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Hair bows for the little ones

During winter days a lot of us prefer wearing a hat even if it makes hair styling almost impossible. Anyway, some hats can make your appearance more characteristic. It can show you more sporty or more elegant depending on the type of the hat you choose. As the weather gets better and we put down these articles of clothing we may consider bringing some colour into grey days and wear some hair accessories. It’s not a really new thing. They had their special role throughout the history, too. Different types of accessories from various materials were to show social class, age or even religiousness. And not only for women. From the quiet wide range of such products, I write about hair bows for little ones in this post.

Blond girl with yellow hair bow.

Hair bows were very popular for both genders in the past. Now they’re mainly worn by little girls.

Hair bows

Hair bows are mainly worn by pretty little girls now, but it wasn’t like this in the past. It was really popular among both genders in the 17th and 18th century. In Europe it was worn also by kings and court members. Popularity continued in the 19th century but the 20th century was already a little different. Hair bows needed a break of a few decades before coming back again from around 1940. Of course, there is some practical line in using hair bows, but it’s mainly about adornment. Maybe that’s the reason of losing its popularity among adult ones. Now we try to live a practical life, to arrange all the necessary things, do our best at work and try to be a good parent and wife. Maybe in this rushing life we are not open to see the beauty and fun of life.

A brown-haired woman wears light pink hair bow.

We’ve grown up and try to see things as they are. And hair bows don’t seem to fit grey weekdays and not adult
appearance. I’ve heard too many times to grow up and stop doing (wearing) childish things. Maybe you, too. Well, I still like the women who are brave enough to wear hair bows. But now let’s get back to hair bows for the little ones.

I decided to write about this topic because I had a really strange experience. I just heard someone talking about how unfair it is to dress a little girl in girlish clothes with girlish accessories, just like hair bows. Some people think, it will show that child only the importance of the outfit and force her to follow society’s expectations without exploring her gender. Later I also read about gender neutral parenting. It’s a real thing followed by a lot of people. Of course, it’s not my goal to say what is good and what is wrong. I wouldn’t even judge any point of views, but this post is probably not valuable at all for you if you support gender neutral thoughts. I’m happy to see that children are still able to dream and believe.


I think a little girl doesn’t like a girlish hair bow only because of society. She doesn’t even know what society is. If she loves hair bows and likes to wear them, it’s probably an honest behaviour. And why should one say no when she would like to explore herself this way, with hair bows for the little ones?

I’m sure we all have experienced that hair is vulnerable in general. A child’s hair is even more sensitive. That’s why it’s important to choose hair accessories especially for children. Have a look at these:

If your little princess would like to wear a different colour every day, this set of 3 inches headbands would be a good choice.

Handmade hair bows are also available on the market. Some are really large and very impressive in different colours. They fit many outfits, and you can find ones to be made of safety materials, no harm to baby’s skin.

Do you need something different? Use the search bar and find the ideal product for your little princess.

You can read a little more about the history of hair accessories by clicking here.

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