Winter gloom and vitamin D

Winter gloom: failed goals and vitamin D deficiency

The new year has started and wise people say it brings brand-new possibilities. While for some others, it’s nothing special. New year, same problems. Do you feel something like that? For a few days we can believe that anybody can make a change and it’s really just up to ourselves to reach what we want. We are full of energy, plans and joy. Nevertheless, for a lot of people, after the Xmas holidays, everything go back to normal. The belief in a brand-new life fades, The strength to reach the goal weakens. It’s still the same problems, the same boring job. A lot of people get stressed and kind of depressed. Maybe it’s because of Vitamin D deficiency. Maybe because they feel, they have not done all they should have in the last year. So because of this, the new year brings disappointment. And if you are disappointed, it’s harder to set the new goals, for the new year. Wise people say you’ve got to set goals, and it will bring some new meaning into your life. Yes, it’s true. It’s really good if you have goals. It’s even better if you can make a plan how to reach it. We see, hear or read all the good things about goals. But there’s one more thing what is not so often told. The risk of setting the goal and fail to make it.

Usually, the happy new year lasts only for a while. After, we get back to normal life, what very often doesn’t make us happy.

Goals will make you feel better. Sure?

Every goal you have set, but failed to reach, will make you feel you are not good enough. Every goal you failed will make you feel less strong and valuable. Of course, when something is really important to you, you will not just forget it after the first failure. You think you will do it in the new year. But realise it or not, you will not have the same belief and energy to do it. The fact that you failed adds some negative feelings to the goal. The belief in yourself will be weaker. Your goal becomes something that you must do instead of something that you would love to do. That’s a trap of setting goals. We all should learn how to properly set goals. Goals to make our lives better instead of bringing disappointment. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s one perfect way to do it.

Yeah, you can dream big, but setting some goals is simply not enough. To make sure you’ll have the strength to act, you need to be balanced.

New goals or Vitamin D

So, the new year may cause some depressed feelings. This weather without sunshine can make it even worse. The sun doesn’t just make us feeling happier, but makes us healthier because of vitamin D. It’s a fact that most of us are lack of this vitamin during the winter season. We need it for our health, and it can also help to get rid of the gloomy feelings. So, from this point of view, vitamin D can do a lot for starting the new year in a better mood. It can make us more balanced what is essential to get back the belief in ourselves, in our goals. Of course, vitamin D will definitely not fight the battles instead of you. But it can really support you.

What other benefits has vitamin D

  • Maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • Support the immune system.
  • Regulate insulin levels.
  • Support the health of the nervous system.
  • Help to prevent some diseases.
  • Support healthy hair and skin.

After starting the new year, before setting the new goals, it’s better to make sure that your body has all the nutrients it needs. If you are balanced, it will be easier to make the year better. Of course, I don’t claim that vitamins will do all instead of you, but the lack of them can make it harder. If you have a low mood, make sure to spend 10-15 minutes outside three times a week. It will give the chance to your body to produce Vitamin D. The other way is taking supplements to cover your needs. This way or the other, it can help you to have a better mood, better health and better results.

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