Hair care today: demand generated product range.

Reading about the past, we can be sure that people usually thought it to be important to follow hair fashion. They thought hairstyles had some additional meaning. It could show something more. Something about their thoughts or beliefs, about their health or the social strata they belonged to. Hair care todayNevertheless, such a daily act like washing our hair with shampoo is not something from the long-past. The first shampoo was made only in the 20th century. The range of hair care products became wider very fast and these days the assortment is really huge.

By 2018 the global hair care market has become about 87 billion USD worth.

The market size is poised to grow by USD 4.93 billion during 2020-2024. Hair care market size analysis

You can choose to follow your hair type or the frequency of washing your hair. There are different products for different ages, for coloured or blond hair. Ones to help the growing and others to remove dandruff. And so far I mentioned only shampoo, but companies operating in this area today usually produce other products as well in order to provide a full assortment of hair care products. The global shampoo market seems to be driven by continuous product innovation researching and following customer’s needs. From the last years more and more herbal or organic shampoo can be purchased, and it shows that consumer awareness is increasing. People want effective and innovative products, but in a way of using natural ingredients. More and more of us want natural hair care.

And a lot of people choose SLS-free hair care routine.

Hair care today

But what is hair care about today?

When everybody wants to be young and beautiful forever. When the outfit is so important that it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, we sometimes may feel less valuable if we’re not fit enough, if we don’t have a hair style following the latest trends, if we don’t have that perfect body or those bright white teeth. And fashionable clothes or perfect make-up don’t seem to be enough. They’re not for you only, but you have to show them in social media. Everything seems to be for „the show”. Of course, it’s just an opinion, but this kind of feelings seem to be everywhere, in every industry. It means in hair care, as well. Some people are willing to pay huge amounts to look younger longer and keep (or get) the beauty they desire.

Popular trends in hair care:

  • Using natural or organic products.
  • Choosing SLS-free (llike low poo shampoo), paraben-free items.
  • Co-wash (Washing your hair with conditioner.)
  • And also there are more and more people, who stop washing hair with a shampoo on a weekly basis. They often clean their hair with some natural ingredients, but very rarely.

And today, you can get what you want.

Everything is possible to build. Nails, eyelashes, tits or even muscles. And yes, hair, too. I wouldn’t say that hair care today is only about looking great, but these things have a major role. As I wrote above, fortunately there are more and more people with the demand for natural solutions, as well. Healthy ingredients and natural oils are also popular in hair care today. And these are the persons who love natural beauty and rather buy organic products. They will make hair masks at home from natural ingredients and try Argan oil to get rid of split ends.


Product range of hair care today

Hair care has made a long path from selling just shampoos. The industry has always tried to find solutions to consumers’ problems. That’s why you can find special products for split ends, thin or frizzy hair, dandruff or hair loss, natural or less natural colouring possibilities or ones to cover just the roots. Creams, sprays or hair chalk. You can choose depending on how long you want that colour.


List of best sellers from Amazon on 16.03.2019. 11.15pm

You can protect your hair from heat while styling or get UV protection from sprays. You may go to the hairdresser to cut a shorter hair and appear with long locks the day after by using hair extensions. Also, you can try luxury hair masks or try hair vitamins. You can choose organic products or special hair styling tools. Equipments for scalp massage to stimulate hair growth. The list is not full at all and innovation doesn’t stop. Hair care today has a really wide product range to satisfy special needs, as well. That’s why it’s exciting. You can make hair care personal. I’ve made an infographic about bestsellers from Amazon. Their list is updated every hour, so it’s nothing for long term. My aim was learning something about what customers were looking for.

The list shows data on 16.03.2019. 11.15 pm. (UK time)

Although it will possibly show something different just a little later, it shows that at least seven products from the first 20 best sellers contained natural ingredients or was a natural oil. Mainly Argan oil. That’s 35%. There is a real demand for natural oils in hair care today. The other interesting thing for me is the fact that hair care is not mainly for women. To see three products for men in the first 20 means 15%. Fifteen percent of the best sellers of the selected hour will be used by men. Hair care today offers solutions for both genders, for all ages and for a lot of hair problems.