Coffee drink and a green leaf: two different things like 2in1 products.

Shampoo and conditioner in one

2in1 hair care products. I am just sitting in my room looking out of the window and admire the trees in the wind while the soft sound of the neighbour’s garden fountain makes me relaxed and wondering about my holiday. Instead of writing my post: 2in1 hair care products. If it is like this, maybe

Turtle in the water, a Polynesian woman and hill.

A little more about Ava Puhi

The story behind Ava Puhi. Ava Puhi. I would like to write about this wonderful plant today. To be very honest, I hadn’t heard its name before I started to work on my website and tried a great shampoo with this ingredient. Maybe it’s changing now, but I still often have the same reaction whenever