Essential oils for hair growth

Essential oils for hair growth.

When we hear about essential oils, most of us think of aromatherapy and stress relief. They are used for this purpose very often, but that’s not the end of the story. They can support your body in an alternative way. It belongs to the whole picture that results are controversial. Nevertheless, they are said to help about some skin problems, poor sleep, digestion, energy boost, headaches and more. And yes, they can support hair growth, too. Of course you have to know which essential oil should be used for certain purposes. What are the essential oils for hair growth?

A woman after healthy hair growth: with wavy, long, blond hair.

Essential oils to support hair growth

I am sure at least the first five is known by a lot of people who ever tried or just read about natural hair growth. But the list is longer than that.

  • Rosemary essential oil: It can keep hair follicles active and stimulate hair growth. It’s said to increase cellular metabolism and make your hair not just healthier but thicker. It’s full of antioxidants and can slow graying. You can use rosemary oil also if you have greasy hair because it reduces sebum production.
  • Lavender essential oil: Thanks to its antibacterial properties it can improve the health of the scalp. It’s said to improve blood circulation and support hair growth. And it also reduces stress what can be a reason of hair loss or hair thinning. By moisturizing your scalp, it can help dry skin and dandruff.
  • Peppermint essential oil: A cooling essential oil to stimulate the blood circulation and support hair growth. It can reduce inflammation and help to get rid of dandruff as well. Its cool sensation will make you feel relaxed and calm. Some say this oil is not the best choice for the ones with dry scalp and hair. Nevertheless the information, found on the internet, about this topic is kind of controversial. You can also read about it’s perfect for the ones with dry scalp and hair. So it’s better to be careful. For dry hair I would make a mixture with avocado and use it as a hair mask.
  • Lemongrass essential oil: When I hear lemongrass oil, I remember dandruff first. It’s said to be an effective natural treatment when you suffer from dandruff. Of course it has more benefits. It strengthens hair follicles and help to reduce hair loss.

A woman with essential oil that can be used for hair growth.

A popular essential oil with woodsy scent

  • Cedarwood essential oil: This woodsy essential oil can help you to grow healthy and beautiful hair from the roots. It supports a healthier head of hair with its antibacterial properties, and by balancing the oil production of the scalp. It can be a good choice if you would like to support your hair growth even if you suffer from alopecia.

Some lesser known oils to support hair growth

  • Thyme essential oil: Yes, this plant is also something that is beneficial not only in the kitchen. The essential oil of this evergreen herb is said to increase the blood flow, support hair follicles and promote hair growth. Moreoverit is also said that it may be useful if you want to prevent hair loss. Neverthelessyou have to be careful because it’s a strong oil. Put two drops into two tablespoons of a carrier oil. Leave the mixture on your scalp for 10 minutes.
  • Clary sage essential oil: It not just supports hair growth, but can make your hair stronger. Like lavender oil, it contains linalyl acetate to improve hair growth and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Clary sage can relieve stress so it can be an effective remedy for stress-induced hair loss.
  • Tea tree essential oil: This fresh, woody essential oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so it’s a good choice if you want powerful cleansing and also if you have some fungal infections. We can say that it can help your hair to breathe. You can find it in several products that are for dandruff treatment. It moisturizes the scalp and make it healthier. Tea tree essential oil nourishes the roots of your hair so it can help to increase hair growth. You always have to make a test before first use because it may sensitize your skin.

Hold on, there are some more

  • Ylang-ylang essential oil: This oil is for you if you have dry hair and scalp. For the ones with oily hair, it’s better to choose another essential oil. What can ylang-ylang oil do for you to grow healthier hair? With moisturizing from the roots and stimulating sebum production, it can prevent hair thinning and hair loss. Although you cannot get rid of split ends without scissors, it can prevent hair breakage and improve the texture of hair.
  • Bergamot essential oil: When you apply bergamot essential oil on the scalp, it may encourage hair growth. It can support oxygen delivery and it stimulates blood flow. Your scalp and hair follicles can get more nutrients so it can create better conditions for growing healthy hair.

Essential oils. Use them for hair growth.

Essential oils that you probably don’t hear too much about

  • Vetiver essential oil: When you are stressed for a longer time, you may feel several negative effects sooner or later. Hair loss can be one of them. You can try to calm down and reduce stress levels by a woody scalp massage. Try a few drops of Vetiver essential oil with almond oil and massage it into the scalp. Leave it for a few hours or for the night. This oil can support hair growth by reducing stress and hair loss.
  • Carrot seed essential oil: It is full of vitamins and it can create a very good environment to grow healthy hair. It increases the circulation of blood, stimulate cells and promote hair growth. Vitamin A can support sebum production so it may help dry scalp and hair. Vitamins and minerals from carrot seed essential oil can help to reduce hair loss, too.
  • Cypress essential oil: An essential oil made of the leaves and twigs of cypress trees. It can be used to promote vitality or boost energy. You can use it in skin care and hair care, too. It can support healthy hair growth, because it can increase blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles.
  • Helichrysum essential oil: Your scalp and hair would love it because of its regenerative and antibacterial properties. It can stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. If you face with dandruff, itchy scalp or dry hair, helichrysum essential oil can help you to clean and regenerate your scalp.

You can enjoy the benefits of essential oils, even if you don’t like applying it on your skin. You can put a few drops in your normal shampoo and that’s also a solution.

**Note that this article is for information purposes only and for any medical you may have, you should seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor. Always use essential oils with a carrier oil.

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    I have tried a lot and I went back to argan oil, instead of essential oils. They are good, but you must be careful. Delute… remove. That’s why I prefer argan oil. Sometimes I don’t even wash it away after applying. Easy.

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