Season change and hair care

Autumn hair care: hair problems in autumn.

Although I love summer, there’s still something special about autumn. Some days, the weather can be really special. Raining in so small raindrops, like very tiny snowflakes. Like the ones you do believe that won’t ever make you soaked. Of course it will and whatever hairstyle you made in the morning, you’ll see something totally different in the mirror after getting home. But this is just one side of autumn. You may face „autumn-challenges” because of stronger wind and damp weather. Another side is already having some hair damages because of summer. Let the reason be the high temperature, the pool or sea-water or using more styling products, your hair may need some extra care to prevent hair problems in autumn.

Tree with autumn leaves, a woman with brown hair lie on dry leaves.


You may have taken a good care of your hair during the summer season and it’s in perfect condition, so you just need to keep the health and beauty of it. Or you may have some negative results of summer. Let’s see what kind of hair problems you may face in autumn.

  • Damaged cuticle: During summer the protective layer of your hair often gets damaged. It’s because of the high temperature, the sun and because of the sea, as well. The result may be vulnerable hair with less shine, getting tangled very easy.
  • Dry and brittle hair: If you cared more about having fun (which is essential in sparkling summer days), than protective hair care routine, you possibly have dry hair and maybe scalp. The reason of dry hair may be because of the damaged cuticle. Dry scalp often gets worse as the temperature rises and you sweat intensively.
  • Dandruff: Sometimes dandruff is the reason of an itchy scalp. Other times dandruff can be the result of an itchy scalp, because scratching too much may hurt the skin. Unfortunately, there’s not a season when you are safe from dandruff because many things can lead to this problem. Hot temperatures and sweating too much are just a little part. Read more about dandruff reasons by clicking here.
  • Thinner or less hair: Yes, it can happen to lose more hair when summer ends than usual. They protect your scalp from UV radiation than they fall away. It is like a natural cycle of the body, so you don’t need to worry about it too much but need to accept that it’s a common hair problem in autumn.

Dry, autumn leaves and a long-haired girl between dry twigs.


What can you do to get back or keep the health and strength of your hair?

  • To get rid of hair problems in autumn, you can start with hair trimming. It’s essential to cut split ends before the damage will get worse. It will make it also easier to grow your hair for autumn and winter if you like.
  • Given many of us want perfect pictures from holidays and use a lot of styling products for this purpose, it’s a good idea to clear your hair and scalp to remove build-up. Use a clarifying shampoo.
  • Choose hair care products with extra moisturizing ingredients and prefer natural components.
  • To fight against thinning hair, you can provide extra care with special hair and scalp treatments. Hair masks with natural oils, like coconut oil is a very good choice.
  • Vitamin D is necessary to grow healthy hair, but as summer goes by and the days get shorter and shorter the level of this Vitamin drops. Now your diet is getting even more important in order to provide it in a sufficient amount. Fatty fish can help about it. Nevertheless, during the colder seasons, it possibly becomes necessary to take nutritional supplements.
  • Choose good quality styling products. They can help to prevent even more hair problems in autumn and also about fighting against fly-away hair.

As you have already experienced, cold seasons may have negative effects not only on skin, but hair and scalp, too. Clarifying and moisturizing is really important but there cannot be one good way of providing extra care for your head of hair, because it’s essential to adjust it to your personal needs and to the state of your hair and scalp. You may need to make some changes in your hair care routine. Though the necessary steps cannot be just listed and followed by every single person, because of some possible differences regarding the hair damage or structure. Lifestyle also matters, just like the hair styling habits.

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