Bad habits as hair loss causes

Can smoking cause hair loss?

Usually we tend to say that our century has turned into a very bad road with a lot of bad habits to ruin our health and social life, too. From some point of view it may be true because everything has become much more easier to get. The market is full of awesome (and less awesome) offers to buy and try, available to most of us. Nevertheless I’m not sure about some of the bad habits. What about one of the biggest market, smoking? It has an effect on our health and beauty as well. I can’t say it’s a good effect. And actually smoking itself has a centuries-old history. Can it have a bad effect also on your hair? Is it a possible cause of hair loss?

Long-haired woman and smoke.
Smoking has its own history but it doesn’t make it a healthy habit.


History of smoking

Although Christopher Colombus is said to be the first European to smoke, America discovered it ages before. It’s thought that smoking was common in shamanistic rituals as early as 5000 BC. Carvings from around 900 AD shows that Mayan civilizations also smoked and even a Mayan pot was found in Guatemala in 2012. It was full of cigars. After hand-made cigarettes and pipes, rolled and boxed cigarettes became available only from the late 1800s when mass production started and generated a huge demand on the market. It was the most popular at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. While you can see terrible pictures about the effects of smoking on boxes today, it was something „cool” before. Advertised also by famous persons. By now it’s become acknowledged that smoking is harmful in several ways but let’s get back to hair care. Does it have any bad effect on hair? Is it a possible cause of hair loss?

Smoking and your body

All of us are aware of the biggest harm it may cause: it can seriously damage your lungs. You’ve possible faced its bad effects on skin, as well. In this post I’m gonna write about something else. This is the effect smoking can have on vitamins in your body. We can say that the human body creates itself time after time by building millions of cells. To do that it needs essential vitamins and minerals, too. Unfortunately free radicals are also generated in our bodies. By toxins. Not only because of bad habits, like smoking but also through some normal metabolic processes. These free radicals can damage healthy cells and vitamins are the key to protect us by neutralizing them. The sad thing is that when you smoke the production of free radicals are faster. It means that your body uses  – and needs – more vitamins.

  • After smoking just one cigarette you can say good-bye to almost half of the recommended daily doses of Vitamin C. To the vitamin that can strengthen your hair.
  • This bad habit may decrease also the levels of vitamin B what is essential for healthy scalp.
  • It can influence on the absorption of dietary iron. The essential mineral that can help to prevent hair loss.
  • Vitamin E is, the „beauty anti-oxidant” can help you to have beautiful and younger skin, of course… but it can do a lot also about neutralizing the toxins generated by smoking. The level of this vitamin may also be lower if you smoke.

Vegetables and fruits
You can have the best vitamins from food. Keep a balanced diet.

The relation between smoking and hair loss

Smoking effects your body’s abilty to absorb vitamins and minerals. So I think it’s just normal logic. You’re body needs sufficient nutrients to build healthy cells. Also for growing healthy hair. Smoking decrease the levels of vitamins while increase the production of free radicals that destroy cells. It sounds obvious that smoking can have a bad effect on your hair, too. Smoking may be a reason of hair loss by reducing the levels of vitamins and minerals.

In the other hand, even if we say that smoking can take part in hair loss, it doesn’t mean that the ones who doesn’t smoke never face this problem. Hair loss is a common problem among both genders, several ages. And it’s not that simple to find the real reason. It’s not something to find out in a post, not even on one single visit at the doctor. Genetics, some diseases, infections, some medicines, stress or incomplete nutrition all can be a possible reason. And smoking can make the situation even worse.

A hand refuses cigatettes from another hand.
Ask for help and quit smoking.

I know that quitting smoking is not easy and a lot of people claim that it makes them less stressed. It’s said that only 3 out of 100 persons can do that. Nevertheless it’s never too late to make another try and in the meantime you can focus on taking vitamins. Smokers are adviced to take higher amount of Vitamin C. A balanced diet is also important because it’s the best to get the vitamins and minerals from food.

Before taking extra amounts of any nutritional supplements, ask for advice from a doctor.

What other bad habits may cause you hair loss?

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What is behind itchy scalp?

