A goat is eating argan fruit on the top of an argan tree.

Natural oils for healthy hair

Argan oil in hair care. I have always loved everything about Egypt. Like so many others I also had the feeling there was something miraculous about its history. The pyramids and mummies have always enchanted me. I had made all my presentations about ancient Egypt in the primary school. So it’s obvious that I was

Scalp massage tools and a black, curly woman.

Scalp massage III.

Scalp massage at home. After writing about the advantages of scalp massage and have a short sum up about what massage types you can choose from it is time to have a look at what you can do for your health at your home. Although there are some massage types that can be applied by a professional

A woman with brown hair is waiting for massage.

Scalp massage II.

Scalp massage types you can choose from. After listing many advantages of scalp massage in the previous post let’s see what types of massages you can choose from. These scalp massage types can be different because of the origin. Also because of using any oils on the head or not. Techniques can vary, too. Whatever you

A woman with long, brown hair is relaxing with closed eyes.

Scalp massage

Scalp massage benefits. I wrote about the relation of hair loss and stress in the previous post. Stress can obviously have an effect on hair. Can scalp massage help you to get relaxed? All the things that can reduce stress, can create better conditions for hair growth. Better chance to fight against hair loss. What are