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Hair care in childhood.

Children usually don’t like their hair being washed. In young age the hair and scalp is more sensitive and more fragile. Hair care in childhood means some special care. It is important to strengthen the hair-bulbs and moisturise the scalp as well. If you have a newborn baby, she or he may have lots of hair or nothing at all. Whatever is true in your case, it is not forever. This hair will be gone already in the first 6 months and this hair loss is normal and caused by hormonal changes. The new hair can have different texture and/or type.

Little ones need special care

Infants whichever age they are in have thinner and weeker hair. All the negative effects from the environment or from the tools like combs can cause damage. Just like in case of adults.

Things to consider:

  • Accessories like hair barrettes or just simply making too tight ponytails can damage the hair, so maybe better to avoid them.
  • Another challenging task is finding the perfect products for them. It is definitely not that easy given every child is different. You may try several products before finding the right one for your loved little one.
  • You need to measure the frequency of shampoo too, which depends on the type and the texture of your child’s hair and also on how oily or dry the scalp is. Keep monitoring the results and make a change if it is necessary. Reduce frequency in case of dry hair and increase it if the scalp is oily.
  • Don’t forget that even if you choose a tearless shampoo you need to be careful about massaging and gentle to avoid making stress to the hair follicles.
  • And after all of these points you may have some problems of an itchy scalp if you did not rinse the shampoo out perfectly.

Kid's hair get stronger as they grow

After shampoo and rinsing infants also may need conditioner but it may change as the seasons. As far as I see the main aim in childhood is not only maintaining a healthy head of hair but creating and teaching the proper habits for the child regarding hair care. It is easy to say but not that easy to do given there is not only one good way and the parents themselves are also learning and trying.

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