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Hair care products with UV filter

In my last post I wrote about how you can protect your beauty in summer. Those tips were rather general, so I decided to write about how to protect your hair. No, I am not talking about wearing a hat but using special hair care products with UV filter. This way you don’t need to „hide” from sunshine while you can feel safe. To be honest for me it is something new. I’ve been using sun protection creams for face and body for many years, but never tried UV protection for hair in the past. Does UV really damage hair?

Your Beauty Hair about UV protection for hair

The season of summer is trying for hair not only because of the high temperature but also because of our activities on the beach or in the pool. The hot weather together with drying effect of the water itself make your hair more vulnerable than usual. So it is essential to take special care of your hair and hair care products with UV filter can give you a helping hand in this procedure. If you think there is no need for UV protection for hair you may experience brittle, thin and faded hair with split ends. It is because of the damage of the cuticle. You may also experience that your hair gets blowzy very easy. What can you do to prevent them?

Summer activities and UV protection for hair

You can choose from following hair care products with UV filter:

Shampoo with UV filter: It is also an option you can choose, but I would think it through twice. Ok, I do believe that they have all the components they should but what about rinsing your hair? Maybe hair can have enough amount of them while the shampoo is on your hair, but I am afraid of washing away the protecting effect. As long as I am not sure about the real protection, I would use it together with other solutions that can provide UV protection for hair.
Sun protection sprays or protective sun veil: I mention them together because both of them have the same state and you can apply them in the same way. With such a solution you can provide protection wherever you are. You can use them on the go multiple times a day. To me they seem to be more effective than a shampoo though I have doubts regarding duration. I recommend putting it in your handbag and make more touch ups. This type could be a good choice from the hair care products with UV filter. Remember to search SPF on the product.

Sun oil for hair: Another option to protect your hair. Sun oils for hair can also do a lot for a worriless summer and they also can be used on your way if you like. Keep in mind that oils usually give a wet look to your hair so it can be really cool on the beach, but if you work at an office maybe it is not your solution.

If you want to be sure about doing everything for the health and beauty of your hair you can try after-sun rehydrating shampoo, special hair masks or after-sun scalp masks too while you keep using hair care products with UV protection. In the next few days I’m going to write a little more about the products themselves. Till then, enjoy summer and stay protected.

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