Five advices about hair care not only for women

Five pieces of advice about hair care. 5 steps for a healthier look.

Hair care and hair formatting is not for women only. Both gender would like to look cool and healthy. Follow these five pieces of advice about hair care and reduce hair damages.

Hair care for male and female

  • Choose the proper hair care products. The first step to have healthier hair is taking good care of proper cleaning. Always buy quality products when you choose your shampoo and conditioner. You may spare some time with 2in1 products, but it is better to use separated ones, because they have totally different functions. Using deep cleaning products regularly can also do a lot for your scalp and hair-bulbs. For simple cleaning and deep cleaning as well, keep in mind that too hot water is not good given it makes your hair losing a lot of essential oils from your head of hair.

Hair cleaning is important

  • Dry gentle. The next step after cleaning is gentle drying. Some of us do it just with a towel while others use a blow dryer. Both can make your hair damaged in case of wrong use given wet hair is really vulnerable. If you prefer using a blow dryer never choose too hot temperature and if you have enough time to stay home a little longer leave you hair slightly wet so your hair will not be dried out. If you rather use a towel for drying, try to do it in the proper way. Instead of rubbing the hair just gently smooth it in the direction of the growth with the towel. Yes, it lasts longer but this way your hair will not be damaged.
  • Use proper styling tools. Another possible area that can ruin the health of your hair is formatting. Weather it has only temporary results like using hair-sprays or a straightener or long-lasting effects like perm, you need to remember that formatting has its price. Your hair may lose its shine and elasticity if you forget about using the proper moisturizer. And beside all of these cases even your comb or brush can damage your hair. To prevent such harms never use a brush while your hair is wet but a wide-toothed comb.

Use comb for wet hair instead of brush

  • Trim regularly. Washing, moisturizing and formatting your hair in the proper way can prevent or reduce further damages but the most effective way to get rid of the split ends you already have is trimming. Even if you want to grow your hair, it is important to regularly get it trimmed.
  • My last advice is simply takeing care of your overall health. Given the complexity of human body some inner problems can be seen on your appearance as well. Providing the essential vitamins and minerals for your body and drinking enough water can help you in being healthy. And healthy is attractive.

Water is essential for health

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