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The magic behind red hair.

If you are thinking about what hair colours to try this autumn, red is also an option to try in this season. In this post I write about this colour, but from another point of view. It’s not really about different shades to choose, but that special something myself I have always felt about redheads. I think many others, too. At the primary school I had a schoolmate with natural red hair, and I always looked at her with wonder in my eyes (and thoughts). She was the only one with this hair colour so I found her really special and unique. As a child, I have always felt to be some magic behind her red hair and to be honest, I still have this feeling as an adult.

What is the reason of this magic?

Maybe it’s because of the fact that natural red hair is not that common. Actually less than 2 percent of people are born with red hair. It’s defined by our genes, and it’s possible that you have this gene nevertheless only your child or grandchild will have this magical hair colour because a person needs two copies of that gene to show up. Well, there is the chance to see if you carry this gene or not thanks to some DNA test.

There is some magic about red hair

Take part in the magic.

Today’s beauty industry is really huge. It’s able to solve so many problems and to fulfill so many wishes that any of us can choose whatever hair colour we like. It depends on what you want, and you certainly have several different options to colour your hair. So, what hair colours to try this autumn? Colour it red and take part of the magic behind red hair. Today’s huge product range gives us the chance to make some influence on our appearance that has been so desired since ancient times. As far as I see all shades of red are special but some of them are so striking that you need to be brave to wear them.

Tones of red hair

Readheads in the past.

Well, it’s the fact that there’s some magic around this hair colour. There are unbelievable stories in history and mythology about redheads, but unfortunately being special and unique doesn’t always bring positive things with it. Ones usually look distrustfully at people who are different. And natural red hair is really rare. In the past people found this hair colour so strange that correlations were drawn between red hair and some negative power and witchcraft. Here are some examples of different beliefs about redheads. They also show there is some magic behind red hair.

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From Ancient Egypt to 12th century.

  • In Ancient Egypt, red heads were offered to Osiris for a better harvest. What did it mean actually? To be burned alive. In the meantime, there are some speculations to say that Cleopatra was red-haired, too.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that redheads were of bad characters and will become a vampire after death, nevertheless even Achilles and Aphrodite were said to have red hair.
  • Romans. Well, they had different beliefs. Red-haired slaves were really sought because they believed it meant better luck. Do you have any doubts about the magic behind red hair?

The life of redheads was not easy.

  • In the twelfth century Theopilus Presbyter made instructions to make gold and the blood of a redhead was an essential ingredient for that purpose.
  • Tens of thousands were sentenced between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe only because having this hair colour. They were caught by witch hunters.
  • Even today there are some cultures in Africa, where redheads are said to be witches.

Some believe, redheads can bring you luck.

  • Scottish and Irish fishermen used to believe that spotting a red-haired woman makes you unlucky and you’ll catch no fish.
  • Russians believe that no saints can have red hair. By the way they made the redhead festival for the third time this year. Just to celebrate all things red.
  • Polish superstition says if you spot three redheads at the same time you’ll win the lottery.
  • I left conspiracy theories for last. Yes, there are some about redheads, too. Some people think that redheads are human-alien hybrids and they believe this because of having so many red-haired kings and queens in the past.

Ones say that redheads are human-alien hybrids

We are afraid of rare things.

I would say there are no other hair colour that is so special like red. I mean natural red. People have always had some strange opinions, sometimes fears about it, whether it was good or bad. Centuries and empires built their own theories and beliefs about redheads. I suppose it’s because of the fact that we are afraid of different things. Rare things (like natural red hair) make us feel uncertain and suspicious, so we create the magic behind them, the magic behind red hair.

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Would you try red hair colour?

Beliefs or superstitions, myths or conspiracy theories, I still do like red hair. For me it hasn’t lost any magic. I still stare and admire red hair. I would write natural red hair, but you can find such quality products for hair dying today that you cannot be totally sure about a colour being natural or not. What do you think? What hair colours to try this autumn? Would you try a stunning, vibrant tone this autumn?

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