Beer hair wash. Can it make your hair healthier?

Beer hair wash. Is it for you?

Beer hair wash? Some say, that alcohol makes your hair dry, but they also say that beer is good for hair. How can these two opposite sentences come together? And why do you find alcohol in so many beauty care products, if it’s not even good?

Alcohol in beauty products.

The first thing is, that it depends on what type of alcohol it is. There is a difference between cetearyl alcohol and alcohol denat. In skin and hair care products, you may find these two major types of alcohol. Short chain alcohols (alcohol denat) and long chain fatty alcohols (like cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol or cetyl alcohol). The first one may take moisture away from hair and skin. You can find it in some styling agents, but if you regularly use such products, you may face dry, damaged hair. The second type can have some great benefits for hair. Long chain fatty alcohols come from plants and oils (like coconut or palm oil). They can make your hair smooth, hydrated and even stronger.

Should you use alcoholic beer or an alcohol free?

Well, the alcohol you’ll find in beer or other alcoholic drinks, is ethanol. It’s a short chain alcohol, so I would keep the alcoholic beer for some fun times, and put the alcohol free version on my hair. Especially if your hair is dry, damaged or frizzy. If you would like to try alcoholic beer for sure, you can consider adding a few drops of essential oils to have some extra nourishment.

Men with beers. Alcohol free beer is a better choice for hair care.

How should you use beer for healthier hair?

  • Hair wash: Open an alcoholic and an alcohol free beer. Pour the alcohol free one into a bowl and let it sit. We want to get rid of the carbon dioxide, because it may make the water hard and reduce the cleaning effect of your shampoo. It may need 10-12 hours. After, while you wait and have some time, you can drink the alcoholic beer. Shampoo your hair like usual. Pour the beer on your hair, also to the ends and massage your hair for a few minutes. Rinse off.
  • Leave-in treatment: Mix the room temperature beer with the same amount of water and some apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons for 60 milliliters of beer). Put the mixture into a spray bottle for easy usage. It can give volume to the thin hair, because of the proteins in the beer bind to the hair shaft. The bad part is, that the volume will not last forever.

What can you add to your beer hair wash?

  • Essential oils – Lavender oil can make your hair more moisturized. Chamomile oil can add shine and make your hair softer. Almond oil can soothe the hair and scalp. Lemon oil can help to find against dandruff. Jojoba oil can add more nutrients. Sandalwood oil can help dry and split ends.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar.
  • Honey
  • Egg

Lemon oil, that can be added to beer for a beer hair wash.

What are the benefits of using beer for hair?

  • Beer has a lot of nutrients, protein and vitamins.
  • It can hydrate and nourish the hair.
  • It can help to manage frizzy hair.
  • Some use it to promote hair growth.
  • Beer can make your hair stronger and shinier.
  • It can add volume to thin hair.

Now it’s your time. Make your cocktail and find the combination that’s the best for your hair and scalp.

Like any other hair treatments or even hair products, it is probably not good for everyone. It can be better to try it with alcohol free beer, to avoid dry, flaky hair and scalp.

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