Kanzy Hair And Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil – 100% Pure

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Kanzy Hair And Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil

Dry and brittle hair may benefit a lot from using argan oil, but it can be used for all hair types. You can use it as a leave-in hair conditioner or just put it on the ends to prevent breakage. It can naturally help to protect not only hair but skin. A very good, natural moisturizer and conditioner.


Kanzy Hair And Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil

Generally, Argan oil is getting more and more popular in hair care. Natural and organic products, like Kanzy Argan oil, are always welcome by those, who prefer to avoid artificial ingredients. Chemicals may cause problems after some time. Problems, like allergy. Many of us choose not to wait till we see if we have a problem or not, but try to prevent it. Others choose natural items, because they feel, it’s more environmentally friendly.

Liquid gold.

Some call Argan oil liquid gold. Studies show that high quality Argan oil can be a solution for hair, skin and also nail problems. It can naturally help to protect hair and skin. A very good moisturizer and conditioner. You can use also for dry scalp.

  • 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Cold-Pressed Argan Oil
  • Beautifully Bottled in Dark Amber
  • Complete with Pipette Dropper for Ease of Use.
  • The product is manufactured in a GMP certified plant.

Read more before you start to use Argan oil or any other oils. The amount you need, the frequency of the application and also the way you use it. They all matters and you have to find the perfect way, that works for you. Hair mask? Heat protection? Leave-in conditioner or rinse it? Apply it to the scalp or only to the ends? We are different with different needs.


9 reviews for Kanzy Hair And Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil – 100% Pure

  1. Eva

    I love natural products and try to avoid chemicals when it’s necessary. I’m happy I tried it.

  2. Melissa

    The delivery was very quick, but I didn’t have Kanzy box, only the bottle. I tried it not only for hair, but also for dry skin. All together I love it.

  3. Lily90

    I use it for my skin, because I have itchy scalp. I put just a few drops on my fingers and massage it… It works well. I like it.

  4. Barb70

    It made my hair look greasy. My hair is not thick and not extremly dry, except the ends. I thought it was a good idea to use argan oil, because I read a lot of good things about it. I haven’t become a fan to be honest. It was the first time to try it. Maybe I put too much, maybe I should try to use it like a conditioner and rinse after some time. I will see later. I have almost the full bottle, so I will try some more ways. Maybe only for the ends.

  5. Ruby

    It’s a good product for a good price. For hair and skin also. For skin I prefer to mix it with my face cream, because if I put only the oil, I feel my skin too oily.

  6. Jen

    Great one. I love it.

  7. Dana

    It should be good for all hair types, but it made hair look wet.

  8. Gia

    It’s a great product, but I’m not sure it’s good for all haiy types. Actually, I got mine from someone who didn’t like it. She has thin, straight hair and it was like too much oil for her. For my dry hair it’s perfect.

  9. Melinda

    I really love the product itself, I mean the oil. I dont’t like the pipette dropper. It’s not really effective. The oil should come only when I press it, but no. It comes without pressing, so it makes some mess sometimes.

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