UV protection for hair 4.

Sun oils for hair

Well, I was not really prepared to my latest trip to abroad. I mean I travel quiet lot and this time as well –of course- I did everything like usual but I thought to be at my destination latest at midnight. It could happen. It should happen. But 🙂 life decides. My plane was late. Not just 10-20 minutes but almost 3 hours which means to miss the last bus to the little town I wanted to go. Instead of being with my family I’m sitting in the airport and writting my new post here and now. Why not? Let’s use this time for something I love. Okay, I know it was not about hair care at all so far, not about UV protection for hair… sorry for that 🙂 I just wanted to shout it out but I get back to hair care and I’m gonna write my new post about sun oils for hair.  

Sun oils as an option for UV protection

This topic – UV protection for hair – is like a little series so if you missed the previous posts but you want to read more than just sun oils for hair you can scroll down and read about it general or you can read the post about shampoos with UV filter and UV protective hair sprays.

Today (actually tonight, at the airport 🙂 ) I write about sun oils for hair. Such products have been on the market for years all the same I have tried it only once before. I was not satisfied with the result because it made my hair look wet and I felt it to be thinner. Maybe it is because of the type of my hair. I am not that lucky to have a fine head of hair so I need to be careful about choosing the products I use. I don’t say that sun oils can be used only for really fine and thick hair because the product range today has changed a lot. So I made other tests. Just for example there are Clarins Sunscreen Sprays as a waterproof solution both for skin and hair. I like this type because of making my hair silky and because I can use this one bottle also on my skin. A practical way of providing UV protection for hair and body too.

Sun oils for hair and body

Another favourite of mine is Bumble and Bumble oil. This product is much more than „just” UV protection for hair. It can also help to prevent hair damages made by straighteners or blow driers. It protects also from heat so it is something for the whole year.

But maybe you are fed up with using too many different kinds of products all over your body and you think that sun oils for hair is just another group of the chemicals we use. From one point of view you may be right given all of them contain some artifical components. Some of us even have allergy to them. The good new is to have some natural solutions for UV protection as well. Here are some examples with the estimated UV factor. So they not just nourish your hair and scalp but can also help about UV protection for hair.

  • olive oil (SPF 7,549)
  • cocconut oil (SPF 7,119)
  • peppermint oil (SPF 6,668)
  • melissa oil (SPF 6,282)
  • castor oil (SPF 5,687)
  • levander oil (SPF 5,624)

There are some natural sun oils too.

As you can see if it’s sun oil for hair you can choose form ready to use products or you can try some natural solutions. The good side of using the ready ones is being convenient. You can take them with you and use them whenever and wherever you want to provide as long protection as possible. In case of having some questions, remarks or suggestions I am open to your feedback at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.. And don’t forget… enjoy summer and stay protected.

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UV protection for hair 3.

Sun protection hair sprays

As the weather has got gloomy here in the U.K. I have got to the next part of my „mini series” of posts about UV UV protection for hair. So if you live here you may think it’s not that actual now because of the grey clouds above us… Well it’s not totally right. UVA rays can reach you even when the weather is not clear and sunny. Moreover clouds can even make UV rays stronger depending on the type of the could.

So…whether it is gloomy or not…now it’s the turn of sun protection hair sprays and protective sun veils. 🙂

Sun protection is necessary whether is sunny or cloudy.

There are big differences between shampoos with UV filter and such products. The aim is UV protection for hair in both cases but sun protection hair sprays (and protective veils too) stay on your hair after application. You don’t need to rinse your hair after usage which means the components stay on the surface of your hair. The aim is keeping this effect as long as possible to stay protected. Nevertheless the durability of them is limited so it is recommended to apply multiple times a day (not like shampoos). Quality sun protection hair sprays contain vitamin complex so they not only protect your hair from UV rays but nourish it as well. You can choose from a wide range of sprays depending on your needs. Some of them are perfect for coloured hair like Korres Sun Protection , others protect not only from sun but chlorine and salt water too. My favourite example for this kind is Philip Kingsley Sun Shield. Sprays can go with you and provide protection all day while they nourish your hair.

Just to get back for this gloomy day for a while…I do love hair and do believe in the importance of haircare of course. I don’t doubt that UV protection for hair is a must. Otherwise I wouldn’t write such posts but we must make a difference between the sensitivity of skin and hair regarding sun and UV radiation. As we all have known by now sunbathing without suncream on our skin is like taking the risk of getting serious skin diseases.

Sun protection hair sprays are easy to use.

About hair it is not the same. If you don’t protect your hair shaft you run the risk of having brittle, dry and faded hair but not getting the most serious skin disease. It is a big difference although dry and itchy scalp is something that needs to be treated wheter it is summer or not. I write about it becasuse this is the reason why I would rather use a shampoo with UV protection on such gloomy days instead of products making hair look wet. A shampoo like that can give hair the necessary vitamins, make it moisturized and get it prepared for the sunny days comming. If I would choose a sun protection hair spray, it would be this Wella Spray with special vitamins for a lightweight and hydrated result without look wet. Of course it’s only my personal preference. Choosing a shampoo with UV filter instead of a sun protection spray (on gloomy days) is not an advice. The decision about it is up to you depending on the state of your hair and scalp. The skin of our scalp can be the same sensitive like the skin of our body.

