Two simple rules about washing your hair

The best time for shampoo

Our habits regarding washing our hair can be really different  and it may change as time goes by. Though I am sure now that daily shampoo is not really good for the scalp and hair I also had some period of time when I kept it important to wash my hair every morning. Well, it depends also on our position at work and the things they expect from us. Finding the perfect frequency of hair wash for ourselves is something like a test. We are all different with various characteristics so as far as I see there can not be one good way. Not only the texture of the hair but even the season itself can make a difference about it. Depending upon my experiences summer makes my hair drier while wearing hats in winter grows it greasy more quickly. All the same there are two „rules” that are worth to follow in order to maintain the health of scalp and hair.

  1. Never go to bed with wet hair
  2. Try to avoid shampooing too early in the morning or too late in the evening

Your Beauty Hair about what is the best time for shampoo

Goig to bed with wet hair may result not only funny hair styles in the morning but it can even damage your hair given wet hair is really vulnerable. It is very likely to realise some hair breakage if you do it regularly. While it is mainly about your appearance there can be another bad result of going to bed before drying your hair. No, it is not about cathcing a cold. It is about the possibility of having more problems with dandruff and fungus. A whale of mites and bacteria are in the bed, also on the pillow. You can easily create a fertile ground for the growth of fungi while sleeping with wet hair.

Now you know why I suggested to avoid washing your hair late in the evening. If you want to do it in the proper way you cannot go to bed straight away to get some rest after a hard day because you need some time for drying your hair before. Using a hair drier can help but make your hair and scalp much too dry too.

Your Beauty Hair about why it is bad to sleep with wet hair

Washing your hair in the morning may sound a good idea given you can get refreshed from top to toe before starting your day. And about your hair… it is easier to style it from wet. Shortly after getting up blood circulation is lower than normally. A shower and shampoo can help about stimulating and raise it to the normal level quickly but this sudden change may make you feel uncomfortable. Washing your hair early in the morning usually means the usage of a hair drier which can easily make your hair and scalp dry.

Maybe we cannot shampoo in the same time every single occasion given different circumsances have an influence on us planning our day and doing our duties. Working in different shits week after week is the best example for that. Building our own hair care routine we need to consider many different things from the texture of the hair or the vitality of the scalp to the rota we need to follow at work. If you can do it, just have a relaxed bath and shampoo in the afternoon after work and give some time to your hair to dry it naturally while you enjoy a good book.

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