Time to change your hair colour

What hair colour to choose this spring?

Spring is here, and all the world is about to renew. We can enjoy more and more colours of nature. The days are no more that grey and gloomy. It is time to move out and maybe for taking part of this renewal as well. Already from ancient times people have aspired for having some influence on their hair colour, and every period had some preferred colours. Sometimes the aim was just showing how classy they were but in other cases the right dye could even had a defensive role.

What hair colour you choose this Spring?

While in the long past people usually used plants or minerals today there is a huge offer of colouring products for long-lasting and non-permanent results as well. Some brands even created temporary solutions for covering-up roots in between salon visits or hair colour. Whatever product you choose keep in mind that you still need to moisturize your hair and scalp.

Warm Blond

Warm blond hair colour

Yes, blond is still in fashion. This year the warm, golden tones are the best choice if you like this colour. You don’t even need to worry about dark roots as week pass by because that’s just another trendy trait. Dirty blond is much more popular now than platinum. It covers tones being really close to light brown like honey or Beach sand.

Glossy Silver

Silver hair colour is magical

Another magical colour of 2018 is silver. Not a matte grey but a really shiny metallic tone that gives some luxe to the appearance. This is an influence from year 2017 when there was some kind of obsession about dirty pastels and grey but silver in 2018 is not flatter at all but tempting glossy.

Forever Brown

Brown is always a good choice

We cannot forget brown either. This colour is still fashionable given it can provide a really natural and warm look so if you prefer this colour you can choose your favourite tone from chocolate to espresso. If you like you can brighten it up by radiant bronze and become an amazing brunette.

Extraordinary purple

Be extraordinary

I left a vibrant and unique colour at last on my list though it could be rolled on. It is purple. The trend of this colour was set up in the early 1990-s but by these days it has become more elegant and a kind of pastel. With this choice, your look will be not really natural but extraordinary and modern for sure. So it is up to you. You can fall in love with one colour or try all of them slowly, but always remember that coloured hair need special care so never forget about the right hair treatments.

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