A small change for a big difference

Bangs: Cut or not to cut?

Sometimes we reach some point when we feel, we must change something. It can be after failing or losing someone. It can happen at the beginning of a new year or finishing a period in our life. Changing work or making final exams. Every time when seasons change I feel I also want to change something about me. Yeah, of course it’s usually about hair. As far as I have experienced, autumn doesn’t always support new hair styles. Windy and rainy weather can ruin the hair styles. But there may be small changes to create a big difference and for this purpose bangs are perfect. The question about bangs: cut or not to cut?

Bangs make a big difference

Long time ago, still in the high school I always cut my hair to have bangs. I never wanted to cut the ends. (Of course I needed to.) I wanted to grow it longer and longer. Those days I would have felt strange without bangs. Times change and me too. It means, I haven’t had a hairstyle with bangs for a while, but let’s get back to today’s topic. Back to bangs: cut or not to cut?

Learn more about bangs and face shapes.

As I wrote before if you want to make just a little change for an outstanding difference you should try bangs. Some people think anybody can do it because it’s just cutting off the front part of the hair. I’m sure the most of us have already tried to do it at home. Nevertheless, I suggest visiting a hairdresser for the first time. Maybe later you can cut it yourself to keep the length if you like. Hair usually grows quiet fast, so you may think it’s not that big decision but have a look at it a little closer. Would it be good for you?

Cutting bangs would make a big difference.

There are more types of bangs and not all of them fit to everybody. In my opinion this is a really good reason why everyone should go to a salon for a personal advice. Having a short or high forehead can make a big difference. Yes, even if you have a short one you still can wear a fringe. In this case side bangs or blunt bangs would be better choices. And this is not the only difference between bangs and bangs. It can be straight cut or choppy, voluminous or wispy, longer side bangs, above-the-eyebrow ones or baby bangs, straight or with a slight curve. In order not to make big mistakes consider these few tips:

  • Ask for advice from a professional. Not only the shape of your face, but the texture of your hair is also important.
  • Take a good care of your hair and scalp. Healthy hair is easier to manage.
  • Don’t use too much styling products. You may have the opposite effect and not what you wanted.
  • Avoid worrying all day about how your bangs look and touch them again and again. Your hair may become oily if you keep doing it.
  • Trim it regularly.

There are different types of bangs.

Whichever you choose from the above-mentioned fringes, fitting your face and hair, you can change your mind in a relatively short period of time. You can always transform short bangs into longer (and longer) side bangs as your hair grows till it reaches the original length. Or if you like your bangs, you can maintain your hair cut yourself. My personal experience in using hair styling products for bangs is the less you use the better your fringe will look. The key is about the health of your hair. In the next post I’m going a little deeper into this topic with face shapes, so come back and let me know whatever you would like to read about in the future.

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