What is behind itchy scalp?

Possible reasons of an itchy scalp.

There is a problem about head of hair which is really very common. It is to have an itchy scalp. I guess all of us already had this experience at least once. As I see in summer it is even more frequent given the heat and the perspiration caused by this weather. Fortunately, you do not need to accept having an itchy scalp because you can do against it. To find the correct and effective solution it is very important to search for the reasons of this symptom. What can be the reasons of an itchy scalp?

Your Beauty Hair abour itchy scalp

What can be the reasons of an itchy scalp?

Dry skin.

In some cases your scalp become drier than usual and you can experience that itchy feeling. It can be caused by various reasons:

  • Having not the correct hair care habits. All of us need to find the correct frequency of shampoo for example.
  • Hair styling ways. Using a hair dryer very often can make your scalp dry.
  • Missing essential vitamins and minerals is also able to bring your scalp in a dry condition.


Dandruff itself may be a reason of an itchy scalp. In other cases it can be like a second step in a certain process, if you do not find a solution for dry skin. I mean dry, itchy skin makes you scratching frequently and scratching may cause tiny damages on your skin which are good for bacteria to get deeper. These bacteria may cause even more problems later.

Certain diseases.

If you try several products and change your hair care routine but itchy scalp is still not over it is better to see a doctor to find the real reason of the symptom. It may happen that itchy scalp is caused by some skin diseases, like inflammation of skin or urticaria. But it is not only about skin. Diabetes or problems with liver, kidneys or thyroid can also be the reason of this frustrating condition, although it is more likely to have it not only on scalp but anywhere on your body in such cases.

Your Beauty Hair about itchy scalp and reasons

Allergy, irritation.

Having no problems like allergy today doesn’t mean not to have them in future. I am not happy about it, but it is true. And that’s why you need to think it through if you had changed some products you used recently or not. Maybe a new hair styling gel or just another kind of washing powder. More and more people face with allergy to flour as well and it can also be a reason.

Some medicines.

An itchy scalp or skin can be a side effect of certain medicines. If you take medicines and have such symptoms, it is recommended to visit your doctor.

Psychic reason.

There are people having problems with an itchy scalp who went through all the process to find out what is behind their condition, but found nothing. No health issues behind. In such cases psychic reasons or stress may be the answer.

As you see, this problem is not that simple. Like most of the problems. As a first step trying a special anti-dandruff shampoo, changing hair care habits or taking quality vitamins is good. All the same, you cannot stop here if it did not help. An itchy scalp can show some health problems and these symptoms can be worse as months go by so always talk to your doctor for a professional advice.


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