Should you try moss in your hair care routine?

Have you ever tried moss in your hair care routine?

Beauty care is always changing and developing. Trying new ingredients or bringing back some old ones is usual. It is part of the process. It is something we probably expect. To find new solutions. And more and more people prefer natural solutions. Moss became a favourite for many of us in the last few years. What about you? Have you tried moss in your hair care routine yet?

What is moss?

Though there may be some confusion about being a plant or fungi, moss is a plant. Nevertheless, it’s not like other plants. Mosses don’t have roots, but they have rootlike rhizomes. These rhizomes help mosses to stay where they are, and help about absorbing water and nutrients. Mosses reproduce through spores, not seeds. In the nature, they have both advantages and disadvantages. While they support other plants around them thrive, they can also block sunshine or water from them. Because of rapidly growing, they may take over other plants’ space.

Since when do we use moss?

Some benefits of mosses have been discovered centuries ago by Chinese and native Americans. They used it to heal wounds, some skin conditions and to reduce infections in wounds. In urban environments, mosses may help about improving the air quality. They are like natural humidifiers. Eating moss from somewhere you just found it, is generally not safe, but moss is used in a lot of products as an ingredient. In beauty care, moss was trending in 2022-23. and still on top. Thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, and a lot of essential elements it contains, it is believed to support skin and keep its balance. Of course, mosses appeared also in hair care products.

Sea moss in a woman's hands

What can be the benefits for hair?

  • Moss may promote natural hair growth thanks to the fatty acids and folic acids

  • It can reduce hair loss

  • Hydrates hair and scalp in a natural way

  • May reduce breakage and split ends

  • It can help about detangling

  • With its antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties it can improve the health of your scalp

  • Moss can protect your hair from UV damage

Some of the key nutrients of sea moss:

  • Rich in vitamin A and B vitamins

  • Antioxidants: C, E Vitamin

  • Minerals: Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Zink, Iodin

  • It contains amino acids for collagen production

A long haired woman is sitting on a mossy rock

How to use moss in your hair care routine?

There are two main ways to use moss in your hair care routine. The first one is mixing your own hair care products, trying DIY recipes. You can boost a sulfate-free shampoo with sea moss or make a conditioner, hair mask or hair oil with some carrier oil. To do that, you will need high quality see moss. Read more recommendations and recipes here

The other way is an easier and convenient way. Purchasing products with moss. Not everyone likes to mix and try, and some don’t even have the time to do so. Nevertheless, you still can enjoy the benefits of moss, even if you belong to the second type. The product range is wide.


Sea moss is generally considered safe, but some individuals may experience an allergic reaction. Always perform a patch test by applying a small amount on the skin.

There is no guarantee to any benefits. Everyone is different with possibly different chemistry. We all have to experience what is the best for ourselves.


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