Just like usuaI, am open to your feedback at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or you can also use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form. Enjoy summer even on gloomy days and stay protected. 🙂

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UV protection for hair 2.

Shampoos with UV filter

As I promised in my previous post about UV protection for hair I’m gonna have a closer look at the possibilities of protecting our hair from sun damage. Hair can also be sunburnt so protection is essential to prevent protein breakage. The solution you should choose depends on several things like your hair type or needs. In this post I write about shampoos with UV filter.

Your Beauty Hair about shampoos with UV filter

At first sight it may seem to be a very simple and convenient solution. No extra procedure just the hair care routine we’ve got used to… with a special shampoo. If you have ever searched for shampoos with UV filter on internet you know there is a wide range of such products. The products offering sun protection should contain benzophenone-4 (to maintain hair colour) or methoxycinnamate (for protection from UVB radiaton). The former is a compound that can be solubilized in water while the latter is an organic UV filter. Shampoos with UV filter are also usually boosted with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E. It is a real benefit because normally hair has a natural UV protecion as long as it’s healthy. Using tools like flatiron or hair dryer, colour or perm the hair and the summer heat itself also make it vulnerable to sun damages as well. And we haven’t even mentioned salt or chlorine.

Your Beauty Hair about hair care in summer, shampoo

So why is it good to use shampoos with UV filter all the same?

  • Easy to use, no extra procedure
  • Wide product range, everyone can find her one
  • Contains vitamins to nourish the hair and scalp
  • Helps to keep the colour of hair
  • Prepare hair and scalp for sun

Why I don’t recommend to use shampoos with UV filter as a sole sun protection for hair?

  • It is a short-term protection
  • Most of the protective components will be washed away when you rinse your hair so they are not that effective
  • These products are for protection but mainly from faded, dull and dry hair
  • If you choose such a product you will need some additional solution

Your Beauty Hair about short-term sun protection for hair

To summ up switching to a shampoo with UV filter during summer is a good decision if you are ready to combine it with other solutions. It can be a good base and make your hair stronger and healthier. Nevertheless in case of damaged or treated (coloured, permed) hair it’s not enough. There are other ways to apply sun protection on hair even when you are on your way. You will find more details about them int he next post. Till then enjoy summer and stay protected. 🙂

In case of any questions, remarks or suggestions I’m open to your message at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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UV protection for hair

Hair care products with UV filter

In my last post I wrote about how you can protect your beauty in summer. Those tips were rather general so I decided to write about how to protect your hair. No, I am not talking about wearing a hat but using special hair care products with UV filter. This way you don’t need to „hide” from sunshine while you can feel safe. To be honest for me it is something new. I’ve been using sun protection creams for face and body for many years but never tried UV protection for hair in the past.

Your Beauty Hair about UV protection for hair

The season of summer is trying for hair not only because of the high temperature but also because of our activities on the beach or in the pool. The hot weather together with drying effect of the water itself make your hair more vulnerable than usual. So it is essential to take special care of your hair and hair care products with UV filter can give you a helping hand in this procedure. If you think there is no need for UV protection for hair you may experience brittle, thin and faded hair with split ends. It is because of the damage of the cuticle. You may also experience that your hair gets blowzy very easy. What can you do to prevent them?

Summer activities and UV protection for hair

You can choose from following hair care products with UV filter:

Shampoo with UV filter: It is an option you can choose but I would think it through twice… because Ok, I do belive that they have all the components they should but what about rinsing your hair? Maybe hair can have enough amount of them while the shampoo is on your hair but I am afraid of washing away the protecting effect. As long as I am not sure about the real protection I would use it together with other solutions that can provide UV protection for hair.
Sun protection sprays or protective sun veil: I mention them together because both of them has the same state and you can apply them in the same way. With such a solution you can provide protection wherever you are. You can use them on the go multiple times a day. For me they seem to be more effective than a shampoo though I have doubts regarding duration. I recommend to put it in your handbag and make more touchups. This type could be a good choice from the hair care products with UV filter. Remember to search SPF ont he product.

Sun oil for hair: Another option to protect your hair. Sun oils for hair can also do a lot for a worriless summer and they also can be used on your way if you like. Keep in mind that oils usualy gives a wet look to your hair so it can be really cool on the beach but if you work at an office maybe it is not your solution.

If you want to be sure about doing everything for the health and beauty of your hair you can try after-sun rehydrating shampoo, special hair masks or after-sun scalp masks too while you keep using hair care products with UV protection. In the next few days I’m gonna write a little more about the products themselves. Till then … enjoy summer and stay protected. 🙂

In case of any questions, remarks or suggestions I’m open to your message at info@yourbeautyhair.co.uk or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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