Possible reasons of  itchy scalp

There is a problem about head of hair being really very common. It is itchy scalp. I guess all of us already had this experience at least once. As I see in summer it is even more frequent given the heat and the perspiration caused by this weather. Fortunatelly you do not need to accept having itchy scalp because you can do against it. To find the correct and effective  solution it is very important to search for the reasons of this symptom.

Your Beauty Hair abour itchy scalp

What can be the reasons of itchy scalp?

Dry skin: In some cases your scalp become drier than usual and you can experience that itchy feeling. It can be caused by various reasons like having not the correct hair care habits (all of us need to find the correct frequency of shampoo for example), hair styling ways (using a hair dryer very often can make your scalp dry) and missing essential vitamins and minerals is also able to bring your scalp in a dry condition.

Dandruff: Dandruff itself may be a reason of itchy scalp. In other cases it can be like a „second step” in a certain process if you do not find a solution for dry skin. I mean dry, itchy skin makes you scratching frequently and scratching may cause tiny damages on your skin which are good for bacteriums to get deeper. These bacteriums may cause even more problems later.

Certain diseases: If you try several products and change your hair care routine but itchy scalp is still not over it is better to see a doctor to find the real reason of the symptom. It may happen that icthy scalp is caused by some skin diseases like inflammation of skin or urticaria. But it is not only about skin. Diabetes or problems with liver, kidneys or thyroid can also be the reason of this frustrating condition although it is more likely to have it not only on scalp but anywhere on your body in such cases.

Your Beauty Hair about itchy scalp and reasons

Allergy, irritation: Having no problems like allergy today doesn’t mean not to have them in future. I am not happy about it but it is true. And that’s why you need to think it through if you had changed some products you use recently or not. Maybe a new hair styling gel or just another kind of washing powder. More and more people face with allergy to flour as well and it can also be a reason.

Some medicines: Itchy scalp or skin can be a side effect of certain medicines. If you take medicines and have such symptoms it is recommended to visit your doctor.

Psychic reason: There are people having problems with itchy scalp who went through all the process to find out what is behind their condition but found nothing. No health issues behind. In such cases psychic reasons or stress may be the answer.

As you see this problem (like most of the problems) is not that simple. As a first step trying a special shampoo , changing hair care habits or taking quality vitamins is good but you cannot stop here if it did not help. Itchy scalp can show some health problems and these symptoms can be worse as months go by so always talk to your doctor for a professional advice.

You may have any questions or feedback… 🙂 do not hesitate to contact me. Use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form or email me at


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Summer hair care

Protect your hair from summer heat

The last few days were unusually hot here, in the UK so it made me think about summer hair care. 😊 To be honest a few years before I was wondering if it was really necessary to make a difference between the seasons regarding hair care. I thought why should I? …my hair is the same now and a few months later as well. Of course I have learned by experience that it is a really good thing. Although I am the same a lot of different environmental effects can make my hair suffer in summer. I love hanging out with friends and enjoy summer sun but it makes the hair dry by damaging its cuticle. …and there is nothing better on a hot summer day than swimming in the sea which also stresses hair by drawing out the water of it given the high amount of seasalt.

Protect your hair in Summer

Summer weather can be really stressful for hair. After a hot day we are all happy to have a cool shower and shampoo as well. I was surprised when I was adviced to shampoo less frequently during this season. Too much shampoo may take the necessary oils away from scalp and at the end it can make the hair even more oily. A good solution can be using a dry shampoo or just rinsing the hair with clear water.

After writing so much about the bad effects of this lovely weather it is time to think about what can we do to reduce hair damage.

Protect your hair and enjoy Summer

  1. Protect yourself from UV exposure. You have more possibilities to do that. You can wear a hat or just run your sun-creamed hands along your hair to apply some cream on it. Using hair care products with UV filter is also an available option but such products contain more chemicals then a normal shampoo.
  2. Use clarifying shampoo at least once a week and do not forget about deep conditioning. This shampoo will not just clean your hair but helps to get rid of nicotine and environmental pollutants while washes away the signs of ageing. For the perfect finish apply this rich conditioner with shea butter and meadowfoam.
  3. Given the weather is hot avoid additional heating, like flat-iron or blow-dryer and wear comfortable and loose hairstyles.
  4. And two more in the row to support the whole human body. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration and help your body in regulating your temperature.
  5. Consume sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Prevent hair damages in Summer

Do your best to protect your hair and skin from the negative effects of summer and enjoy this lovely season as long as it last. 😉 If you would be happy to have more information about the products I offer or a more favourable price feel free to contact me at or use Your Beauty Hair’s contact form.

