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Try ombre in hair colouring.

As seasons pass by fashion keeps changing over and over and hair styles or colours are not exceptions. From one point of view, it is not easy to be trendy at all times and keep the health and the strength of your hair at the same time. From another point of view, it is really exciting and a very good chance to renew ourselves. Although ombre hair colouring is relatively new but this is something being able to cover a wide range of alternatives. As I see it was originally created by nature.

Ocean waves, ombre colour


What is ombre generally?

Well, it is much more than a hair colouring technique. The ones speaking french may know that the word itself means shading. It is a lovely way of playing with colours blending from one to another, from light to dark. If you have ever read about its history, you know that it was used already in the 1800s although mainly for dyeing fabric. The technique itself can be applied in various fields from home decor to nail colouring.

What is ombre in hair colouring?

If you decide to try ombre colour your hair will be darker from the roots till about the middle of the length while it is lighter from the middle part to the ends. This is called traditional ombre. If you prefer it in the other way and wear darker colours close to the tips, you can choose reverse ombre. Regarding the colours themselves, my favourite is still brunette ombre with warm brown tones. In this case you can keep an original brown colour (if you have this colour) from the roots. From about the middle you can choose a colour, which is two shades lighter. This colour goes till the tips. Your hair will look sun-kissed. But this technique covers more possibilities.

Ombre hair colour

Ombre hair colours

  • Grey ombre = grombre: For those who want something unusual, this type can be perfect. You can give some greyish tones to your original hair colour whether it is black, brown or even blond.
  • Colourful ombre = colombre: Although it is not natural at all colombre is also popular world-wide. Choosing this type, you can mix different colours and have rainbow shades.
  • Silver ombre: This bold, metallic colour can be combined with any hue and looks good also if you don’t have so long hair.

Ombre and colombre hair colour

Of course you can use this technique with any other colours beside the above listed ones. You can choose blue or red ombre if you prefer such tones. The list is really long from lavender to ash blonde.

An important part of the whole procedure of any type of hair colouring is taking good care of your hair before and after as well. Whatever hair colour you have, it will look perfect only if you make efforts also to moisturize it.

Before hair colouring learn more also about ammonia.

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