What hairstyles to try this year

Three popular hairstyles in 2018.

January is not only about a new year. Many of us want to make some change. Also about hair styles. A few months ago we were still excited about Christmas season. For a lot of us that is the period of the year when the days are the most miraculous. Now hot chocolate-evenings by the fireplace and dighted streets are far away. There are still some other things to be excited about. You also possibly have made a New Year resolution about making some changes in your life. Maybe you planned to try something new regarding your look. Some popular hairstyles. I will write you about the three favourites of mine.

Amazing braids

Have you tried amazing braids

I am sure you will like this style if you wear your hair long and you like creativity. Braids are back this year, so you can get acquainted with the latest tricks and try one after the other. If you are afraid of really big changes like cutting your hair and wear a pixie (which is also trendy by the way) it is for you. Just braid your hair and enjoy plaits. Some braid styles have the school girl look while others are more regular or elegant so you have quiet a wide range to choose from.

Loose curls

Longer curles are said to be more handy

If you have naturally curly hair, you are a lucky one. Curly hair hasn’t gone with last year but stayed in fashion. It is definitely not always easy to handle this type of hair, but it said to be a lot easier if you let them grow longer. And long hair is also really beloved this year. If you have straight hair and you wish to make a change it is your time to try lovely, naughty, curly locks.

Wet look

Be cool with wet look

For this hairstyle it doesn’t really matter whether you have short or long hair. It can be really foxy in both lengths. Just don’t save mousse and hair spray and you can have the look of a cool person who just came back from the beach. Ones like wet look style with some waves in the hair if it’s longer. If you agree you can get prepared by making some large braids for the night and you will wake up with slight waves next morning.

Make a step to change

Time after time we can feel to be caught by rolling weekdays. Trying something new can have a really good effect on our souls even if it is scary for the first time. When you make a change, you may feel to be free because of being brave enough to make a step. Changing is good. I would say essential. Mainly when it is something that can help you to show something more about who you really are. But health is still the first, so always remember to take good care of your body, including your hair.

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