Hair accessories for kids

Hair bows for the little ones

During winter days a lot of us prefer wearing a hat even if it makes hair styling almost impossible. Anyway some hats can make your appearance more characteristic. It can show you more sporty or more elegant depending on the type of the hat you choose. As the weather gets better and we put down these articles of clothing we may consider bringing some colour into grey days and wear some hair accessories. It’s not a really new thing, they had their special role throughout the history, too. Different types of accessories from  various materials were to show social class, age or even religiousness. And not only for women. From the quiet wide range of such products, in this post I write about hair bows for little ones.

Blond girl with yellow hair bow.

Hair bows were very popular for both genders in the past. Now they’re mainly worn by little girls.

Hair bows

Hair bows are mainly worn by pretty little girls now but it wasn’t like this in the past. It was really popular among both genders in the 17th and 18th century. In Europe it was worn also by kings and court members. Popularity continued in the 19th century but the 20th century was already a little different. Hair bows needed a few decades’break to come back again from around 1940. Of course there is some practical line in using hair bows but it’s mainly about adornment. Maybe that’s the reason of loosing its popularity among adult ones. Now we try to live a practical life, to arrange all the necessary things, do our best at work and try to be a good parent and wife. Maybe in this rushing life we are not open to see the beauty and fun of life.

A brown-haired woman wears light pink hair bow.

We’ve grown up and try to see things as they are. And hair bows doesn’t seem to fit grey weekdays and not adult
appearance. I’ve heard too many times to grow up and stop doing (wearing) childish things. Maybe you, too. Well, I still like the women who are brave enough to wear hair bows. But now let’s get back to hair bows for the little ones.

I decided to write about this topic because I had a really strange experience. I just heard someone talking about how unfair it is to dress a little girl in girlish clothes with girlish accessories, just like hair bows. Some people think, it will show that child only the importance of the outfit and force her to follow society’s expectations without exploring her gender . Later I read also about gender neutral parenting. It’s a real thing followed by a lot of people. Of course it’s not my goal to say what is good and what is wrong. I wouldn’t even judge any point of views but this post is probably not valuable at all for you if you support gender neutral thoughts. I’m happy to see that children are still able to dream and believe.

A little girl doesn’t like a girlish hair bow only because of society. She doesn’t even know what society is. If she loves hair bows and likes to wear them, it’s honest. And why should you say no when she would like to explore herself this way, with hair bows for the little ones.

I’m sure… we all have experienced that hair is vulnerable in general. A child’s hair is even more sensitive. That’s why it’s important to choose hair accessories especially for children. Have a look at these ones:

If your little princess would like to wear a different colour every day this set of 3 inches headbands would be a good choice.

These handmade hair bows are really large and so impressive in 15 different colours. They fit many outfits and they’re made of safety materials, no harm to baby’s skin.

Hair bows in different designs.

Handmade by mommies. High quality materials, original and trendy designs for baby girls who like solid colours. Click here for more info about these hair bows.

Do you need something different? Use the search bar and find the ideal product for your little princess.

You can read a little more about the history of hair accessories by clicking here.

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Bangs and face shapes

Find the perfect bangs for you

In the previous post I gave you a few pieces of advice to consider before cutting a bang. In the next step, as I promised I will try to look a little deeper into different kinds of fringes and who they would or wouldn’t fit.  A lot of the people I know say that bangs are not for you if you have short forehead but it’s not totally true. Yes, you need to be careful to choose the right style but it’s true even if you have long forehead. Although we tend to point a famous person’s hairstyle and tell the hairdresser to make that for us, it’s better to confess (and love) our own shapes and textures. With a wrong choice we can create a look we wouldn’t like so the aim is to find the perfect bangs for you. So if you are still just thinking about cut or not to cut a fringe, but not ready to visit a salon, read this post and try to find the possibilities that may fit the shape of your face.

Find the perfect bang for you.

What are the main shapes of face and how you can determine yours in order to find the perfect bangs for you?

There are six different kinds of face shapes and the easiest way to figure out which one is yours is simply looking in the mirror with your hair pulled back with a headband.

  1. Oval face shape: Check the length of your face. Is it about one and a half times the width? If the answer is yes and your forehead is about like your chin or a little wider you possibly have this face shape.
  2. Round face shape: The length and width of the face are the same. Cheeks are rounded. Do you match this one?
  3. Square face shape: As far as I see the strongest part of this shape is jaw and chin and strong jaw make it look square. People with this shape usually have the same width forehead and jaw line.
  4. Oblong face shape: It almost like oval shape but a little longer with narrow chin. To be honest – just like many others – I didn’t realise the difference before.
  5. Heart face shape: Having this shape means wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jaw line. It is really like a heart if you have a look at it.
  6. Diamond face shape: The last one resembles the previous one because of the wide cheekbones and narrow chin but people with diamond face shape have narrower forehead. Cheekbones are the strongest and widest part of the face.

