Scalp massage II.

The main types you can choose from

After listing many advantages of scalp massage in the previous post I am gonna write about what types of scalp massages you can choose from. These types can be different because of the origin or using any oils on the head or not and also the techniques being used. Whatever you choose your body and also your hair will be grateful.

Your Beauty Hair about scalp massage and stress

Related the origin you can find following types:

Tibetian (Shirodhara): In this massage technique luquids have a relevant part. And liquid can be not only some oil but milk, cocconut water or even plain water too. The procedure itself is often started with body massage before massaging the head. A very effectice way of getting relaxed and reduce not only stress but other health problems, just like some eye diseases, memory loss, skin problems and even grey of hair. Another benefit is having a better sleep at night which is also very important in a stressful life period.

Indian (Champissage): It is still said to be a daily habit in India in order to help the balanced flow of energy and vitality. Champi is perfect to relax to whole body and improves overall health. With this technique the focus is on the blood circulation of the head but neck, shoulders, face and arms are also involved. The aim is the balance of the 7 chakras which can help you to reach being a balanced personality, maintain your health, get rid of aches in head, back or shoulders and reduce stress. Visit this page if you would like to read more about the 7 chakras. The procedure itself can start with massaging your back, shoulders arms and neck. The next step is scalp massage that closes with relaxing your face as well. It can be done without using any oils.

Scalp massage types on Your Beauty Hair

Regarding the points being massaged you can choose from:

Massaging reflex points: The basis of this technique is the belief that we have certain points of our head for every part of the body, including all of our organs. During the procedure your head and also your face will be involved and the aim is to help the operation of the whole human body. It is perfect to calm down and reduce stress while you can support your body.

Massaging only 1-1 points: If the aim is not just maintaining health but getting rid of certain health problems the therapist can choose which points should be slightly pressed. While reflex points of the reproductive organs placed on the crown, pineal body or the gonads could be stimulated by pressing reflex points rather on your face. So also this technique involves your face as well.

As you can see there are more types to choose depending on your needs, problems or beliefs. Also you can decide about trying a technique with or without oils or other liquids and you can enjoy the advantages of reduced stress and improved health. The common point in the listed ways is the presence of a therapist but in the next post I am gonna write about how YOU can apply scalp massage in your home.

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