girl… I follow all the valuable advices every day  and decide to keep this habbit all along the year. And what after? When time is here I turn my back on every days’ routin, on my work and escape far from all of my duties. Because holiday is about having fun, taking days easy and sometimes just go to bed after a midnight swim without any extra care for hair. And here comes aftersun hair care.

Aftersun haircare with Your Beauty Hair

So it can easily happen to all of us and it is not a shame. Of course prevention is the best and the most effective but fortunatelly there are really good aftersun hair care solutions as well. I could write about a lot of products on this topic but I would like to share my two favourite products with you. Whenever I face such problems I reach out to a very effective moisturizing shampoo and a wonderful hairmask.
The moisturizing shampoo is perfect for aftersun hair care and for over-treated hair too. It can help you all year long about nourishing your hair and scalp in just seven days. I always had fast effects thanks to its special ingredients. Not only shea butter but cotton bloom extract can also do a lot for healthy and beautiful hair.

About the hairmask: I fell in love with it in the first minute when I opened its tube. I love the smell of it. Given it is a mask you need to leave it on your hair for some minutes so you need to take your time but it is worth to be patient. You can experience smooth, shiny and managable hair within just a short time given an innovative component, called CS7. Together with the shampoo it can be a perfect choice for aftersun hair care.

Moisturize your hair after holiday

Your hair deserves care and these products can help you a lot about it. Following these links you can read more about the moisturizing shampoo and the hairmask too. Feel free to contact me for more pieces of information at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form..

Contact me in case you would be happy to buy them at a more favourable price. 🙂

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UV protection for hair 4.

Sun oils for hair

Well, I was not really prepared to my latest trip to abroad. I mean I travel quiet lot and this time as well –of course- I did everything like usual but I thought to be at my destination latest at midnight. It could happen. It should happen. But 🙂 life decides. My plane was late. Not just 10-20 minutes but almost 3 hours which means to miss the last bus to the little town I wanted to go. Instead of being with my family I’m sitting in the airport and writting my new post here and now. Why not? Let’s use this time for something I love. Okay, I know it was not about hair care at all so far, not about UV protection for hair… sorry for that 🙂 I just wanted to shout it out but I get back to hair care and I’m gonna write my new post about sun oils for hair.  

Sun oils as an option for UV protection

This topic – UV protection for hair – is like a little series so if you missed the previous posts but you want to read more than just sun oils for hair you can scroll down and read about it general or you can read the post about shampoos with UV filter and UV protective hair sprays.

Today (actually tonight, at the airport 🙂 ) I write about sun oils for hair. Such products have been on the market for years all the same I have tried it only once before. I was not satisfied with the result because it made my hair look wet and I felt it to be thinner. Maybe it is because of the type of my hair. I am not that lucky to have a fine head of hair so I need to be careful about choosing the products I use. I don’t say that sun oils can be used only for really fine and thick hair because the product range today has changed a lot. So I made other tests. Just for example there are Clarins Sunscreen Sprays as a waterproof solution both for skin and hair. I like this type because of making my hair silky and because I can use this one bottle also on my skin. A practical way of providing UV protection for hair and body too.

Sun oils for hair and body

Another favourite of mine is Bumble and Bumble oil. This product is much more than „just” UV protection for hair. It can also help to prevent hair damages made by straighteners or blow driers. It protects also from heat so it is something for the whole year.

But maybe you are fed up with using too many different kinds of products all over your body and you think that sun oils for hair is just another group of the chemicals we use. From one point of view you may be right given all of them contain some artifical components. Some of us even have allergy to them. The good new is to have some natural solutions for UV protection as well. Here are some examples with the estimated UV factor. So they not just nourish your hair and scalp but can also help about UV protection for hair.

  • olive oil (SPF 7,549)
  • cocconut oil (SPF 7,119)
  • peppermint oil (SPF 6,668)
  • melissa oil (SPF 6,282)
  • castor oil (SPF 5,687)
  • levander oil (SPF 5,624)

There are some natural sun oils too.

As you can see if it’s sun oil for hair you can choose form ready to use products or you can try some natural solutions. The good side of using the ready ones is being convenient. You can take them with you and use them whenever and wherever you want to provide as long protection as possible. In case of having some questions, remarks or suggestions I am open to your feedback at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.. And don’t forget… enjoy summer and stay protected.

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