Hair loss and stress

Decrease stress and strengthen your hair

Although most of the adults spend a lot of time with work (a lot of us with work we do not like at all) there is a growing number of people who recognised the importance of healthy lifestyle, including keeping the balance in their lives. I think all of us want to be healthy but most of us is much too lazy or tired to do some sport or much too stressed to slow down and pay some attention to theirselves. It may lead to losing your balance in life. And once it happened you must work hard to get that balance back. Too much stress and rushing lifestyle can cause real illnes and increase hair loss as well. Life has its natural circle and we gain new hair while we lost some old ones but anytime you realise to suddenly lose more hair than normally it is better to visit your doctor.

Your Beauty Hair about the relation of stress and hair loss

There may be more reasons in the background. In this post I write about one reason that cannot be fully avoid. This reason is stress. If your life is full of problems and you feel you will not be able to handle them or you work too much and do not have the time for yourself and for your loved ones you probably have more stress than a healthy level. Thinking all day about what is wrong in your life and being unhappy and unsatisfied will not help but can cause health problems. It is the same with work. When there’s too much responsibility in the position you work in or the opposite, you have a job with no challenge, you waste valuable years of your life for someone else’s business or to a job that is not for you. Such situations bring too much stress into your life.


In a life period when you are emotionally or phisically overwhelmed a lot of your hair follicles will be pushed into rest and within a few months they will suddenly fall out. (Telogen efflovium). If you listen to your body and you are able and willing to change you can grow them back. In other cases severe stress may have a role in the appearance of an autoimmune disease called Alopecia areata in which the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles. All of these facts show that it is time to take it serious and find the way to slow down and give our human body the chance of real recreation.

Stress and hair on Your Beauty Hair

The advice of this post is trying to find your way of recreation in order to maintain your overall health and the beauty of your hair as well. Depending on your personality it can be meditation, making trips to the nature, doing some sport, reading a good book, watching the sea while drinking some herbal tea, listening to music, talking with your friends or just sitting in the garden listening to the wind, it really depends on you. There are really good products on the market against hair loss but the first step should be getting back the balance in your life and decrease stress.


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