Face shapes on Your Beauty Hair

Now that you’ve had some pieces of information about how you can determine your face shape time has come to find the perfect bangs for you.

Bangs for oval face: Well, the women with this face shape are really lucky because they can wear any style and it’s not only about bangs. So if you belong to the lucky ones, finding the perfect bangs for you is mainly about what you like and what you would be happy and satisfied to wear. Depending ont he texture of your hair, too.

Bangs for round face shape: With this shape you have to be careful because bangs can make your face look even fuller if you don’t find the perfect bangs for you. The aim is to show your face a little longer and you can do it with side bangs. Another option is trying baby bangs (or blunt micro bangs) being short enough to leave some space between your eyebrows and bangs. This way your face will look a little elongated.

Bangs for square face: With this shape it’s better to say no to straight cut fringe and long heavy bangs. It’s better to choose a choppy or curved one that can soften your jaw line. A centre-parted Bardot bangs with tapered ends will bring attention to your eyes. Long side bangs or flippy side bangs can also be good choices.

Bangs for oblong face: As it resembles oval face, bangs can be really nice on this shape. The aim is making the face less long and fringes can do a lot about that. Straight cut or side swept bangs covering your forehead and grazing your eyebrows will make your face shorter. Tapered ends and centre-parted bangs are also look nice on oblong faces.

Bangs for heart face shape: If you have this facial structure you can decrease the width of your forehead and increase the width of your jaw line by choosing the perfect bangs for you. A long, side-swept fringe or a layered bang are good choices for this purpose.

Bangs for diamond face: If you have narrow forehead and chin and your cheekbones are the widest points of your face you can create the illusion of having kind of an oval face with long, side-swept bangs. You can also try centre-parted bangs to hide narrow hairline and baby bangs also fits to this face shape. Avoid heavy, rounded bangs and straight fringes.

Choose a bang that fits your face shape

Of course these are just examples because more things must be considered in order to find the perfect bangs for you. Face shape is one of them but the texture of your hair also matters. The best decision is still going to a salon and ask for advice from a professional. Nevertheless I am open to your feedback at or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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A small change for a big difference

Bangs: Cut or not to cut?

I’m not sure about other countries but here in the UK summer seems to be over. Though it was sunny today, we had long days now with cool weather, wind or rain (or both – what’s my favourite). Autumn is coming. Every time when seasons change I feel I also want to change something about me. Yeah, of course it’s usually about hair. As far as I have experienced, autumn doesn’t always support new hair styles because of windy and rainy weather. 😉 But there may be small changes to create a big difference and for this purpose bangs are perfect.

Bangs make a big difference

Long long time ago, still in the high school I always cut my hair to have bangs. I never wanted to cut the ends (but of course I needed to) because I wanted to grow it longer and longer. Those days I would have felt strange without bangs. Times change and me too which means I haven’t had a hairstyle with bangs for a while…but it’s getting too much about me. Let’s get back to today’s topic. Back to bangs: cut or not to cut? 😉

As I wrote before if you want to make just a little change for an outstanding difference you should try bangs. Some people think anybody can do it because it’s just cutting off the front part of the hair so I’m sure the most of us have already tried to do it at home. Nevertheless I suggest to visit a hairdresser for the first time and maybe later you can cut it yourself to keep the length if you like. Hair usually grows quiet fast so you may think it’s not that big decision but have a look at it a little closer. Would it be good for you?

Cutting bangs would make a big difference.

There are more types of bangs and not all of them fit to everybody. In my opinion this is a really good reason why everyone should go to a salon for a personal advice. Having a short or high forehead can make a big difference. Yes, even if you have a short one you still can wear a fringe. In this case side bangs or blunt bangs would be better choices. And this is not the only difference between bangs and bangs. It can be straight cut or choppy, voluminous or wispy, longer side bangs, above-the-eyebrow ones or baby bangs, straight or with a slight curve. In order not to make big mistakes consider these few tips:

  • Ask for advice from a professional (not only the shape of your face but the texture of your hair is also important)
  • Take a good care of your hair and scalp (Healthy hair is easier to manage.)
  • Don’t use too much styling products (You may have the opposite effect and not what you wanted.)
  • Avoid worrying all day about how your bangs look and touch them (trying to make it better) again and again. (Your hair may become oily if you keep doing it.)
  • Trim it regularly

There are different types of bangs.

