Strengthening or hair extensions

What kind of hair extensions you can choose from?

Are you not satisfied with your hair? You have a really good possibility to make it look stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Using hair extensions is a popular option. What types are there on the markets?

Hair strengthening or using extensions

There are more aspects to assort them. For example, are they made of synthetic or human hair?

Regarding their structure there are three main types.

The names don’t show their origin but the main parameters:

European: Typical European hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. It is the best for making your hair longer, thicker or building a whole wig. You can use such extensions for years, up to 3 years.

Indian: The construction of Indian hair is very similar to European one but it is not that long-lasting. You can rely on them for 1,5-2 years. You can buy them in natural colour, and your hairdresser can apply the perfect tone.

Asian: Asian hair is thicker, straight and has a round cross-section. You can easily buy them prepackaged and wear occasionally given it is rather for short-term (last for a few weeks).

Have the desired hair

Hair extensions regarding the way of application


With this solution you can fix the extensions with taping them to your real hair. Later you can remove and reuse (with new two-sided tapes) if you like. It takes a few hours to apply. It lasts for weeks, but doesn’t really look well with thin hair.


In this method pre-bundled hair is connected to your real hair with little rings. You can wear such extensions for a few months but need to sit in your hairdresser’s chair to for more than four hours and it is not really suitable with short and weak hair that breaks easily.


Sewn-in extensions also last for months while the procedure itself is shorter (1-2 hours). A horizontal cornrow is made round the scalp then extensions are sewn in. Using no glue or heat is a good point and removing it is said to be easy but it can be painful and tight braids may cause hair loss.


This is the best way for the girls wanting longer hair just for the night or for an occasion given it takes only 10-15 minutes to apply. You can wear them for about a week if you like but it is better to remove daily. Such extensions have clips you can fix with.

Keratin hair extensions

In the last method I am writing about pre-tipped hair is used and fixed to the real hair. There are two ways of doing that depending on the fixing way. Hot and cold. The former can damage your hair and not suitable with thin and fragile hair but the latter is sad to be a gentle way given no heating is required. Both lasts for a few months and made within 4-6 hours.

There are several kinds of extensions on the market

There are several ways of hair extensions, but choosing the correct type is very important. A wrong choice may cause irritation or even hair loss. And even if you choose to wear hair extensions, you still need to take a good care of your head of hair and fake parts need more and a bit different hair care than your own hair.

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