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Trimming and strong hair

Will you have thicker hair if you regularly cut it?

When I was a child my lovely mother always told me that there was a good reason for cutting my hair short … time after time. She was sure that if she acts like this my hair will be stronger and thicker. Well, it hasn’t been. Now I am grown up 😉 and I make my own decisions but I have always been wondering if that was true or just a myth. In this post I am going to write my opinion about this topic.

Trimming in hair care

As I see this surmise is still on but if we just think about it for a while we must say that it cannot really be true given every single hair grows from the scalp. So it must be the condition of the scalp that can define the quality of the hair from the beginning. After that it is all the procedures like styling or colouring that can damage our hair all along but mostly the ends. Although using quality products can create a better chance of keeping your hair as strong as possible there is still another relevant point. It is overall health. There are certain vitamins and minerals being essential for healthy hair. If you have a balanced diet or take nutritional supplements you create a better possibility of growing strong and beautiful hair.

Vitamins and strong hair

So…Regular trimming or always cutting your hair short do not likely has an effect neither on the strength of your hair nor hair growth. Nevertheless it is highly recommended because it can improve the look of your hair. If you get rid of the broken ends your hair will look healthier and thicker too.

Here are the things that you can do to improve your hair

  • Choose quality products
  • and use the ones that moisturize also the scalp
  • Be careful about hair styling technic and tools
  • Provide sufficient nutrients for your body
  • And yes. Keep your hair trimmed

If you are not sure what products can help you to achieve the look you desire feel free to contact me at for more information.

If you realise unusual hair loss or other hair problems always consider of a medical check given several disorders may cause such symptoms.



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Five advices about hair care not only for women

Because men deserve care too

As far as I see hair care and hair formatting is not only for women and following these pieces of advice can help both gender to reduce hair damages.

Hair care for male and female

  1. Choose the proper hair care products. The first step to have healthier hair is taking good care of proper cleaning. Always buy quality products when you choose your shampoo and conditioner. You may spare some time with 2 in 1 items but it is better to use separated ones because they have totally different functions. Using deep cleaning products regularly can also do a lot for your scalp and hair-bulbs. For simple cleaning and deep cleaning as well keep in mind that too hot water is not goog given it makes your hair loosing a lot of essential oils from your head of hair. Hair cleaning is important
  2. The next step after cleaning is gentle drying. Some of us do it just with a towel while others use blow dryer. Both can make your hair damaged in case of wrong use given wet hair is really vulnerable. If you prefer using a blow dryer never choose too hot temperature and if you have enough time to stay home a little longer leave you hair slightly wet so your hair will not be dried out. If you rather use towel for drying try to do it in the proper way. Instead of rubbing the hair just gently smooth it in the direction of the growth with the towel. Yes, it lasts longer but this way your hair will not be damaged.
  3. Another possible area that can ruin the health of your hair is formatting. Weather it has only temporary results like using hair-sprays or a straightener … or long-lasting effects like perm, you need to remember that formatting has its price. Your hair may lose its shine and elasticity if you forget about using the proper moisturizer. And beside all of these cases even your comb or brush can damage your hair. To prevent such harms never use a brush while your hair is wet but a wide-toothed comb. Use comb for wet hair instead of brush
  4. Washing, moisturizing and formatting your hair in the proper way can prevent or reduce further damages but the most effective way to get rid of the split ends you already have is trimming. Even if you want to grow your hair it is important to regularly get it trimmed.
  5. My last advice is simply take care of your overall health. Given the complexity of human body some inner problems can be seen on your appearance as well. Providing the essential vitamins and minerals for your body and drinking enough water can help you about being healthy. And healthy is attractive.

Water is essential for health

If you are open for some more details regarding quality hair care products and nutritional supplements don’t hesitate to contact me at

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