Spring is the new beginning

Spring hair care to get back the strength of your hair.

Normally, this time of the year is getting sunny again. Walking down the fields or just looking out of the window you can see, with no doubt, that spring is here. For me this is the time to have the feeling that everything can change. It is like being stronger as the sun is getting warmer. Even the way of spending our spare time is changing. A hot, aromatic coffee can warm up your hands ‘nd soul in winter. Spring is about spending more time outside again. It is the best time for new habits like meditation or work out, maybe outside. But what can you do regarding winter’s influence on your hair and scalp? What is spring hair care?

Winter is over

What are winter’s influence on hair?

During or after winter time a lot of us face the problem of dry and brittle hair because of some typical circumstances. Increased hair fall is also common. We all may have different experience and different problems, but these are the most common ones. It depends on several things, like the shampoo we use or the choice of wearing a hat or not. Using hot styling tools is another way to make hair even more dryer. In my case, only the ends get dry and brittle while the roots often get oily really quick in winter.

Why do we have hair problems in winter?

The difference between the temperatures outside and inside is one of the enemies of healthy and strong hair. The cold together with a wind can easily make your hair and skin weather-stained. Even the sunshine can cause problems if you forget about protection when you can stay outside longer. Now, when spring is here even your scalp can breathe again given you can finally put aside winter hats.

Weather can make your hair dry

What can we do as spring hair care?

Clean: These weeks it is really important to hydrate and vitalize your hair and scalp again. A part of a wet-haired woman's face. It helps to prepare them for the new conditions about weather and also for the hairstyles you want to wear after throwing aside your hats. To make sure of having the best results, use a clarifying shampoo first. With removing build-ups, it creates favourable conditions to make hair care products more effective. Cleaning is the best first step of spring hair care.


A part of a wet-haired woman's face.Moisturize: After deep clean you can think about moisturizing. A very handy way of moisturizing is to use hair treatment products like special shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. You can choose ready to use products or make one for yourself.



A part of a wet-haired woman's face.

Get vitamins: You’ve done deep clean and chose your choice of moisturizing. This is not the end of spring hair care. Now you still need to remember about the relevancy of the essential vitamins and minerals. They can support your health and beauty from inside. You can cover this need with consuming fresh fruits and vegetables or you can take nutritional supplements, vitamin pills. Any of them you prefer, you still need natural sunshine.


If you feel to be lost and not sure about what vitamins you need, Click here for the overview of NHS about vitamins and minerals.

Support your body with vitamins

If you are a person who prefers using hand-made treatments just try to make one for yourself. You can easily do it. All you need is two egg yolks, few drops of juice from real lemon and a few drops of argan oil. Just mix them, put the mixture on your hair and leave it for 20-25 minutes than wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. In case of really dry hair make a mixture of one egg yolk and 2-3 spoonful honey, put it on your hair and leave it at least for one hour.

Moisturize your hair and get ready for summer.


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