Alcohol and hair loss

Can drinking alcohol cause hair loss?   I keep on writing about bad habits also in this post. This time I decided to have a closer look at the effects of consuming alcohol. Is there any relation between alcohol and hair loss? The short answer is yes. Keep on reading and learn more about the

Going to bed late and hair loss

Does poor sleep effect hair loss? Sleeping can define your day. After a bad sleep you can hardly think about anything else but going to bed again. It’s not only about being physically tired, but concentration is also a hard task. As long as it’s about one night it will probably not cause you big

Winter hair care

Prevent winter hair problems Since we’ve been over Halloween and have stepped into December everything is about Christmas. This is my favourite period during winter and I’m sure I’m not alone with this feeling. I can’t wait visiting Christmas markets with those wonderful lights and delicious foods and drinks. Nevertheless besides all the festive fun