Whichever you choose from the above mentioned fringes, fitting your face and hair, you can change your mind in a relatively short period of time. You can always transform short bangs into longer (and longer) side bangs as your hair grows till it reaches the original length.  Or if you like your bangs you can maintain your hair cut with Hair Bangs Scissors DIY Level Instrument Hair Styling Tools Hairdressing Hair Cutting Scissors(Hair bang) My personal experience about using hair styling products for bangs is the less you use the better your fringe will look. The key is about the health of your hair. In the next post I’m going a little deeper into this topic with face shapes, so come back and let me know whatever you would like to read about in the future. You can contact me at or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.Suggestions are welcomed. 😉

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Wedding preparations

Wedding hairstyles

Having the perfect hair on your wedding requires some preparations regarding hair care. Check my previous post about a solution being able to strengthen your hair within a relatively short time. If you are fine with your hair and it is strong and moisturized it is time to start thinking about what kind of wedding hairstyle you are dreaming of. There are wide range of possibilities for long and short hair as well. I am gonna show you my favourites for more length.

Wedding hairstyles

Short hair

If you have short hair and you are happy about it you can have a lovely wedding hairstyle with some accessories. You can use hair jewelry or live and artificial floral parts. Even short hair is suitable for some small waves which can be really tricky. It has a special effect of making your hair look longer or thicker than in real.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Long hair

If your hair is long you have more than enough possibilities to find the wedding hairstyle you like the most. If you are lucky and have a fine head of hair your appearance may be special even if you wear your hair loose with a few accessories. If you need some tricks to make your hair look thicker you can try making some waves but if you would prefer something more special you can have you hair braided.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

As far as I see finding the perfect wedding hairstyle is not that easy given we are usually longing for something different from the hair we actually have. Women with straight hair often want loose curls which is definitely not a complicated task to make. A more complex job is making long hair from short one. Nevertheless it is still possible by using hair extensions. So actually only your fantasy can stop you from finding and creating the perfect wedding hairstyle making you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

Your Beauty Hair about wedding

Whichever style or solution you choose it is highly recommended to strengthen your hair before the big day. The hair style itself and the way of fixing also can damage your hair or scalp. A really good way of strengthening your hair is using this effective hair fitness treatment being able to revitalize your hair and scalp. And this hair mask with a special ingredient is perfect to take a good care of your hair before and after your wedding. Its innovative component, named CS7 is able to strengthen each cuticle and make your hair shiny and manageable.

Should you want to have more pieces of information or would be happy to buy it at a more favourable price do not hesitate to contact me at or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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Strengthening or hair extensions

What kind of hair extensions you can choose from

If you are not satisfied with your hair you have a really good possibility to make it stronger, healthier and more beautiful. I am not talking about hair extensions yet but a hair fitness treatment developed in a European laboratory and offered by a more than thirty year old company. In case you would like to strengthen your hair instead of / or before using any extensions have a look at a wonderful product that can make your hair healthier and contact me at if you would like to buy it at a more favourable price. If you prefer using extensions keep on reading about what types are there on the market. 😊

Hair strengthening or using extensions

There are more aspects to assort them. If you look at what they are made of it can be synthetic or human hair.

Regarding their structure there are three main types. The names don’t show their origin but the main parameters:

European: Typical european hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. It is the best for making your hair longer, thicker or building a whole wig. You can use such extensions for years, up to 3 years.

Indian: The construction of indian hair is very similar to european one but it is not that long-lasting. You can rely on them for 1,5-2 years. You can buy them in natural colour and your hairdresser can apply the perfect tone.

Asian: Asian hair is thicker, straight and has a round cross-section. You can easily buy them prepackaged and wear occasionally given it is rather for short-term (last for a few weeks).

Have the desired hair

Regarding the way of application :

Tape-in: With this solution you can fix the extensions with taping them to your real hair. Later they can be removed and reused (with new two sided tapes) if you like. It can be applied within just a few hours and lasts for weeks but doesn’t really look well with thin hair.

Micro-ring: In this method pre-bundled hair is connected to your real hair with little rings. You can wear such extensions for a few months but need to sit in your hairdresser’s chair to for more than four hours and it is not really suitable with short and weak hair that breaks easily.

Sewn-in extension also lasts for months while the procedure itself is shorter (1-2 hours). A horizontal cornrow is made round the scalp then extensions are sewn in. Using no glue or heat is a good point and removing it is said to be easy but it can be painful and tight braids may cause hair loss.

Clip-in: This is the best way for the girls wanting longer hair just for the night or for an occasion given it takes only 10-15 minutes to apply. You can wear them for about a week if you like but it is better to remove daily. Such extensions have clips you can fix with.

Keratin hair extensions: In the last method I am writing about pre-tipped hair is used and fixed to the real hair. There are two ways of doing that depending on the fixing way. Hot and cold. The former can damage your hair and not suitable with thin and fragile hair but the latter is sad to be a gentle way given no heating is required. Both lasts for a few months and made within 4-6 hours.

There are several kinds of extensions on the market

There are several ways of hair extensions but choosing the correct type is very important. A wrong choice may cause irritation or even hair loss. And even if you choose to wear hair extensions you still need to take a good care of your head of hair and fake parts need more and a bit different hair care than your own hair. Don’t forget to contact me at if you’d prefer strengthen your real hair. 😉

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