Your Beauty Hair Blog Comment Policy

Updated: 10.06.2018.

Blog comment and moderation guidelines

 When posting comments, please observe our site participation guidelines:

  • Be respectful of others who use this site.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Keep comments concise.
  • Do not use language that is offensive, inflammatory or provocative (this includes, but is not limited to, swearing and obscene or vulgar comments)
  • Do not break the law.
  • Do not use this site for party political purposes.
  • Do not use this site for commenting about any religious topics. Respect that is private matter for everyone and off topic too.
  • Please do not post personal information in comments such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other online contact details, which may relate to you or other individuals
  • Do not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organisation.
  • Do not make any commercial endorsement or promotion of any product, service or publication not relevant to the discussion.
  • Do not write the whole link of a webpage instead of name.

Moderation policy

Blog comments are pre-moderated to check they comply with Your Beauty Hair blog participation guidelines above. If comments don’t comply they will not be published.

Here is a brief outline of how we evaluate comments:

  • Is this comment on topic, does it add value to the discussion and can Your Beauty Hair answer publicly?
    If so, post a timely response within 48 hours.
  • Is this person asking for information or detail from Your Beauty Hair?
    If so, we'll ensure it is dealt with as quickly as possible and give a response to the visitor through the comment section or via email.
  • Does this comment reporting a bug or performance problem?
    If so, Your Beauty Hair is responsible for fixing it and tell the user if this has been done.
  • Is this comment a rant at Your Beauty Hair venting frustration or anger?
    If so, STOP, discuss with Your Beauty Hair via the provided email:, referring to the participation guidelines.

Please consider the following

We can see your email address, the screen name you use, and your IP number.

Readers can only see your screen name.

Please use a valid email address. If we find it is a fake, your comment will be signed to a spam and will not be approved. We sometimes try to email new commenter before their comment is allowed through to see if it’s a valid address. Do not try to fool people by using different screen names and fake email addresses, your IP number doesn’t change.

If you provide your webpage and your webpage doesn’t work or showed up being some political, religious or lottery sites your comment will not be approved, referring to the participation guidelines.

If you put a link in (or after) the text of your comment and the link is not related to the topic, not provide useful information to other visitors the whole comment will be removed.

We’ve found that people who think their comments won’t be let through are more likely to use a fake email address. So it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.