Going to bed late and hair loss

Does poor sleep effect hair loss?

Having proper sleeping habits is always timely, because a lot of people have problems about it. Sleeping can define your day. After a bad sleep you can hardly think about anything else but going to bed again. It’s not only about being physically tired, but concentration is also a hard task. As long as it’s about one night, it will probably not cause you big problems, but there are more and more people to suffer from regular sleeping problems. Long term, it may effect your health. Lack of sleep can have negative effects on your immune system and may cause various health problems. Most of us have had such an experience about bad sleep, but is there any relation between going to bed late and hair loss? Because of the complexity of human body, the problems can be really diversified. It’s something like dominoes. One problem can easily cause another. It means that poor sleep can influence even your hair. Things change as we get older. As a child we usually don’t like going to bed, but I guess all adults would be happy to have at least a short nap time after work. Sleeping during the day can make you feel better, but it’s not equal to sleeping at night. The reason is sleep cycle.

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How many hours should we sleep?

There are countless articles on the internet about this topic. That’s why I wouldn’t go too deep into this, and I’d rather write about my own experience. Maybe you have similar ones. I think all of us is a little different. Also, regarding how much sleep we need. As far as I see no articles can define one  and the only one truth for all. It depends not only on age but working type and the working hours, too. It makes a difference if you have kids and even the actual season matters. 7-8 hours are said to be the best for adults generally. Is that okay for all of us? Or can it be too much sometimes? On the weekends I can afford getting up without an alarm clock. No rush, no strict schedule for the day. It happens quite often to me to get up earlier than I wanted. It means sleeping less than the advised 7-8 hours. I can decide to wake up that early or sleep a little more. The strange thing is that if I choose to go back to bed (And make sure to sleep 8 hours.) I feel really tired after getting up. If I take this early wake-up-thing as a sign and start my day a little earlier I have a lot of energy. Without the 8 hours of sleep. And it still doesn’t make any difference about being an evening person. I’m still that kind. It’s like a misery to force myself to get up at 5 am because of my phone alarm. But when it’s my body to wake up without any alarm, it seems that I’ve had enough sleep. Yes, even if it was only about 6 hours. Maybe you’ve also had such experience.

Working hours and poor sleep?

Yes, I do believe that there can be a connection. In the past I was working in different shifts, so I could test what is better for me. To keep it short, working in the night shift is the worst thing. Everybody knows it but only if you have tried it, you know the real difference. I thought it would be great for me because I’m an evening person. I made it for a few years. As time went by enough sleeping was a non-existing category. It didn’t matter how long I slept, I was never ever relaxed. And it made me feel gloomy and did made signs on my appearance. On my skin and on my hair, too. Sleeping short or long, it was still poor sleep and I saw some relations between poor sleep and hair loss. Nap time is great, but sleeping only by day will probably not make you fully rested.

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How can poor sleep cause hair loss?

Poor sleep can have several negative effects on your health. Some of these effects can influence your appearance. Your beauty and your hair, too. People who cannot have good sleep are often get too stressed, and sometimes depressed. In such a condition they can have poor appetite, as well. And because it’s like dominoes. Poor appetite may lead to vitamin deficiency. Nutrients are necessary for overall health. Also for healthy and beautiful hair. Stress itself alone can cause hair loss. Click here to read more about hair loss and stress. The lack of vitamins and minerals can make the situation even worse. I would say that not poor sleep itself but its negative effects can create such conditions in which you may probably face the problem of hair loss.


Good sleep and noise?

Some people prefer silence when they go to sleep, while others try to fall asleep with noise. Of course, it’s not just simple sound. It’s called white noise and it’s said to help about a better sleep for adults and children, too. It creates soothing sounds with static frequencies. Thanks to which you pay less attention to external sounds (like a barking dog). Nevertheless the story is not this simple because there are noises also with other colours, like pink, brown or grey. Special machines are available on the market to create these sounds in your bedroom. Offers have a wide price range.

And this is how white noise sounds:

If you are a person who prefers silence, you can make a try with a Himalayan salt lamp. Thanks to the negative ions that it releases, it can improve your sleep. Sleeping well and being relaxed or being exhausted all the time effect also other things in your life. It can be about some additional things regarding your lifestyle. If you cannot have proper rest, you will have no energy to do some sports. You will not longing for going outside and make a short walk for example. Maybe you won’t be in the mood to talk to friends too often. And it’s not only about going to bed late, remember that sleeping too much can also be poor sleep. Try to know your body and find out what’s the best for you about sleeping habits. Search for methods of reducing stress and don’t hesitate to visit your doctor if you have such problems for a longer time.

The source of the embed video of white noise is You Tube. It was published by PyroFalkon’s Let’s Play Extravaganza on 26.07.2012. Downloaded on 21.04.2019.


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Does poor sleep effect hair loss?
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Does poor sleep effect hair loss?
The negative effects of poor sleep can create conditions in which you may probably face the problem of hair loss. These conditions are: stress, poor appetite, lack of vitamins. Read about how to improve sleep.
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