Turning back to Nature in hair care

Oils, like argan or olive oil can have a relevant part in natural hair care.

In the long-past

People could gain their hair care mixtures from natural ingredients. They were closer to nature, and they didn’t have other choice. Making beauty remedies, natural mixtures at home was common. Of course, it was not only about beauty care. When they had some health problems, they turned to nature. Even a few decades ago, it was normal to go outside and collect some camomile. Times are changing.

As years passed by

After the industrial revolution, mass production was the new direction in the industry. Companies started to search for the way of increasing the volume of industrial production in a relatively cheap way. More and more synthetic made components and additives were used. They have an effect on the colour, texture or the scent of the products. And it became possible to preserve them longer. It is a fact that in some areas, it is still better to do it this way and save a lot of animals from the perfume industry. Nevertheless, more and more people have problems like allergy because of artificial additives.

Curly, blond girl is turning to flowers.

That’s why a new demand was born.

People sometimes don’t have enough patience. We want quick results. Big changes, now. Even if the price is higher. Of course we are not the same and we all change as we experience more. Probably, a lot of people prefer to choose natural ways because of their experience. The new demand is for organic products in all areas.  From food and vitamins to beauty care products. Being natural and avoiding the usage of chemical agents became a value. Ingredients like avocado-oil, Rosehip-oil, cotton bloom extract, Shea-butter or meadowfoam are used in organic hair care products.

Natural hair care

Natural hair care doesn’t have to mean going to the meadows and collecting some herbs. Of course, you can do it if you have the chance and the knowledge. The industry recognised the new demands. There are more and more products to be made of natural or organic ingredients. And there are more ways to make a change.

  • Some people chose ready-to-use products that are free from probably harmful ingredients, like SLS or parabens.
  • Some like to buy natural oils, like argan oil, and put a few drops in their shampoo.
  • Others go further and choose to stop using shampoo.
  • Maybe you want to keep your hair care routine, but make natural hair masks at home. You can do it with eggs, lemon, honey and more. All from your kitchen.
  • You can chose a natural way of protecting the ends of your locks. You can do it with argan oil or coconut oil.
  • Your natural hair care may be applying oil to your hair for heat protection.

Is SLS-free hair care for you?

If you want a really big change or just a small one, using natural and organic products may help you. They can support your health.

Besides turning back to nature nutritional supplements are also important to support our beauty from inside.