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Shampoos with UV filter.

As I promised in my previous post about UV protection for hair, I’m going to have a closer look at the possibilities of protecting our hair from sun damage. Hair can also be sunburnt, so protection is essential to prevent protein breakage. The solution you should choose depends on several things like your hair type or needs. In this post I write about shampoos with UV filter.

Your Beauty Hair about shampoos with UV filter

Shampoo with UV protection.

At first sight it may seem to be a very simple and convenient solution. No extra procedure just the hair care routine we’ve got used to, but with a special shampoo. If you have ever searched for shampoos with UV filter on internet, you know there is a wide range of such products. The products offering sun protection should contain benzophenone-4 (to maintain hair colour) or methoxycinnamate (for protection from UVB radiation). The former is a compound that can be solubilized in water while the latter is an organic UV filter. Shampoos with UV filter are also usually boosted with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E. It is a real benefit because normally hair has a natural UV protection as long as it’s healthy. Using tools like flat iron or hair dryer, colour or perm the hair and the summer heat itself also make it vulnerable to sun damages as well. And we haven’t even mentioned salt or chlorine.

Your Beauty Hair about hair care in summer, shampoo

So why is it good to use shampoos with UV filter all the same?

  • Easy to use, no extra procedure.
  • Wide product range, everyone can find her one.
  • Contain vitamins to nourish the hair and scalp.
  • Helps to keep the colour of hair.
  • Prepare hair and scalp for the sun.

Here’s why I don’t recommend to use shampoos with UV filter as a sole sun protection for hair?

  • It is a short-term protection.
  • Most of the protective components will be washed away when you rinse your hair so they are not that effective.
  • These products are for protection, but mainly from faded, dull and dry hair.
  • If you choose such a product, you will need some additional solution.

Your Beauty Hair about short-term sun protection for hair

To sum up switching to a shampoo with UV filter during summer is a good decision if you are ready to combine it with other solutions. It can be a good base and make your hair stronger and healthier. Nevertheless, in case of damaged or treated (coloured, permed) hair, it’s not enough. There are other ways to apply sun protection on your hair even when you are on your way. You will find more details about them in the next post. Till then enjoy summer and stay protected.

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