Scalp massage III.

Scalp massage at home

After writing about the advantages of scalp massage and have a short sum up about what massage types you can choose from it is time to have a look at what you can do for your health at your home. Although there are some massage types that can be applied by a professional you still can use some techniques to reduce stress, improve the balance in your life and make a good effect on your hair and scalp. And also if you have no time to travel regularly to a salon you still can enjoy the benefits of scalp massage by trying it at home. You can do it for yourself and your loved ones as well. I show three main ways starting from the least costly.

Your Beauty Hair about scalp massage at home

Scalp massage by fingertips

By massaging your scalp with your fingertips you can stimulate the blood flow and support the hair follicles. It is very usefull if you have problems with hair loss or thin hair. You can reach a good result with only 4-5 minutes of massage per day. To save some time you can do it also during shampooing or before shampoo. Some oils can be used if you like aromatherapy. Scents like lavender or mint can boost the effect and help about reducing stress as well. Start the massage from the hairline’s edge (from forehead) and go toward the crown with small circles and gentle pressure. Make your way across your scalp then riverse the direction and start from your neck. Repeat these movements from both sides.

Your Beauty Hair about scalp massage techniques at home

Scalp massage with using some tools

If you prefer or just have more belief in using some tool you can try several kinds for quiet low price. On the market special brushes can be found especially for scalp massage. The technique is about brushing your scalp from back to the hairline while you move your head a little left and right. After this you can repeat from the hairlines to the nape area and from the sides as well. By repeating the whole procedure three times you can have better effects. You can do some massage during shampooing as well given special scalp massage shampoo brushes are available too. Do this massage twice a week with gentle pressure.

Your Beauty Hair about applying scalp massage at home

Scalp massage with an innovative equipment

In case you are searching for a professional solution at the convenience of your home, you can choose from products designed for home massage. This solution may require the most investment, but to enjoy their benefits is priceless. Effective and homey.


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