Hair mask from the kitchen

Effective natural ingredients

All the world has changed so much even since I was a child and there are so many wrong effects on ourselves from the environment that it has become clear that we need to do some extra care about ourselves to maintain our health. Regarding healthy hair we always have the possibility to make a hair mask at home from the ingredients we choose. This way we can be sure about having no artificial colourings, no harmful preservatives in the ointments we use. I would like to help you about how to choose these ingredients. Let us see what are the most effective ingredients.

Hair mask from natural ingredients on Your Beauty Hair

Oils: Oils can be used alone or as a basis of a cream. If your hair is dry and breaks easily you can consider using some olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil or castor oil. You find more info about castor oil in a previous post of mine. If you mildly heat oils you can make their usage easier but remember not to heat them too much because hot oil definitely does not help about beautiful locks.

Egg: The favourite for a lot of us is egg. This is cheap, simple and effective. Though most people use only egg-yolk actually you can use whole eggs as well but in this case you must not use too warm water to rinse your hair because of the reaction of the egg-white. As far as I am concerned during cold seasons I am not longing to any cool water but summer is different. In this season when the weather is hot I am happy to have a refreshing, cool shower so I am open to make a hair mask from whole eggs. Otherwise it is better to use only egg-yolk. You can put some dropps of oil into it and after removing the mask you can use some vinegar to get rid of the strong smell of the egg.

Honey for hair mask on Your Beauty Hair

Honey: In contrast with egg it is something people are kind of affraid of because it is sticky.  If you rinse it thoroughly after usage honey will make your hair shiny, silky and aromatic too. Mixing with some lemon, egg, few dropps of oil or even some beer will result a golden hair mask.

You can choose one of these natural ingredients or you can make your own mixture from them. Whatever you choose always keep them on your hair long enough to have good results. I never remove them sooner than 15 minutes. Making a „care about myself-day” with a long bath while I listen to my favourite songs always make me feel ready for the new week’s challenges.

Nevertheless you can be a person who dislike spending time with making such ointments or you are just too busy to make them for yourself. In this case you can choose a ready to use hair mask from the market. My favourite is a deep conditioning treatment which is able to triple the strength of my hair. No more split ends just shiny and managable hair already a few minutes later of the usage. You can read more details about this hair mask by clicking here or contact me for more information. I can help you also about buying it at a more favourable price. Without being a distributor.

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