Beauty from Inside

Nutritional supplements in hair care

People always were keen on looking good, healthy and young but these are the times when this pressure is so strong on us that it can generate a whole industry about anti-aging. We all would like to have a healthy appearance and one part of it is healthy hair. In my opinion hair care is more than finding the perfect shampoo because of the complexity of the human body. The importance of the health inside was recognized already in ancient times but the industrial revolution in the 19th century brought changes also in agrotechny. Our lovely Earth is now getting overwhelmed and our food has less nutritional value than 40 years before. Having qualitative food and the necessary vitamins and minerals is still admittedly essential but in the last years more and more people acknowledged the relevance of supporting our body with nutritional supplements. So to maintain our health defined nutrients are required and some of them have their special function to keep your hair in a good condition.

The new point of view and the new demands created a different way of thinking and a better job possibilities for the ones who care about their own and other’s Health.

Beauty from inside

What vitamins can help you to keep or get back the beauty of your hair?

  • Vitamin C to strengthen your hair.
  • Vitamin A for faster hair growth and for protection from toxins.
  • Vitamin F against dandruff.
  • Vitamin H to support hair-bulbs.
  • Vitamin B for healthy scalp.

A balanced diet with the essential vitamins and minerals is very important for your hair but for your whole human body as well. By taking nutritional supplements you can support your body and keep up your health and beauty longer. Choose quality products, follow the instructions but never forget the relevance of nourishment. In case you are interested in the products below feel free to contact me at or click here to contact me.