Make Your Dream Come True Day

Make Your Dream Come True Day.

There is some kind of world-day or national day every single day, even if we are not really aware of it. In some cases, there are more, different ones at the same time. Of course, these days try to remind us some things that are important every day, like working for our dream. So, it’s true also for this one:

Make Your Dream Come True Day – 13. January

I believe in dreams and in the importance of dreams. As far as I see, people can stay positive and more energetic as long as they have dreams. Something to work for. When one lost them, it feels like living the same way day after day, following a routine and there’s no chance for anything better or else.

Do we fight for our dreams?

Some say, they don’t need dreams:

I know, there may be persons, who don’t need them and they are happy. I really admire them. They are probably satisfied with their life the way it is, and they are happy. I wish all of them to keep that happiness. Nevertheless, what I see is, sooner or later, time always come when it becomes not satisfying. When people feel that there can be more. I don’t think it’s a personality problem. I don’t think it means that we are no more grateful for whatever we have or achieved. It’s just the feeling of getting tired of doing the same all the time. The pressure of lost chances.

Some have no time to dream:

There are some people who told me, they have no time for dreams. Or not now, because there are many other things in life, they have to handle, so it feels like luxury to have dreams. Anyway, they are no more a child, to dream. It makes me sad to hear it, because this sentence makes me suggest that they used to have dreams. They just have given up.

Some cannot work wor dreams regularly:

Other people do some work to make dreams come true, but not on a regular basis. It’s like being up and down. For a while they are happy. Life is good, family is warm and supportive. Work is fine, friends are lovely. Then one day something happens and they start to panic. Maybe it’s just running into an old schoolmate who reached what she wanted. It may make them feel they cannot waste any more time. They also must achieve some more. For a few weeks, maybe months they work hard for a dream, but after they stop. They lose enthusiasm. Not in every case, but sometimes it happens when they realise how much work you should put into it. And how slow the results can be.

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Some chase their dreams so hard:

Others again, chase their dreams so hard, that they forget to enjoy their life. There’s no balance. Making your dreams come true should make you happy. With the joy and also with the difficulties. It should not make you feel that it’s a duty. The day when you start to feel that it’s a duty, you may lose the joy. It becomes work. Maybe the most difficult thing is making a balance in life. We can make the mistake of focusing one thing so hard, that we have no time for the other important parts of our life.

The trap of our life

I’m sure, you have met all of these types of point of views, just like I’ve had. People and dreams. Though I haven’t met a lot of people who can do it in a balanced way. When we are full of energy and enthusiasm, we want to do everything now. No stop. And because of this rush we will reach the point of burning out. And then, it’s much easier to accept what we have got and just go back to normal days, to put dreams aside for a while. Forever circle.

The young years:

When we are young, we all believe we have a lot of time. This feeling can be so strong. We can repeat to start tomorrow, for years. And a few years later we may face that we haven’t started anything yet and it may make us really down.

When we get older:

When we get older, we understand that the present we live now, is based on the things what we did (or did not) in the past. And the only person who can make it any better is we ourselves. Dreams cannot come true from one day to another. Making them come true takes time. It takes energy and work. It requires mistakes and learning. Dedication and continuity. It requires planning and courage. For me, the hardest point is keeping motivation after more fails. It feels like losing something every time we fail. There’s not enough strength to go on, to start again. It may happen. We all know, that we learn from the mistakes, so they can bring us closer to the goal, but that’s the theory. What we really feel after failing, is some kind of a proof, that we cannot do it. Time after time. We go deeper and deeper. We get more and more disappointed, but then, when we are at the deepest point, there comes the time to start again.

What can we do?

My opinion is, it’s better to try and fail than never try at all.

I don’t say that all the dreams can come true. I can never be an astronaut, not even a ballet dancer. All the same, I can dream about making a webshop and sell astronomical telescopes. I can learn and write a lot about the space and the stars. Or I can dream about opening a dance school with professional teachers. I can dream, make a plan, work for it and they can come true. I can connect myself with the field I love to get a little closer.

So, have you ever asked yourself, what am I doing here, when you were at work?

Have you never had the feeling that how much more you could have done a few years ago to make today better?

If yes, make a decision from today.

How to make a change?

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