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Demand generated product range also in hair care

Reading about the past we can be sure about people usually thought it to be important to follow hair fashion and they thought hairstyle had some additional meaning. It can show something more. Something about your thoughts or belief, about your health or the social strata you belong to. Hair care todayNevertheless such a daily act like washing our hair with shampoo is not something from the long-past given the first shampoo was made only in the 20th century. The range of hair care products became wider very fast and these days the assortment is really huge. By 2018 the global hair care market has become about 87 billion USD worth. You can choose following your hair type or the frequency of washing your hair. There are different products for coloured or blond hair. Ones to help the growing and others to remove dandruff. And so far I mentioned only shampoo but companies operating in this area today usually produce other products as well in order to provide a full assortment of hair care products. The global shampoo market seems to be driven by continuous product innovation researching and following customer’s needs. From the last years more and more herbal or organic shampoo can be purchased and it shows that consumer awareness is increasing. People want effective and innovative products but in a way of using natural ingredients. More and more of us want natural hair care. Hair care today