Summer hair care

Is there proper summer hair care?

If so, the first thing should be to protect your hair from summer heat.

Many years before I was wondering if it was really necessary to make a difference between the seasons regarding hair care. I didn’t see its importance. My hair is the same now and a few months later as well, I thought. But I was not right. Even if my hair is the same, the wheather has different effects in summer or in winter. That’s why it’s better to consider making some changes as seasons come and go. I love hanging out with friends and enjoy summer sun, but it makes the hair dry by damaging its cuticle. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than swimming in the sea, which also stresses hair by drawing out the water of it given the high amount of sea salt.

Protect your hair in Summer

Summer weather can be really stressful for hair. After a hot day we are all happy to have a cool shower and shampoo as well. As a teen, I was surprised when I was advised to shampoo less frequently during this season. And again, I was not right. Too much shampoo may take the necessary oils away from the scalp. At the end it can make the hair even more oily. A good solution can be to make a mix of using normal shampoo and dry shampoo. Instead of using a normal shampoo every day, choose a dry shampoo or just rinse your hair with clear water some days.

After writing about the bad effects of this lovely weather it is time to think about what can we do to reduce hair damage.

Protect your hair and enjoy Summer

  1. Protect yourself from UV exposure. You have more possibilities to do that. You can wear a hat or just run your sun-creamed hands along your hair to apply some cream on it. Using hair care products with UV filter is also an available option but such products contain more chemicals then a normal shampoo. Natural oils also can provide UV protection. 
  2. Use clarifying shampoo at least once a week and do not forget about deep conditioning. Such a shampoo will not just clean your hair but helps to get rid of nicotine and environmental pollutants, while washes away the signs of ageing.
  3. Given the weather is hot avoid additional heating, like flat-iron or blow-dryer and wear comfortable and loose hairstyles.
  4. And two more in the row to support the whole human body. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration and help your body in regulating your temperature.
  5. Consume sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Prevent hair damages in Summer


Do your best to protect your hair and skin from the negative effects of summer. Enjoy this lovely season healthy and beautiful.

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  1. June


    I thought the same. I didn’t think about it before, but I saw like my hair got thinner every year, so I have made some changes. Seasons matter

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