A blond woman with bangs.

Bangs and face shapes

Find the perfect bangs for you. In the previous post I gave you a few pieces of advice to consider before cutting a bang. In the next step, as I promised I will try to look a little deeper into different kinds of fringes and who they would or wouldn’t fit. A lot of the people

A woman who has a hair style with bangs.

A small change for a big difference

Bangs: Cut or not to cut? Sometimes we reach some point when we feel, we must change something. It can be after failing or losing someone. It can happen at the beginning of a new year or finishing a period in our life. Changing work or making final exams. Every time when seasons change I

A bride with long hair locks in wedding style.

Wedding preparations

Wedding hairstyles. Having the perfect hair on your wedding requires some preparations regarding hair care. If you are fine with your hair and it is strong and moisturized it is time to start thinking about what kind of wedding hairstyle you are dreaming of. There are wide ranges of possibilities for wedding hairstyles. For long