Argan oil and hair care

Kanzy Argan oil in hair care. There is something like a cycle about most of the things in the world. Not only the seasons change time after time, but also people’s demands. It’s true also about choosing fast and convenient solutions or natural remedies. Sometimes the fast way is packed with chemicals, while the natural

Make Your Dream Come True Day

Make Your Dream Come True Day. There is some kind of world-day or national day every single day, even if we are not really aware of it. In some cases, there are more, different ones at the same time. Of course, these days try to remind us some things that are important every day, like

Alcohol and hair loss

Can drinking alcohol cause hair loss? Have a closer look at the effects of consuming alcohol. Is there any relation between alcohol and hair loss? Several medical conditions may be related to alcohol misuse. Is hair loss one them? The short answer is yes. Keep on reading and learn more about the reasons. Fun or