About Your Beauty Hair

Floating hair and yellow letters of Y B Hair in a pink circle. The website, Your Beauty Hair, was made in 2018. I simply was not satisfied with my hair and I was searching for solutions. I wanted also to share my thoughts about it. The original plan, goal and also the design have changed in the meantime. Although we learn from the past, forget it now and focus on the present and on the future.

The plan is to provide not only effective hair care products, but also healthy options. Doing it by product listings and posts.

The goal is choosing products, that contains as little as possible (or nothing at all) from all of those ingredients that may be considered to be probably less healthy. Like: parabens, sulfates (which are often listed as SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate).

We wish to help about chosing harmless or natural hare care options.

At the moment Your Beauty Hair hasn’t got or provide any products of her own. All the listed products are affiliate products. It means, when you make a purchase, we may get a commission.

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