Popular natural oils in hair care

Popular natural oils in hair care in the past and today.

Natural oils and ancient times.

In the long past people lived in balance with nature. They didn’t have the chance to visit a mall for the latest ready-to-use products, so they relied on the mother nature and made their own remedies. That’s why it was essential to know the benefits and usage of different plants, included popular natural oils in hair care.

Natural oils were used already in ancient Egypt. A scroll from about 1550 BC, named Ebers Papyrus, contains ancient medicinal recipes. One of them describes the use of an essential oil. Not only health and body care was really important in their culture, but smells, too. A pleasant smell indicated a sacred presence for them. That’s why most of them used oils for their body on a daily basis, but only priests were allowed to use aromatic oils. And who haven’t heard about mummies? The most mysterious use of oils. In hair care olive oil, almond oil and castor oil was popular.

Pyramids of Egypt, where natural oils was used in hair care.

We put natural oils in the shade, but not forever.

As decades and centuries passed and technologies became more and more advanced, people rather relied on science and it seemed that traditional solutions became kind of underestimated. Some believed that these old style solutions cannot be really effective or give results fast enough. Moreover, some said they are for the ones who still believe in fairy tales. And all the same, the time has come when more and more people decide to turn back to natural solutions.

At the same time a lot of companies make changes in order to operate in a more environmentally friendly way, including greener formulations, improving packaging solutions, cutting their waste or reducing their carbon footprint. It’s not easy to tell exactly the time when it all started, but already in 2010 Burt’s Bees, which was voted a top green band, reduced its energy use by 15,3%, its water usage 5,5% and decreased their waste. Customers have new demands and companies reply to them. As far as I see, in such years when allergy is so common it’s natural that people try to avoid chemicals and look for natural solutions also in hair care.

What are the most popular natural oils in hair care?

  • Argan oil: It contains vitamin E and fatty acids, so it can make your dry hair more manageable.
  • Coconut oil: It’s very popular because it’s good for all hair types. Full of minerals and vitamins.
  • Olive oil: Try it if you have dry or damaged hair, because it helps to nourish your scalp and hair with fatty acids.
  • Almond oil: You may try it if you have problems with dandruff or itchy scalp. There’s a high level of magnesium in this oil.
  • Chamomile oil: It stimulates circulation in scalp, so it can help about hair loss.
  • Lavender oil: It can support hair growth and can help about stress-related hair loss.
  • Rosemary oil: This oil may slow down greys and stimulate hair growth.
  • Peppermint oil: It will make your hair fresh, shiny, oil-free and supports hair growth.
  • Lemongrass oil: It strengthens your hair and it can help about dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Clary sage oil: This oil can help you to fight against stress-related hair loss.
  • Macadamia oil: Choose it only if you have really dry hair.
  • Baobab oil: Something to support faster hair growth with vitamins and fatty acids. Perfect for deep hydration.
  • Kalahari melon seed oil: It can make your hair beautiful with vitamins and fatty acids. Perfect for sensitive skin to support hair growth.
  • Marula oil: Protect your hair with fruity oil and prevent dry locks. It’s good for all hair types.
  • Abyssinian oil: Maybe you know it as organic crambe seed oil. This is a light oil so choose it for thin, greasy hair.

Read more about Abyssinian oil.

Hair care product range follows customers’ demands.

A lot of people prefer buying natural or organic products and you can find a natural solution for all hair types. Hair oil is just one segment. Other products, like shampoos or even hair styling products are also available with natural ingredients. Customers change their preferences time after time, so the hair care industry is engaged in continuous development.


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  1. KittyM


    I like natural oils, but not all is good for my hair. I like this post, because it gives more examples. There are some in the list, I have never heard before.

    • Your Beauty Hair


      You are absolutely right. The key is to find the ones that works for you.

    • Your Beauty Hair


      You can use chamomile tea to rinse your hair. It will make good to your hair and scalp, but the oil is more concentrated to be effective.

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