Do you want smooth and silky hair?

Temporary and permanent ways of hair straightening.

Curly hair has been in fashion since the 80’s and it’s still true today. Nevertheless, there are many of us suffering with hair straightening on a daily basis. One of the reasons of doing it can be the fact that curly hair is often difficult to handle. Sometimes we are just not satisfied with the person who we are. Girls with curly hair do everything to straighten it while girls with smooth hair want it to be frizzy. So we always want something else.

Curly hair or hair straightening

Today the technic are in continuous change and hair care or hair styling are not exceptions from this either. It means that there are more and more ways to have the desired kind of hair. As far as I see perm is widely known, while permanent hair straightening has relatively new techniques. So if you dream about smooth and silky hair what is easy to manage you have more possibilities to reach the look you’d love. The way you should choose depends on how often do you want to care about this procedure.

For temporary results:

After washing and conditioning your hair just dry it with a blow dryer, while pull your mops of hair with a round brush. After you dried your hair, you can use a good quality flatiron to straighten your hair. To reduce any damages apply some heat protector on your hair (but not on your scalp) before using a flatiron and choose the right heat settings. With this technic you will need to repeat this procedure after every single shampoo and even if you are really careful your hair can be damaged.

You can also have long and smooth hair

For permanent results:

If you are fed up with spending hours in the bathroom day after day, you can try a chemical solution. These techniques will last for months. Following ones are the most common:

Brazilian straightening (Keratin treatment)

This treatment can be a solution from loose to coarse curls. Ladies having smooth hair also try it often, because it’s said to be a non-damaging treatment. They say, it can give back the health of ones hair and make it smooth and shiny within 2-3 hours. The result lasts for months without changing the structure of hair.

Japanese straightening

This solution is for loose or medium curls. The process itself can last for long hours depending on the strength and length of the hair. Sometimes it means 7-8 hours. The results are permanent given it changes the structure of your hair. It also means that after this treatment you will not be able to make any curls in your hair. Not even with curling iron. As hair grows, you will need to go for a touch-up.

You can also have straight hair


The third way of permanent straightening can help about tight, coarse curls. For this process harsh chemicals are applied on hair. After this treatment your hair will be smooth, and you can easily handle it. You can even make curls later if you want because your hair will be able to hold it but you will need a new treatment as your hair grows.

Given there are pros and cons for each way you need to think your expectations through and make a considered decision. Weather you choose some of these ways to straighten your hair or just get satisfied with the beauty you were born with it is really crucial to take good care of your hair.


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