Hair care and new year’s resolutions

How to make a change?

Many of us ask this question at the end of each year. We make new year’s resolutions because we feel that we got another chance with another year. We feel to have new power and energy. Nevertheless, this question could be present all year. I hope you had a great last year, and you could spend your holidays with your family and friends. After this enchanting period of time, we have to get back to every day routine but with some new energy.

A key ingredient for any changes

Most of us make some resolutions for the new year and start January with plans and dreams. It’s great to think through what we have achieved till now and realise that the chance is here for us to do what we haven’t done yet. A lot of resolutions are about being healthier or looking prettier. Some people decide to try new hair styles or new technic, new colours or maybe another colour for every quarter year following seasons’ trends. Whatever you decided to achieve, staying healthy is one of the key ingredients to make it happen. Health is a lot more than smooth skin or shiny hair. And it takes time to build healthy habits.

Set new goals for the new year

Some people lost their trust in resolutions.

There’s a lot of people who don’t make new year’s resolutions any more. Not because they wouldn’t be happy about some changes but because of all those wrong experiences through the years when they still dared to dream. But nothing happened later. A few weeks, maybe months went away and they continued with old habits. It’s like being disappointed in ourselves what leads to some kind of fear. It’s like being afraid of making resolutions again because we failed to keep them so many times before. I’ve learned it’s not our fault. They have never taught us how to set goals. It’s not only about knowing what you want. It’s not only about asking from the Universe to create the path. It’s not only about having positive thoughts. Setting goals and reaching your dreams are hard work. Like it or not, it will not just happen.

Your dreams will not just happen.

Change if you are not satisfied.

You have made some new year’s resolutions or not I do encourage you to make some changes if you are not happy with your life. Not because of the new year. You can make such a decision any time of the year. I know saying is easy, changing is hard. But I do believe there are some ways to help yourself.  Maybe you’ve heard the things listed below too many times but they helped me so they can work for you, too. Today is always the best day to start something new so don’t wait too much.


  • Just sitting by the window with a hot chocolate while calm piano music is in the background is not just waste of time. In these moments you can forget every day rush and listen to yourself for a while. It’s essential because you cannot reach your goals if you don’t even know exactly what they are. You can set goals that will not make you happy or ones that are not likely to achieve but if you want a better life you need to find your why. There are different ways for different personal types to calm down. Find yours and you can create the chance to see your why.

Make a plan and visualize.

  • Once you’ve found your reasons and your goals are clear, write them down. Not only the final goals. Make small steps like a monthly plan. It doesn’t mean you cannot do it in another way. Usually, you need to be flexible and change them several times, but these small steps will make you work for your dream constantly.
  • Make that board for your dreams and imagine yourself when you already reached what you want. If you have such a board, it will not just make it more clear and concrete but will make you remember every single day.

Listen to yourself to find your why.

Keep your goals and steps organized.

Just three simple steps but you can do a lot for your future by following them. It’s perfect if you write down everything in a simple exercise book but you can also choose something more professional and more organized. Some planners are more than a usual planner, with special pages for bucket list or books to read and many more. Two very popular new year’s resolutions are living more healthy and being more fit or beautiful. Doing some exercises or loosing some weight also requires planning and persistent work from you. Even if you would like to have healthier hair in the next year, you have to think your hair care habits through. If you’ve found out what you want to change, you should plan the way.

Have patience, results need time.

Instead of changing everything at a time, define one task for every 1-2 months. The picture below is just an example. It’s always up to your goals and the conditions you already have, but it shows the necessary gradualism. Making something new your habit takes time. Change just a little, get used to it and move on to the next step. Otherwise, it’s more likely to give up in the first 6 weeks. Most of us want results soon, or rather immediately but be patient and give time for yourself. Without patience you jump from one way to another. You try everything but cannot give the sufficient time for any method. Slow down, be patient and enjoy all the beauty around you as long as you get what you’re working for. If you have made new year’s resolutions, try to do it step by step.

Define small steps to reach your goal.


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